Tips for Anti-Aging Facial

Age and bad habits make you obsessed with the corner of my eye wrinkles and puffiness in the lower eyelid.
Changing a few habits and apply the following recipes will definitely help you feel more confident to face



1. Morning Eye Massage

Massage gently around the eye area in the morning when you wake up with work to restore tired eyes. Use one finger to move from the eye socket to the outside, moving slowly in circles around the eyes. Repeat this motion several times round his finger tapping the circle moves to stimulate the blood circulation.

2. Eye mask

Refrigerate 2 small spoons in 15 minutes. Then, put 2 tablespoons of cold to the eye as long as 10 minutes. Perform this action regularly every morning would have forced the wrinkles slowly disappear.

The succulent slices of cucumber moisturizing effect is very good for the eyes. At night before bed, make up 1 thin slice of cucumber on eyes

Swollen eye shadow should you hide from your TV in sunglasses size XXL. Get rid of the guilt that follows only the tip: cover used tea bags or coffee grounds and cooled (to the refrigerator) up eyes for 10 minutes

Use a clean cotton makeup remover milk causeway wet eyes about 10 minutes. Feeling tired will quickly dissipate!

Pack small stones on a clean towel and then packs up his eyes bulging effect markedly reduced puffiness under the eyes due to cold stone eyes stimulates circulation. If you put ice bags on the creases about 10 minutes longer than surprise you.

3. Honey

It is not necessary to rub around the eye wrinkle cream too early when you have crossed the age of 30. A simple way to moisturize the eye is to gently massage the area around the eyes with almond oil every night before going to sleep.

Cleansing is an important stage of eye care. However, when removing the eye, do not rub frantically, wash to remove the layer of chalk. Movement is too strong not only the skin around the eye injury, but also create opportunities for puffiness and wrinkles appear.

How true is used as absorbent cotton bleaching little rose water (to cool) light stain on puffiness, eyelids to remove the makeup. Rose water not only helps the healthy skin around the eyes but also for the pleasant aroma.

4. Vitamin A, C

Vitamin A is important not only for the body but also essential for healthy eyes. Lack of vitamin A, dry eyes, puffy eyelids leading to puffiness appear. Food sources rich in vitamin A supplement to the liver, fatty fish, fruits are yellow and dark green leafy vegetables.

To prevent infection of your eyes, “loaded stress” vitamin C from fruits and vegetables.

5. Straighten his back when sleeping

Lie on your back and straighten your back sleeping position is to help you avoid eye puffiness and wrinkles because there is no chance of liquid accumulation in the eye.

For bright eyes are healthy and youthful, the secret is simple enough sleep 8 hours / day.

6. Eating less salt and drink lots of water in the evening

The combination of salt and water that appear puffiness under your eyes. So, for the next 10 years young, just stop eating salty habits and try to drink enough water throughout the day. Do not let the evening before going to bed and then drink the water

 7. expert advice
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