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Mar 7, 2005
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these go for $14 at sephora, but i found them at duane reade in NYC (right near times square) for $7.50! i've been DYING for cocoa my coconut, but $14 was too much for me whenever i was near sephora or just wouldn't have enough money on me. turns out these glosses got shipped to the wrong place, so they put them for that price, and this is the only DR they sell them at. they also have bloom's loose powder and liquid foundation for about $13, where they retail for $26 and $28 at sephora, as well, but of course, i had no money on me! i ended up getting my sidekick out and checking reviews and the loose powder got some good ones, but not so much the foundation. they also have the pressed powder, but not sure how much those were, even though i'm sure around $13.

i ended up buying cocoa my coconut and tutti my frutti for $15 in total

anyway, not sure if there are any fans of those items on here, but if there is and you want me to CP something for you, let me know! i have no problem doing it



Jul 20, 2005
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Awesome bargains!

Does it really plump your lips?


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