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May 6, 2004
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So have any USA'ers been watching The Office? Its a UK comedy that only lasted 2 series but it hit the US shores a few weeks ago. They've totally transformed the show though & are using American actors/actresses etc..

It was HUGE in the UK & Ireland. I have both box sets & i could watch it over and over again. Ricky Gervais (who wrote the series) starred in the UK one & OMG he is so dam funny

No honey i didn't.. I saw one actually on C4, i can't remember the name of the show but i didn't enjoy it as much as The Office. I could watch the 2nd episode of the Xmas Special when Dawn & Tim get together like 150 times in a row. I always have a tear in my eye for that part

It didn't get great reviews here so far. I have yet to watch it but I am interested in it.

I was never the biggest fan of the office beacuse it was just a little bit too painful to watch. Ricky's stand-up stuff is okay, but he doesn't touch the genius level that Eddie Izzard does.