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Oct 26, 2023
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I recently came across an online education platform called Academia (academia.marianazambrano) that offers a variety of makeup and beauty courses.

Has anyone taken any of the makeup or beauty classes through Academia? How did you find the quality of instruction and production value of the videos? Were the tips easy to follow along with and implement on your own?

I'm very interested in improving my makeup skills and learning new techniques. Academia seems to have a wide selection of beginner to advanced makeup courses taught by professional makeup artists.

If you've taken any of these classes, I'd love to hear your review! How in-depth did they go into topics?

Any feedback is much appreciated! I'm trying to determine if Academia is worth investing in for high quality makeup and beauty education.


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Apr 23, 2014
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Toronto, ON
My questions would be:

What kind of feedback or critique do you get if I am having difficulty with balancing out a lip line?

Is Maria going to personally correct me if the tones of my concealer doesn't match or blend properly on two different types of skin tones (people)?

Does she cover period looks? Different types of removals? Covering / concealing / correcting different kinds of skin conditions like vitiligo, rosacea, acne, acne scarring, laser resurfacing on different skin types and colours?

How about a difficult bridal consultation? What if they want a different placement or position of colour? for example: contour as a blush or blush as a contour? or blush as a highlight? Or the brows a certain style? And will it work?

And her site, all of her courses are pre-recorded. Also it's only ONE artist teaching this course and not anyone else.

She's stealing your money if you're a beginner, unless you just want to learn the basics of doing your own make-up, then go for it.ork

However if you're an experienced MuA, I can see how her online courses can be of value as a refresher on whatever topics she's covering.

The thing is with on-line courses like this is, if you run into any bit of trouble on anything, you're stuck. And now you're doing the incorrect technique over and over again trying to figure out a solution, which may or may not come to you.


The best courses are the ones that are taught in person at an accredited make-up school or institution with one-on-one instruction and feedback.

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