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When do you think I should give it to him?

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Mar 7, 2005
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i need your opinions, please!

last night, i did some last-minute shopping for an extra christmas gift for toby (already bought him something "big") and now i'm doubting whether or not i should give it to him for christmas.

i'm not sure if you're familiar with it, but it's a book called how we met. what it is is a book that the people who work for the company (or whatever you wanna call them) put together and all you gotta do is fill some stuff out.

on the front of the book, it will say our names and the date we met or just the year. on the second page, it says "Here's to the rest of our lives". from the year you give them, which will be 2006 for us, throughout the book, the pages will be taken up with headlines from 2006, popular fashion, etc., things that were popular/significant in 2006. then, it'll have our names and the meanings all fancy, and then a section with "our memories" and questions we fill out.

yeah, 2006 was only last year, but 40, 50, 60 years from now, toby and i can look back on it and think of how we went through all of that TOGETHER and how long ago it was. i know it's corny, but i'm corny

so, my question: i told my cousin about it and i told her i might wanna save it for february when we [hopefully] get married and give it to him then, but she says for a gift like that, it should be more special and i should just give it to him as a christmas gift cuz it's a nice idea, but not wedding wow.

what do you think?

thanks for any feedback!!!