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Rant on Philosophy's The Great Mystery

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Oct 5, 2003
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What the crap is this goop supposed to DO anyway?!? This is what it says on the tube : "the great mystery was created to mimic an in-spa deep cleansing facial. new proprietary technologies allow us to provide you deep cleansing, exfoliation, and purification of your skin in record speed without irritation. this fast acting, mineral-packed purifying paste can be used from hairline to bust line. results can be seen and felt immediately. " HUH?!?? Ok, let me start from the beginning- it smells great, like lavender oil and lemon, and it feels fine on your face. But theres nothing in it to make you feel like its exfoliating- no grains, no alcohols, nothing. Just sea salt and lavender, and the salt is so fine and dissolved that there may as well be nothing in it at all. It's white, has the consistency of Vaseline, and rinses off well. Just keep it far far away from you eyes- and if you have a cut anywhere from shaving anything then dont use it in the shower. The salt content is so high it'll burn the hell out of you. I applied it as directed, left it on like it said, but I didnt feel exfoliated or cleansed and I sure didnt feel purified. More like stupified. What does this do? Thats the great mystery if you ask me.....