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May 17, 2005
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Lakeland, Florida
Eight celebrities with crappy attitudes toward parenting

Posted Dec 5th 2007 12:05PM by Angie Felton

Babytalk magazine has released its celebrity winners of the 2007 Stinky Diapers award, an honor bestowed on the rich and famous who exhibit "poopy attitudes toward parenting" and aren't afraid to share them with the world.

The Mommy Run Amok Award winner was Britney Spears for parenting offenses documented throughout this website as well as countless others.

Diapers for Dollars was bestowed upon Virgie Arthur, the mother of Anna Nicole Smith for reportedly selling pictures and videos of Smith to paparazzi after her death, fighting the biological father of her granddaughter for custody, and trying to legally wrangle Smith's burial in Texas instead of the Bahamas where the model lived and where her son was also buried.

The I'd Like a Preemie Please Award goes to every mother famous or not, who gets an elective C-section prior to 37 weeks gestation, not for health or safety reasons but in hopes of avoiding overstretching the belly skin, abdominal muscles, and vaginal walls. The practice started with celebrity mothers but is being copied by non-famous expectant moms as well. (As someone who has had an emergency C-section at 34 weeks, and a child in the R-NICU, I'd like to add a giant Poop Sandwich award to every doctors who goes along with this asinine, vain request.)

The Bigger Boob Than Ever Award was earned by comedian Bill Maher for his rant about mother's breastfeeding in public on his Real Time with Bill Maher show."There's no principle at work here other than being too lazy to either plan ahead or cover up. Next thing you know, women will be wanting to give birth in the waterfall at the mall."
Actress Charlize Theron was awarded the Shut Your Piehole award for making pregnant women feel beautiful about the changes their body was undergoing in order to create a healthy new life by saying in an interview in Parade magazine, "Getting pregnant doesn't excite me, I don't really want to look like a whale." The judges noted that Theron had no problem with gaining 30 lbs for her Oscar-winning role in Monster.

The social networking site Facebook can proudly display their Lactivist Last Laugh award on the mantle this year. Labeling a nursing photo a mother had posted as "Obscene" and banning her when she re-posted the image, Facebook felt the wrath of breast feeders everywhere. So far 30,000 breast feeding advocates have signed a petition and uploaded their own nursing photos onto the website.

New daddy, Tom Brady got more than a son this year. He's also the recipient of the I'm Such a Player award for not participating in ex-girlfriend Bridget Moynahan's pregnancy and only spending one day with the newborn and new momma before heading back to the opposite coast to play in a football game, in spite of reportedly being granted a week of paternity leave. Dude, that was a totally bad call.

Eight celebrities with crappy attitudes toward parenting - ParentDish

Sep 12, 2007
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OMG, Britney is at the top?? Shocking. What a hilarious list. I had know idea baby magazines were so funny.


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