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May 3, 2004
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Another one that I like for this time of year is Indécence by Givenchy. Here is the description they give for the scent.

Givenchy Indécence Collection for Her

“Indecently†provocative. The fragrance that seduces without flowers. Breaks all the rules. A rare blend of cinnamon, spices, jacaranda wood, patchouli, amber and musk. Openly sensual and modern, like the woman who wears it. The tall, slender bottle is a work of art, suggestive of a woman’s silhouette.

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Oct 22, 2003
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Huntington Beach, CA
Hi Amy! Welcoming you to MakeupTalk!

Originally Posted by amy26

my fav. right now is stella-getting that for christmas--my fav. of all time is chanel 5

Apr 20, 2004
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Now I feel like a geek!! LOL I dont think there are any around where I live so thats probably why I'm not familiar with it, but I will keep an eye open!

Originally Posted by NYAngel98 Oh harley, I feel for you! And Shoey! You don't know Ulta!?!? Where have you been hiding!!! LOL Just think... if you had been at Ulta buying all your beauty prods'... you'd have gotten your Armani mania for $13 too!
You gotta check it out! Halo's right, they send you catalogs in the mail with coupons usually for $3.50 off a $10 purchase, or 20% off an item... etc... Usually they are better than the ones in the Sunday papers... Plus 4x a year you get to pick out free stuff with wwhat you earn from shopping there. And being they sell just about everything in beauty & hair, you'd be surprised how fast the points add up! They also sell fitness tapes & dvds, smoothie makers, parrafin wax baths, razors, hair accesories, brushes,hair tools etc... (You get the idea) So a lot of things you pick up in the drug store or supermarket - you can buy there for points!

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