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Feb 26, 2011
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I bought this at my local Cosmoprof a couple of weeks ago because both my eldest daughter and I just oohhed and ahhed over the color. These liners are not sold in stores and are only available in salons that sell TIGI cosmetics or at Cosmoprof. I know these are also sold on and you can probably find it for sell on EBay as well.

Outside natural light, bottom swatches - left without flash, right with flash​

The color is gorgeous in real life BUT there is a draw back to this liner - it's VERY soft so I recommend putting it in the fridge to help firm it up before applying or sharpening. I sharpened mine without doing that and well, you can see in the picture how that turned out. Once it dries it lasts all day. I wore it on my birthday the other day and it was as vivid at 9 PM as it was at 9 AM. I really like that it has a rubber-like smudging tip on the other end (side with the clear cap).

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