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May 2, 2006
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very small, just one product from a brand called Suzanne aux bains, it's a relaxing bath product for my mom called "Eloge de la paresse", my first christmas shopping ^^. it's a bit expensive, but it was sold with a discount on a french website (the kind you register and they offer sales with discounts on specific brands for a short period of time, and of course as this one is specialized in beauty products....

the other product is from the brand Doux Me. i'm on this new website (about organic brands too) and just by answering a survey (this is why you should check your emails 4 times a day lol) i won a lipbalm. considering i'm always testing a few lipbalms and we're in winter, this will definitely come in handy. woohoo !!

i'm also adding two lipbalms i bought a few days ago :

-Logona lipbalm

-Lavera black currant lipbalm

those are also organics, but they don't cost more than non organics lipbalms and they work so much better !


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