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Dec 25, 2020
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Have tried out every classic and basic hairstyles? It’s time for you to try the hair extension styles with a scarf. We all want to go outside with a beautiful look, so that we will feel more confident and attractive when we meet someone else. Based on that, the hair makeup is really important that you can not miss. Adding a scarf can make your hairstyle more interesting.

For women, it is always important and necessary to look well-groomed and neat in front of other people. For that reason, our team has come up with this topic in order to help you to pick out the hairstyle that you want to be creative with. There are many ways to wear a scarf on your hair: a bun, a braid or tie the scarf with your hair down. Here is a list of Trendy Hair Extension Styles with Scarf.
Half top knot with scarf - Cute Hair Extension Styles With A Scarf

Many girls are in love with this hair extension style with a scarf. Wearing a scarf with a half top knot gives you a soft and messy look during the day. Choosing a scarf with bright color or a cute pattern might be a wonderful choice to get a sleek and a gentle style. All you need to prepare is an elastic hair tie, which helps hold your hair, and a scarf to do this hairstyle.

To achieve the look, there are some steps to follow. First, you use your fingers to brush your hair, the head top and the sides. Then you hold the half part with one hand, make it into a ponytail and wrap the ponytail into a bun, then secure it with an elastic hair tie. After that, you use the scarf to cover the hair tie and wrap it around the base of the bun and tie it up.
Low ponytail with scarf - Hair Extension Styles With A Scarf for Elegant Girls

This hair extension style with a scarf is definitely a classic vibe hairstyle. Using a scarf to tie around the low ponytail will help you get the warm and elegant look. Combine this hairstyle with a yellow skirt or vintage dress and pairs of earrings will create a new you with a desirable first-class look. You also don’t need much time to do this hairstyle.

To do this classic hairstyle, you need to prepare an iron to curl or straighten your hair, and of course a scarf. You can add some waves onto your hair strands to make your hair look thicker and more volume. Gather all your hair and hang it low, tie it with an elastic band and make it into a low ponytail. After that, you roll your scarf into a long band, wrap around the base and tie it into a knot.
Hair Braid with Scarf - Chic Hair Extension Style with A Scarf

With braided hair, you already have a glamour look. The combination with a scarf won’t take too much time for preparation and it will help you to achieve an elegant style without thinking too much about the clothes. Now you are stunning to go outside. To create this hair extension style with a scarf, you need some of the basic things as elastic hair ties, a scarf and bobby pins.

There are a few steps that you have to follow to copy this hairstyle. First you need to make it into a fishtail braid and use the elastic band at the end. And then pass a small part of one side on your head over the first braid stitch. Repeat with the opposite side to finish this mermaid braid. At the end, tie the scarf on your hair. And there you have it, an easy hair extension style with a scarf.
The Minnie Mouse Style - Super Cute Hair Extension Style with a scarf

Although it is quite simple, you should give this hair extension style with a scarf a try for some simple changes in the day. You can still make it into a super catchy look just by choosing this style. You will be in love with the chic look just by adding a scarf onto your hairstyle. To make this hairstyle, you have to prepare a brush, a blow dryer and a square scarf.

After washing your hair, you need to let it dry naturally. You flip it forward, make a band with your scarf and put the center of it on your neck nape. Flip your hair back and tie the scarf as a knot on the top of your head. Fix a little and let your hair fall down naturally. And there you go, you have achieved the Minnie Mouse Bow hairstyle for a cute and elegant look.
Boho Hairstyle - Vintage Hair Extension Style with a scarf

This is a typical vintage hair extension style with a scarf. This will create you a pure and classic look that is a need for a change for your everyday style. There are many ways that you can be creative with this hairstyle. You can either braid your hair, curl it or let it straighten. The most important part is that you must find the perfect scarf for you.

In order to achieve the style, there are some steps that you need to follow as a tutorial. First, you tie your hair as a half up ponytail, and then put the center of the band made of scarf right beneath the ponytail and tie it into a knot. After that, you can braid some strains or curl your hair into a beach waves style. Combine some accessories and you are ready to go out.

For all of these hair extension styles with a scarf, you won’t need any product to secure them, except a scarf and some bobby pins if needed. In case you want some other hairstyles, check out our newest article of Top 5 Hottest Buns Hair Extension Styles : 2021 Updated. For more information, please contact K-Hair for instructions.

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