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Apr 18, 2004
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Was taking a peek at Allure today and seen a few things that might help you guys out when it comes to picking out a hair style/cut for your type of hair. Here is what I read, well the best I can do at remembering what I read I added a bit of my flavor to it also.

For Frizzy hair:

Be precise with your cuts. Which means no razoring. So if your stylist comes at you with a razor you better run. Unless you want that Janis Joplin look
. It is best that you have blunt ends, this doesn't mean that you have to have a blunt cut, long layers would do great just as long as they atleast 2 inches from the bottom of the hair. Long layers will help control the frizz.

For Limp hair:

With really limp hair the longest I would go would be a shoulder length bob with long layers, short layers will give you the volume you want but it will not last long. Bangs will also give the look of fullness. But only with long or oval face shapes.

For Curly hair:

Well for starters the right cut can make or break your curl. Be sure not to layer to much or you will come out looking like a poodle. Long layers would be the way to go if you want them, and again just like the frizzy hair no razors.

For Dry hair:

The only thing you can do with hair when it becomes dry and brittle is to trim atleast a quarter of an inch every six to eight weeks. Only trimming dry damaged hair can get rid of the damage.

For Oily Hair:

Shorter styles will look best for oily hair, the style will look cleaner and look less oily for a longer amount of time between shampooing. A short cut will also make the hair look less stuck to your head.

Well I hope everyone found this stuff interesting, cause I sure did, you learn something new everyday, regaurdless of were you learned it from.

May 3, 2004
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I've only had short hair maybe a couple of times in my life and didn't really care for how it looked on me, I guess it was the type of cut I got but it didn't look so hot and wasn't easy to work with, but last week I went and got a really good short cut, I love the way it turned out. I'm still kind of playing with it right now but for the most part it is easy to care for and style, the guy that cuts my hair really knows his stuff about what will work and look good on you with your hair type, mine is wavy and has a tendancy to frizz (goes with living in Fl.) but with this cut it isn't that big of a deal and even after being out today in the heat and humidity, and rain, my hair still looks has good has it did when I left the house this morning, getting the right cut for your type of hair makes all the difference in the world.

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