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May 2, 2006
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yes, my closet is full but most of the stuff is too big for me now so i enjoy the sales. and my brother and i found a great mp3 player on, great deal as it's even cheaper than at the chinese shops where we buy all our computery stuff. pics from the websites as they won't arrive before next week.

so my shopping at La Redoute

-2 long teeshirts, one pale pink and the other one grey

-i'm not so into teeshirts with logos or sentences, but i like this one

-that one because i found it summery

-i took the turquoise version of this teeshirt, just because i love this color and can never have enough blue teeshirts

no pants as i don't trust a computer to tell me if it's fitting or not. the tees were like 5€ each, love that price

and my lovely mp3 player :

the pic is a bit crappy, but it's a 2Gb flash mp3 player, plays mp3,wma, wav, mp4, videos and pics. 262K colors, has radio included (it can be recorded), loudspeaker (only for music), and is sold with headphones, cable to recharge it from a wallplug, and a bag to carry it. i took it black, bro and i thought it was cooler


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