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Aug 23, 2004
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I ordered this from Ideal world as it is a stacker of loads of make up starting with corrector x 4

Concealer x 4

Foundation x 2

Pressed pwder x 2

Blusher x 2

Eyeshadow x 8

Lippy x 8

Bronzer x 1

Mascara x 1

Black Eye liner x 1

Lip pencil X 1

and 5 brushes.

I was thinking that for such a cheap price that it would be cheap and nasty make up but i was intrigued to try it out.

This make up is far better than any from Dior, Estee Lauder or YSL.

It looks natural, it lasts for ages, it goes on like silk and is so easy to blend. The Mascara is excellent and the lippy is amazing. Its dont smell of perfume and the bronzer is the most silky and natural finish i have ever had from a bronzer. The lip liner and eye liner are excellent also and i cant rate these products highly enough for the money. I have the most fantastic colours and have told my mom to get me an Aromatics elixir set from clinique this year instead of my Estee Lauder make up set.

I put on this new Mario make up this morning, went to Tesco , went for lunch , collected my daughter from school and popped in the local for a few lagers and the make up still looks as fresh as when i put it on at 10 am its now 8 pm tonight after 10 hours.

Not bad Eh ?

PS ........ I dont work for em and had never heard of this range until last Friday week.


May 6, 2004
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Have they got a website DonnaMaryUK? How much did the entire set cost by the way??

Sep 27, 2003
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I haven't heard of the line before. Thanks for the info. Gotta check it out.


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