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Dec 13, 2007
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Hey all,

I just thought I would post some of my re-touch work for you all to see.

I think each re-touch artist has their own unique “style†that they bring to each project. If multiple people were to re-touch the same image, you will see that each artist has their vision of what the image should look like.

Re-touching doesn’t always have to be “extreme†in nature. It can range from simple adjustments to complex error corrections and re-styling.

This piece was a lot of fun to work on. Her makeup, styling and shots were all done professionally but she just felt the image lacked something … She explained that they were going for a “60’s glamour look with a mix of modern day pin-up.â€

For my color re-touch I didn’t want to do a vintage pinup look. I wanted to do a girl next door (playboy) look, meets bad girl (hustler).

60’s B&W glamour photos were about stark color contrasts … So with my B&W re-touch I wanted to do something more traditional 60’s. Soft, fragile looking skin, deeper eyes etc.



After: Color Re-touch


After: B&W Re-touch


In this next piece, I was asked to create an invigorated more youthful version of her. She loved the hair color I picked out for her so much that ended up re-doing her real hair lol. ****Please note my work is on the left ****


This next piece was interesting because I really loved the before photo … I really love the deep California style tan, and deeper layers. I also spent a lot of time on her eyes both in color and detail. ****Please note my work is on the left ****


This last one I did in a very short period of time for fun. I call it “angelâ€, because I gave her a little bit of a glow (which is not very common in my work). ****Please note my work is on the left ****


Hope you all enjoy them. Look forward to hearing your thoughts.

If you should have any questions feel free to message me on here or on myspace.


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