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Aug 27, 2005
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Originally Posted by Charmaine What is "sample sales"? Sample Sales are when designers or clothing companies sell their "proto samples". "Proto samples" are samples that are made when they are developing their line, but don't get enough orders when in the showroom and are never put into mass production. Instead of throwing away the proto samples, they sell them in "sample sales" to the public. Some places refer to "warehouse sales" as "sample sales", but a "warehouse sale" is when companies mass produce a style and it doesn't sell well (the bulk of the style stays in the warehouse because nobody re-orders it to put on a sales floor), so they offer those poor-selling styles at deep discounts. Spas also have sample sales, but it has a different meaning.....they offer "samples" of their services (at a reduced rate) to draw in customers so that they can try out the spa.

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