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Dec 20, 2004
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Colors that suit you..............

<!-- 8: Article Text -->It happens to every guy. One day, you catch a group of girls checking out this guy wearing a pink shirt. They throw him admiring glances, and you even catch a comment about how great he looks in it.

So, you decide that if he can do it, you can too. You go out and buy yourself a pink shirt. The ladies don't seem to notice you any more than they did before, and now you're taking some ribbing from your buddies. Frustrated, you plunge back into your blacks, grays and navies.

Read on to find out why that pink shirt didn't work for you, and why that doesn't mean that you should give up on wearing colors quite so easily. Whether you're dark-skinned, medium-toned or pale-skinned, you can find appropriate colors for your complexion.

Dark skin tone

Dark-skinned men tend to have black or dark brown hair and eyes. If you fall into this category, the colors that you wear should contrast with your dark features. The contrast breaks up an otherwise monotonous look and catches the eye.

Colors you look your best in:




baby blue

<LI>gray Colors you should avoid:


dark brown


spring green


You should stay away from tropical colors and really dark shades. While black and navy blue are hard to avoid altogether because they basically make up the corporate uniform, try to keep them to a minimum and wear only when necessary. How to wear these colors:

For a relaxed look, you can wear a pink button-down shirt and gray wool pants. Make sure the shirt is untucked. With these, you can wear tan leather or suede shoes.

Medium skin tone

Medium-toned men can have anything from blonde locks to jet-black manes, and their eye color can vary from baby blue to onyx black. If you're lucky enough to fall in this category, it means that you can wear just about any color and still look sharp. Since light and dark colors both contrast nicely with your skin tone, you can go either way. For bonus points, try matching your shirt to your eye color.

Colors you look your best in:



royal blue



<LI>pink (stripes) Colors you should avoid:



dark brown



The only colors that you should really avoid are those that might blend in too closely with your skin tone. For example, if you have an olive complexion, avoid wearing olive-colored or brown clothing.

How to wear these colors:

Just to show how easy it is to pull off a variety of colors, try wearing a beige sweater with black slacks and oxblood shoes. Piece of cake.

Pale skin tone

Pale-skinned men will tend to have red, blonde, or dirty blonde hair. Their eye color is often just as fair, including green, blue, gray, or hazel. If you match this description, your best bet is to go with more subdued colors and pastels. These will blend well with your skin tone, and create a look that's both appealing and relaxing to the eye. Colors you look your best in:

light blue




<LI>bold blue Colors you should avoid:






The key is to steer clear of harsh or bright colors since these will contrast with your skin in an unflattering way. Basically, your clothes will stand out while you fade into the background. That said, stay away from vibrant colors at all costs. How to wear these colors:

A great casual look could include a sky-blue sweater, khaki or beige pants and brown shoes with a matching belt.


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