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Apr 20, 2004
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Nicole Richie Launches Her Own Apparel Line

By: Mari Davis

LOS ANGELES, Sep 24, 2004/ FW/ --- It’s Nicole’s turn! Paris Hilton, Nicole’s co-star in “The Simple Life†had started designing jewelry, and not to be outdone, Nicole Richie is launching her new apparel line under the label, “That’s Hot!†by Nicole.

"That's Hot!" became a popular catch phrase coined by Nicole on her popular reality show, "The Simple Life" on the Fox network.

Using the catch phrase’s popularity as a springboard, Nicole Richie partnered with Gisella Velarde, a Los Angeles contemporary clothing line to create a signature T-shirt line featuring Nicole’s moniker, contemporary knits and tank tops with embroidery and appliqué.

With retail prices from $28-40, the line is very affordable to its target market of teens and young adult.

Richie who is known for her very eclectic personal style of dressing that range from shock to chic and from punk to Prada follows the footsteps of co-star Paris Hilton in staying away from luxury fashion when launching her own fashion line.

She also follows a long line of celebrities that have launched their own lines such as JLo, Beyoncé, Anna Nicole Smith and Mandy Moore.

The line will debut on October 11 during the Los Angeles Majors Market Week at the Lifestyle Clothiers Showroom. Among the first retailers to carry the line will be Jaye Hersh of the celebrity friendly boutique “Intuition.â€


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