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Jul 15, 2005
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Okay this might be a little racy for some...I don't think so though...

There were two whales in the ocean, while swimming the whales saw a ship which triggered a sad memory for one...

Whale1: You know that looks like the ship that killed my father some years back...why don't we teach those guys a lesson

Whale2: Okay what do you want to do?

Whale1: Why don't we swim under the ship and blow through our blow holes so the ship turns over and they all drown?

Whale2: All right, let's go.

So the whales swim under the ship and blow their little hearts out. The ship turns over and the whales are excited to have taught them a lesson. Then they realize that the men aren't dead, they are floating around in the water so...

Whale1: Hey they are still alive! I know, why don't we go over there and swallow them whole?

Whale2: Wait a minute there...I went along with your whole blow job idea but I'm not going to swallow any sea men.


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