What's the best facial moisturizer that's within the low end price range and mid-range?

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Jan 23, 2007
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I used to have Clear and Clean but got a very oily skin as result and pimples every time.
Then I switched to ProActive, it was good at the beginning but when I continued using it daily, I gained back my oily skin and it got flaky as well. Lost the pimples though.

Then I went to Celeteque my skin was good for a month but it became very oily after that.That I had to wash my face from time to time.

I'm now using Neutrogena Fine Fairness when I go out but by mid-morning my skin gets really oily, and Neutregena Hydro Boost at night - not daily - since I get oily and flaky skin by mid-day. And get blackheads once in a while

What's the best moisturizer you've used for oily yet flaky skin of a 30-year-old?


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