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Jan 20, 2007
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A gf of mine went to the girl who just started doing my hair....ok she was blonde with a ton of gray. She told the girl she wanted light brown color,she even picked out the swatch...well I dont know what happened but now her hair is dark auburnish...and she is flipping out.The thing about it is that it looks so good.She adored the cut,she also got her brows done too.She never even plucked before and she is 43.Anyway,I went over to her house and did a makeover on her with Mad Mineral foundation in Rosy Med,used a bronzer and used a bronze lipgloss.She looked so pretty.She is the type of person who hates change,hell she wore mall bangs forever,until I taked her into a different cut years ago.

What do you think happened with the color? I'm stumped because it was the owner who did her hair and she is awesome.


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