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Why is MAC so popular?

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Obsessed with lipstick
Dec 22, 2004
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Bay Area, California
Hello guys and gals...

I have a question to ask of everyone. Totally honestly, openly. What's so great about MAC?

I've talked to a wide range of people over the years about why they like or dislike MAC.

Things I don't like about it:

Most of the time, you can tell someone is wearing MAC just by looking at their face. Heavy pigmented eyeshadows, some very matte, dramatic, powdery look. Studio Fix is a dead on giveaway when I look at the skin. The lipsticks are always in odd colors, some are just too matte and dry looking. I've found lipsticks that I LOVE From MAC, but the texture isn't comfortable. I believe MAC is great for going out, pictures, stage, etc, but not for everyday. My dermotologist does not recommend MAC at all, she's heard too many stories about facial breakouts. Eyeshadows do crease easily, even with a good base. Stuff is always discontinued. Don't know about your local MAC stores, but the employees are very snobby and rude. I worked at MAC today for one hour and I wanted to cry. I couldn't believe how the customers were treated.

Things I do like:

They always have something new, but that causes discontinuation of some good older products. I look forward to the new "looks" and going through the look book is always fun. A lot of variety as far a color goes. Pretty colors with a lot of glittery effects. Recycle programs and charity programs. The eyelashes are great quality.

I honestly wish that MAC didn't feel so heavy. I like a lot of the colors and the coverage of the powders, but seems too thick for someone with sensitive skin like me! I would totally be a MAC girl for life if I didn't feel every speck of makeup on my face.

I am just curious to know other opinions about this brand and why it's so popular. Please chime in!