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Feb 12, 2004
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I keep all my old magazines partly because I love magazines and partly because I'm a fashion design major. I have issues of seventeen and teen dating back to 96 when I first got the subscriptions. I was just browsing through some old magazines last night and saw a really cool eye makeup idea that I'm going to try and thought I would share. Put a creme eyeshadow on lids and wing out and on top put some chunky glitter in the same color, or a different color if you are daring! In the magazine they recommended MAC glitter, and I had bought a whole container of LE Jam Session glitter and haven't found a nice use for it yet, but I think that this idea will work for it.



Obsessed with lipstick
Dec 22, 2004
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Bay Area, California
I've done that before, it works really well if the creme shadow is kinda sticky. I bought an entire glitter collection in neon and metallic colors from Michael's craft store for $20 in huge containers. They are exactly the same as any MAC glitter. I took a sample of my glitter to the MAC store and they were impressed with it. It's the same exact thing. Saves you so much money.


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