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Feb 21, 2004
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VS launched a new fragrance today, So in Love, and along with it they have 2 new palettes - one in pinks and one in nudes. The palette is pale pink with a clearplastic top. Under the top are 5 rows of pink grosgrain ribbon with little "rhinestones" running along each row. Flip open the top layer and you have 4 lipsticks/glosses and a shimmer cream. The shades in the pink palette are Tame, Provocative, Pretty Baby, & Pink Slip. Pull out the drawer on the bottom layer and you have a mosaic bronzer and 4 eyeshadows: Candied Mauve, Snow Drop, Starry Eyed, and Bittersweet. I didn't buy the nude palette because I aleady have the shades in it in a couple of palettes already. (I wish VS didn't almost always put the same shades in their palettes and gift sets!!) I believe the price was $35.

I sniffed the new fragrance and really liked it, but that's another post.


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