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May 25, 2006
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Lie detector tests – also known as polygraphs – are not allowed as evidence in most courtrooms. That’s because some people have learned how to fool the machine by controlling their emotions. There’s a new lie detector in town. It’s called “No Lie MRI.†It uses technology called Functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging – or F-MRI. Basically, it’s a brain scan and the manufacturers claim that by mapping the part of the brain that’s used in deception, they can conclusively show when someone’s lying.
How? According to ABC News, when you lie, your brain does several things. First, it stops itself from telling the truth – which causes increased blood flow in the part of the brain that inhibits verbal activity. Then your brain has to work hard to come up with a deception, so more blood rushes to the creative areas. You also have to remember what you lied about - so you can repeat it, say, during police interrogation – so the blood flow changes once again. That activity is picked up by the machine. In a recent study, the machine was 95% accurate in sussing out who was lying.
Of course, F-MRI isn’t admissible in court either. At least not yet. However, they’re working to make it more accurate. There’s a potentially huge market for security clearance screenings by big companies and government agencies as well as for situations where it’s one person’s word against another, like libel, slander and fraud lawsuits

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Jun 1, 2007
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I get an MRI every year... It is costly and takes a lot of time.... Might as well do a whole body MRI while they are at it and see if he or she has go anything wrong with them... that way they won't have to hire a lier or someone that could drive up the cost of health care!! lol Unemployment would sky rocket and only the truthful and super healthy could get jobs.... sigh....


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