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Aug 25, 2006
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Well my face is terrible at the mo, I have dry red patches on my face, and im not sure if my BE mmu did this to me or it was my body scrub/wash that I applied to my face..

I hope its not the BE, since buying it ive used it 3 times, but I dont apply it directly to my face, I use moisturizer, primer and my jane iredale liquid minerals befoe using some BE foundation to buff into my face.

Ive read that BE broke a few people out I havent broken out just slight patches of dry red skin which might not be down to the makeup, but is there any other topics about BE thats done this to anyone else? otherwise It could be the scrub being too harsh to be used on the face, Im now currently not using either and applying some cream for dy itchy imflamed skin or ezema so hoping this stuff clears my face.

If it is the MU can someone reccomend another brand of mmu


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