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Newest obsession...worth investing?

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Mar 29, 2007
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I am no makeup artist, although i do make up for dancers for a few special events. and maybe its because i have an event in which i am doing 10 girls, but i have become sickly obsessed with the idea of buying a personal makeup airbrush kit.

my criteria is that the compressor should be compact (so i can travel with it), even better if it was battery operated.

i think because i love the consistency of my Dior spray on foundation, that i would like working with a spray gun on other people. i have used spray guns for art projects before so I'm not an idiot with the thing.

so far the make-up specific kits i have looked at were all around $250-$350 that match my travel size criteria (most come with a sampler pack of their foundation colors and a bottle of spray tan, since that is currently the big thing)

do you think its worth it? i am thinking of investing in one as my personal christmas gift. do you think i could make a cheaper one with a hobby store gun and compressor and buy spray foundation sets separately?

anyone willing to be my guinea pig if i do invest? hahaha

i guess if i do invest and it doesnt work for me, i can always sell airbrushed shirts at the local fair, hahaha