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Mar 17, 2005
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I need ideas on how to put outfits together. I can't believe I'm burnt out in this area. I used to be a clothing designer years ago. I graduated from a fashion school and worked as a designer for 10 years. Then I made a career change after all that (got bored with it, plus its a stressful, nutty business).

Anyway, the thing is...I should be ashamed of myself. Reason? Well, here I am, an ex-designer, but still a shop-a-holic, got a room full of nice clothes, but I feel like I'm always wearing the same darn thing or putting outfits together the same darn way. I read a bunch of magazines and look for new ways, but still I feel lost. (dare I say I have too much to choose from?
Nah! And God forbid my husband should read that!!

When you ladies get dressed in the morning, whether its for work or the weekend, what are some ways you put things together.

For weekend, I'm a jeans and sweater or t-shirt person. I have a bunch of blazers so I'll sometimes wear jeans, boots, long sleeve tee under a shrunken-style blazer. Maybe a silk scarf as a belt or maybe just a regular belt. I also have a bunch of those silk camisoles in various colors that were/are all the rage.

For the office, its trousers, a blazer and a long sleeve tee underneath. Can't do the camisole for the office - too sexy, in my opinion.

But I'm getting SO bored with my look / wardrobe routine.

Help jazz me up please!

Jul 3, 2004
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I'm so boring with my outfits! There really isn't much that fits me anymore! LOL Usually I'm jeans & sweats on the weekend (Unless we are going out somewhere) for work it's trouser/dress pants and a top. Nothing fancy. I have mostly 'basic' clothes... solid colors, basic stripes or prints... stuff that I can wear until it falls apart and have it never go out of style! LOL I really don't get into 'trendy' things - I just never get enough use of them before they are "out"... and half the time I'll feel weird wearing it b/c I'm so used to being so boring! LOL

Feb 10, 2004
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I know what you mean, I've been trying to come up with new outfits and styles (although my issue is that I'm trying to dress more age-appropriate and less like a college student) but it's so hard to find clothes that fit me that aren't in the Junior's department because I'm so petite and can't gain weight very easily -- plus I don't have a lot of money to spend on clothes!

Anyways, most of the time I dress pretty casual since I'm a grad student. Jeans and khakis (preferably bootcut or a small flare), black boots or chunky brown shoes (I need to find a replacement for those chunky shoes, they're definitely teenager-y), matching black or brown belt, and a fitted t-shirt or sweater depending on the season, sometimes layered over a tank if the neckline is low. And I admit I still wear a lot of flip-flops in the summer! I have been trying to do a little more layering, especially since so many v-neck shirts are just a tiny bit too low for me, so you can experiment layering different colors instead of always having the bottom layer be white or black. I have also been experimenting with different necklines, like more scoop and v-necks. I have a few necklaces that make for fun accessories but my jewelry collection is pretty small and I don't have jewelry that looks good with a lot of my clothes. (Except for the rings, watch, and simple silver earrings I wear every day.) I recently bought a denim blazer that I've been wearing a lot in this cool spring weather, and I just bought a fun turquoise purse that I carry whenever it doesn't clash with my outfit! (In the past I've always had black or brown purses only!) And the makeup tips I've been learning on this site are also helping me look a little more sophisticated, in my opinion. But otherwise I'm still trying to figure out how to look a little trendier and older but still be casual!

For date nights I have a few more sexier cut shirts but I still usually just stick to jeans and boots or sandals. I also usually wear hubby's favorite makeup (yes he actually has opinions on some of my makeup looks!) and wear my hair curly since he likes it, even though I like it straight

When I teach my class once a week, I tend to just stick to dress slacks (usually black or grey, but sometimes khaki) with a tailored button-down shirt or fitted sweater, with black boots or brown loafers (I need some brown boots!). Not very creative either. For church I have a few skirts (solid and prints) that I add to my work wardrobe and otherwise I just keep mixing and matching.

I do tend to stick to solid colored tops, but to keep things a little more interesting I've been trying to buy lots of different colors, and try different necklines and sleeve lengths. In high school almost all of my clothes were blue, and while I still have a lot of blue and turquoise because those are my best colors, I also have been buying a lot of other different colors (lots of reds, purples, and pinks but no pale pinks, plus a little oranges and yellows). I do think it's rather fun to walk into a room in winter when most of the girls are wearing boring blacks and dark colors and I have a fun red shirt or something

I know I don't have *tons* of variety in my wardrobe other than different colors, but I can never figure out what would be appropriate for class other than fitted t's and sweaters, and what would be appropriate for work other than button-downs and sweaters! If I can figure out a way to add more variety I'd love it!


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