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Jan 10, 2007
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Designate something as an in-box. It can be a basket, a storage box, a drawer — anything big enough to hold a week’s worth of mail and no more. Find a place for it that’s convenient and not so out of the way that it’s out of sight and mind.

Post a large trash can or recycling bin near the in-box to hold all the junk mail that you’ll be purging. “Treat your wastebaskets like babies: Keep them in close reach at all times and feed and change them often,†suggests Harriet Schechter, owner of Miracle Worker Organizing Service ( and the author of Let Go of Clutter (McGraw-Hill, $17). Helpful hint: Pitch junk mail the second you reach your in-box each day. Your ruthlessness will be rewarded with a significantly smaller pile of mail to contend with when you sit down to sift through it.

Consider buying a paper shredder. It will let you dispose of documents containing personal information and account numbers without having to worry about identity theft.

Decide on a regular time to sort through your in-box and distribute its contents to the organizational systems you’re about to create. You might allot a few minutes each day or an hour once a week, whatever works for you. What’s important is that you make it a habit.

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