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Jan 10, 2007
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Match mascara color with your hair color for natural look. Black highlights eyes, but it doesn’t look natural. Try to choose a bit darker mascara than your hair color to look natural and sweet everyday.

· All the colors of the rainbow suit for teens, but don’t fit formal make-up. Untraditional colors look too playful for office wear, but don’t be afraid to experiment with other types of make-up. Give you lashes new look by covering them with your ordinary color and applying colored mascara on the tips.

· The shorter brush the easier use. Too long brush may be difficult to handle. Also thinner brush is more comfortable to reach lashes at the corners of eye and to avoid smudges.

· Bended brush is better than straight. When brush is curved to fit eye line, it’s easier to apply mascara.

· Use waterproof mascara for long lasting make-up. Perfect make-up should stay all the day long.

· Thickening mascara works perfect for dramatic and mystic look. Add volume to lashes to create fatal woman image.

Lengthen your lashes. Lengthening mascara makes lashes more noticeable and opens up eyes.

· Curling mascara bends straight lashes. However make-up professionals use lashes curler, not curling mascara.

Every woman has her own technique on how to put mascara on, but there are some basic “rules†as well. If you know what mascara fits you and how to choose color, but eyes make-up is nightmare for you, try useful tips on how to apply lashes mascara.

* Cover lashes from the bottom to the tips. If you don’t apply mascara on bases, they will be different in color and that look odd. If you will leave the tips of lashes alone, lashes will be optically shorter. Who of us would want that? Apply mascara to whole length for optimal effect.

* Use combs to remove clumps and separate lashes. Glued together lashes are not OK and clumps are not OK either. Brush lashes with special combs while mascara is not dried to avoid miserable look. Remember: make-up professionals prefer metallic lashes combs to plastic made.

Aug 9, 2006
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Thanks for sharing, Aprill!


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