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Types Of Foundation

Picking the right type of foundation for your needs
Not all types of foundation are the same because not everyone’s foundation needs and skin types are the same. There are so many types of foundation available now.
When choosing a foundation that is right for you it is important to keep in mind your skin type and the type of coverage you want.
Drugstore and department store foundations are the same coverage wise.

 Department store foundations however come in a larger range of colours and shades.

Types of Foundation:



Tinted (Foundation) Moisturizer
Translucent- Light coverage.   A tinted wash of colour, that also moisturizes.

A tinted moisturizer will even out your skin tone and add a sheer natural look.

Apply with finger tips, to clean face.
Liquid Foundation
Medium – Full Coverage. Evens out skin tones, with a matte or dewy finish. 

Very large colour and shade range available.

Apply with an angled sponge applicator, working in a downwards motion on your face. Or use a foundation brush.
Cream – Powder Foundation (Mousse Foundation)
Full Coverage Foundation.  Dries to a matte, powdery finish.

Used to even out skin tone, and reduce redness.  Apply with an angled sponge applicator.

Stick Form Foundation
Medium – Full Coverage.

Used to cover under eye circles and conceal redness.  Apply by stick, and blend with fingers or foundation brush.
Medicated Foundation
Found in liquid form, offering a creamy medium – full coverage.

This type of foundation contains ingredients such as salicylic acid to treat breakouts and prevent acne.  Less range of shades available.

Apply with a clean sponge applicator.
Powder Foundation ( Mineral Makeup )
A loose powder form foundation. 

 Light – Medium Coverage.

Applied with a buffing brush or kabuki brush, blending into skin.

A heavier and thicker form of foundation, used to conceal flaws and reduce redness. 

Available in pots, tubes, sticks and liquid form.  Full Coverage.

Apply with finger tips or a concealer brush.  Pat on skin, do not blend.
Loose Translucent Powder (Finishing Powder)
A Loose powder that is used to hold your makeup in place and absorb oil, to reduce shine.

Apply with a fluffy powder brush , and lightly dust over entire face.

Tips to keep in mind:

No matter the type of foundation you choose to use, be sure to opt for one that is oil free, non-acnegenic, (won’t clog pores) non-comedogenic, (non cancer causing ingredients) contains SPF or sunscreen and is hypoallergenic.  (Won’t cause allergic reactions in skin)

When choosing between too shades of foundation, one being a bit lighter then your skin tone, and one being a bit darker then your skin tone, go for the shade that is lighter.