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Mar 25, 2011
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I have bleach blonde hair. I hav it done at a salon and only go for root touch ups My question is how can I acheive a whiter shade of blonde? Without covering my head in bleach. I know toner should do it but which one? Last time I tried a toner someone reccomended years ago I tested it and it went a white grey color Is there anything else I could do? Also would the products work on my hair extensions? They are human

Jun 18, 2012
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Hi there. Did my own hair and get salon too do touchups Its platinuim/ white.

I have natural d brown hair and it took afew bleachings and toning to get to this. How blonde is it before toner? It shoud be bannana skin yellow (or lighter) before trying to color or tone If you want it really blonde/white. Their is afew different type of toners violet'blue to take out yellowness/orange and theres a toner for reddish/pink tones (i dont know anything about this one) the toner conditioner  i use, i use it every 3 days and leave it in for 5 minutes. aswell as a toner shampoo. everybodies hair is different. Its sounds like you just left the toner on for too long. try again. it does shampoo out so if you overdo it it can be corrected. Try panic manic virigin snow white toner its semi perm. but does the job. I use ATV products. silver screen toning shampoo/conditioner. Paintbox also has a leave in toner but i dont think its very strong.

Depending on whats in your hair already? dyes,tones etc. you could put a blonde rinse/ or color over the top to change the look of it, be careful as bot semi and perm have there own pros and cons... and make sure you get a protein filler if you decide to put color over the top. Protein filler is still a good idea if you are just toning, It will give hair color a nice even look.


good luck, i hope a pro here can help you further.