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Sep 27, 2003
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In the next coming weeks we will be doing some software changes/upgrades so during this time you might see some items missing from the board or things might look different. We are always looking to improve MUT for all of you, the amazing MUT community, and this is the reason we are implementing these changes. Unfortunately with software and upgrades, nothing is ever an easy, overnight thing, so this will most likely take some time. Also it takes an incredible amount of time, financial resources and personnel to implement these types of things so please know that we are hoping to have everything completed ASAP but things might not happen as fast as we would like due to the size of the project and the size of MUT. We hope that you will really enjoy the new upgraded version and you'll find it to be user friendly and fun to use once it's all done. Thank you for being here and being part of MUT! MUT wouldn't exist if it wasn't for you. Something that started as a crazy dream in my head in 2003 grew to become MUT bringing together all of you, the makeup, sub box and beauty enthusiasts over the past 15 or so years all around the world. I have always been a crazy makeup lover and it was always my dream to build a site around my passion for makeup and beauty and bring like minded people together to discuss and enjoy makeup and beauty related issues together not forgetting the fun circular swaps and various sub box discussions and other fun things that we have had in the last years and continue to have in the future.Thank you all who have made it possible and thanks so much for being here and for making MUT what it is. :luv:   :luv:     

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