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Time For The Itchies…

Even if I did’t have a calendar sitting right in front of my desk, I’d know what month we are in. It’s November”¦and my skin knows it. As soon as the heat kicks on in the house and the leaves begin to dry outside, so does my skin. I do’t really get “flaky”   (Ha, Mr. Sassy might make a joke of that.)  But I do itch. And once I start, it is hard to stop. I guess I might be more concerned if it did’t happen every year. For the past 5 years, my skin has been like this since a change in my overall health.  I know there is nothing wrong with me or my skin. I just itch.

So when I start to scratch, what do I do to help me from itching myself raw? Actually, over the years, I have found some great products to not just help stop my skin from itching, but also to help keep it moisturized, hydrated and also heal areas that get a little too irritated. Here are my Fall scratchy life savers:

Sweet Almond Oil ““ From head to toe, pure almond oil is one of the best items anyone can have to keep in the medicine cabinet. Unlike other more emollient oils, almond oil does not penetrate as deeply which makes it more useful for topical uses such as rashes and irritations. Although it is made from almonds, sweet almond oil is gently scented””almost fragrance free–so it is a great oil for massages, not to irritate anyon’s senses.

Organic Virgin Coconut Oil ““ If you do’t mind smelling a bit like a Mounds bar sometimes, coconut oil is a great way to condition your skin and help it from getting dry. It is very temperature sensitive and will solidify under 65 degrees fahrenheit. What is nice, though, is it will melt gently right into your skin upon contact making it easy to apply and massage in. Organic coconut oil contains lauric acid, which is shown to not just have healing and anti-bacterial properties (which is great when your skin is itchy) but also is a great fighter of premature aging, fighting dry skin and wrinkles.

Grape Seed Oil ““ If you think that once the wine making is done, the grapes can get tossed out, think again!! The seeds from the grapes that are left over from winemaking are pressed,  so the oil in them is released and used for both cooking and cosmetic purposes. It is a known fact that the anti-oxidant health benefits of dark-skinned fruits such as grapes are remarkable. Those benefits linger in the seeds as well. Filled with vitamins E, C and beta-carotene, grape seed oil is a great protector from free radicals which are damaging to the body””inside and out. It can also be effective in reducing the symptoms associated with allergies, as it suppresses the production of histamine (an amine released by the immune system during allergic reactions) which is exactly what itchy skin can use!

100% Pure Cocoa Butter Stick ““ If any female out there has had or is planning on having a baby, you probably know the benefits of cocoa butter already. It is a great stand-alone product to help stretch marks when used before and after pregnancy. Because of its great moisturizing properties, it is widely used to prevent scars after cuts and scrapes have healed, even surgical scars. It penetrates deeper than other oils, so it is often used on some of the driest areas of the body such as feet, hands and elbows. It is extremely inexpensive and one stick lasts a long time!

These saviors to me are not just pure and natural, but are also some of the most inexpensive treatments you will ever find. A large bottle of sweet almond oil runs about $5, a bottle of grape seed oil or a jar of coconut oil is just a little bit more.  Plus they are easy to find.  Skip the huge overhead and do’t even bother going to your local health food store.  You can find many places online that sell pure oils in various sizes or if you want, many can be even found in the cooking oil section of your local market.  And for a cocoa butter stick, head over to your local drug store. This week Rite Aid had a sale on them “Buy One Get One Free”-That’s two for only 99 cents!  So see, fellow scratchers, have no fear: there are great ways to keep those fall itchies under control”¦and keep your skin feeling soft and looking younger in the process!!