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Aug 6, 2005
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I'm a newbie and also over the hill. (my point in announcing that is; I hope I can navigate back to where you all might post answers or advice and maybe some of you "more seasoned ladies" have had to deal with this prob. and can help me.) I HATE that my eyelids are heavy and that I've had to quit wearing mascara. (I've even had an eyelid lift, what I think I need is a forehead lift but don't have an extra $4,000) I'm not one of those women that freshen their faces every couple of hours, so I'd like a mascara that will not smudge off onto my under eye area.
There are a lot of mascaras out there and I've tried many that tout they don't smudge but guess what? Pleez let me know what you've tried. Thanks bunches
Jan 18, 2004
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Hi Kurtsmom, Welcome to Make Up Talk! Maybe you could try a mascara with a primer to build the lashes up and then color them. Bonjour;s is a good make and any mascara with fibres (rather than just color) might help.Try Max Factor's mascara;s, they have different ones for different looks.The 2000 calorie is meant to be good.


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