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Feb 12, 2005
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After months of negotiations and controversy, Tom Cruise finally won permission to shoot his movie at a key historical location in Germany. Now the Valkyrie team has to do it all over again.

"A majority of the film material is unusable," a spokeswoman for the production company told the German newspaper Bild. "We have to film it again."

A key scene in Valkyrie, Cruise's WWII historical thriller about the plot by top army officers to assassinate Hitler in 1944, was shot in the Bendler Block where the original action took place. Cruise was originally barred by the German government from filming in the national monument.

Eventually granted permission, the night scenes were shot there after the crew first held a minute of silent meditation. The film was shipped to a professional post-production studio in Munich, and was deemed unusable when it arrived.

"The production company told us that there were problems with the negative development in Arri Munich, one of the top post-production companies in Germany," Colin Ullman, a spokesman for the company that delivered the film, told Bild. "The images were wiped away."

And the images cannot be recovered, but will need to be re-shot. According to a report by the local daily, Tagesspiegel, the film was treated with the incorrect chemical and ruined.

The German government has already given the okay for more filming at the site, and Dennis Rice, a United Artists spokesman, tells PEOPLE that "everything is moving along smoothly."


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