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Feb 26, 2011
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Normally I don't shop at ShopKo for makeup since they tend to be, least my local store tends to be, a little on the grungy side. They remodeled the store not too long ago and since the hubby took me to Texas Steakhouse last night and since it was an hour wait I walked over to the local ShopKo. Nothing caught my eye except for these new pH Matchmakerâ„¢ pH Powered Lip Gloss and Blushes plus it was on sale AND a $3 off coupon on each one.

pH Matchmakerâ„¢ pH Powered Lip Gloss

Two shades only - Light Pink and Pink (coloring is pretty similar)

Regular price:$9.95
Sale price: $5.99
After $3 coupon: $2.99 each
Net Wt.0.13 Oz./3.8g

pH Matchmakerâ„¢ pH Powered Blush

Two shades only - Rose and Natural

Regular price: $12.95

Sale price: $7.49

After $3 coupon: $4.49

Net Wt.0.21 Oz./6g

Also on sale but I didn't buy - yet, may I will:

pH Matchmakerâ„¢ pH Powered Bronzer

Two shades - Light Bronzer and Bronzer.

Regular price:$14.95

Sale price: $7.49

After $3 coupon: $4.49

Net Wt.0.46 Oz./13g
All images shown above are from the Physician Formula website.​

So the downside... the blushes are were used or damaged in transit because there was powder all over the mirrors. :( /emoticons/[email protected] 2x" width="20" height="20" /> Unfortunately these were the last two at my local ShopKo and I haven't seen these at Walgreens, RiteAids or my local Target (whose cosmetic section is partially missing anyways since they're remodeling the store). Ihave a feeling that the blushes were more likely damaged at the store with either an employee dropping the makeup OR a customer did. Last fall I saw several Wet n Wild nail polishes bottles cracked but only held together by the polish having dried out. I'm going to hang on to these and see if I can find these at a different store and simply exchange them.

The blush colors are really pretty, soft and shimmery but maybe a bit too fragile if these were damaged in transit or in the store. I'm not sure if these were used or not, I know the lip glosses weren't the stupid things are hard to get out of the packaging without ripping the whole box apart.

The cool thing about these items are the fact all the items have lighted mirrors! The lip gloss even has a wand that when you remove it has little lights on it just like my Artistry lip glosses ($15)! It's pretty cute actually and very useful to have a mirror and lights attached to the lip gloss.

Edit: Just saw on my Facebook stream that Pursebuzz did a quick video using pH Matchmaker lip gloss.

Dec 13, 2011
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I'm really loving Physicians Formula here lately. In fact just today I bought their Shimmer Strips Custom eye Enhancing duo:


And the Shimmer Strips Custom Eye Enhancing Eyeliner Duo:


I also own the Shimmer Strips Custom Eye Enhancing Eyeshadow & Liner, Smokey Collection


And the same only in the Natural eye color enhancing strip:


Please share how the PH matchmakers work as I wanted to buy those too but back when the color changing makeup came out mine all turned this horrible magenta color that made me look like a badly done up drag queen!


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