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Jun 13, 2004
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New Hits from Paper Doll Cosmetics!

by Susan Littlefield

Lip Gloss Palette – Glass Ceiling ($25)

This lightweight (and unbreakable) pink paper compact contains four gorgeous glosses, a mirror, and a small (but totally usable) lip brush. This isn't your typical lip gloss. The consistency is more of a lipstick-gloss hybrid, not the least bit sticky, and with stronger color and better staying power than the sheer goo we're all familiar with. The colors – gold, deep berry, burgundy shimmer, and red – are surprisingly suitable for any and all women. I can't usually wear deep colors on my smallish mouth, but with their hint of sheer luster, these glosses are just the thing to make a big impression. A light-handed application leaves a sweet, shiny stain that works for day; a little bit more and you've got a powerful pout for evening.

Eye Palette – Debutante ($25)

Again with the cute little paper compact! I love it! This slim, light little package holds an incredible secret that I bring everywhere: four fabulous shadows – each with a hint of shimmer – that can take any girl from daytime natural to full-on diva. These powder shadows have just the right amount of pigment, allowing either delicate or dramatic application. They come with a small, natural bristle brush that really works and won't fall apart like those cheap sponge applicators. And the color choices? Impeccable. A sheer, slightly opalescent off-white does double duty as a shimmery wash of light for the lid or a highlighter that enhances a great brow bone. Rose and subtle tan shades are great on their own for day; line your lashes with the deep burgundy brown, and you've got smoky evening eyes to die for. These shades are so elegant and versatile that you might just want to throw out the rest of your eye shadows. Stix of Dynamite – Rapture ($17)

Dynamite, indeed! Another product I didn't think would work for me that totally did! A delicious dark berry gloss on one end and a silky perfect-match liner on the other work together create the perfect dramatic lip. The gloss is creamy, intense and reflective in a way that – I swear – made my lips look extra full and lush. It smelled like sugar or something delicious, and that made me want to keep reapplying it – but I didn't have to. The color was long-lasting, especially with the liner as a base. This is my new must-have: a lip product that makes me feel so sexy that I'm starting to wear more short skirts just to set off my great makeup.

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May 6, 2004
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Originally Posted by RenaelovesMAC Those are really cute... too bad the quality isn't good
They are cute alright.. Are they a low end brand?

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