QOTD July 9, 2012: Who Is Your Favourite Actor?

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Jul 10, 2012
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Kimberly Elise ,

    she plays in most Tyler perry films. She is beautiful and a wonderful actress

she makes you believe the part she plays

Apr 19, 2012
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Uummmm...gosh..that's really a difficult q..I like so many and here's a top few off my head in no order..

Gary Oldman - genius and he can really play so many versatile roles

Al Pacino - any man who can pull of a great cop/mob movie and do Shakespeare? 

Anthony Hopkins - Shakespeare roles and Hannibal? Done

Mel Gibson - personal BS aside, I've always loved him as an actor!

Liam Neeson - sexy Irish accent and interesting characters in some really good movies!

Samuel L. Jackson - need I say more?

Ken Watanabe - amazeballs!!

I also adore Johnny Depp, but since Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas, I see his "Hunter S. Thompson" quirks come out in every role he does now...so I don't feel he's that diverse any more...so he's not my fave in the skills department, but he is talented and drool worthy lol.


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