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Painfull Peircing

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Jan 18, 2004
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Hi all, i am hoping someone can give me a little help and advice about my sore belly button piercing. I had my tounge and belly button done about 2 years ago, but i am still having problems with the belly button. I bought a solid gold belly bar with a love heart and tiny diamond, which i really love to wear but i dont know what i should do.

I am finding that it keeps getting really sore and red, even though i put t tree oil on it every day. When it clears up it starts again. I am not sure if this is because the piercing could have been done better. I have other percing on my ears which have healed fine, although it was done on the cartlige and was so painful i couldn't sleep on my side.

Should i let the hole close or perservere. My friend who got hers done at the same time as me has had problems with hers and she let it close and got it done again, and this time round its no problem. Surely after 2 years the peircing should be ok. Any comments or advcie would be appreciated.