Ultimate Eyebrows Part 1 – Eyebrow History

Hello MakeupTalk blog readers!  Being inspired by many beauty bloggers, beauty magazines, celebrity fashion, celebrity makeup and haircare, I thought I would dive into a subject that is focused on such a small part of the body, but has such elaborate details that can be read about.  It’s kind of falls into the category of hair care and skin care, but more along the lines of general beauty.  It’s our eyebrows.  This subject will span into a few, if not many posts.  I’ll try to showcase everything I know about taking care of our eyebrows.  Some of the subjects I will touch bases on are as follows:

  • The History of Eyebrow and Beauty
  • Things you can do with your Eyebrows
  • General Eyebrows:
    • styles
    • shaping
    • looks
    • grooming
    • plucking
    • celebrities
    • threading
    • waxing
    • tattoos
    • conditioners
    • fashion
    • mistakes
    • growing out
    • dandruff
    • dying
    • piercing
    • synthetic
    • transplanting
    • photos and manipulation

History of the Eyebrow and Beauty

Eyebrow Ancient History: Eyebrows have been a part of beauty interests for thousands of years.  The ancient Egyptians, most known for their interest in the concept of beauty, took notice to their eyes.  The ancient Egyptians were the first culture to consider that beauty was something they took interest in. Eyebrow care history also dates back to Ancient China, Middle East and India.   Many felt that eyebrows are just a part of the eyes as fingers are part of the hand.  Most of their ancient artifacts, drawing and sculptures included some sort of beauty related items and eyebrows were certainly part of that. In the early 1900s, with the start of silent film, women started to take more interest in beauty and most specifically their eyebrows.  Early films in the 20s by Cecil B. DeMille, showcased some beautiful actresses such as Nyla and Allee who both were considered beauties for that time. In the 50’s, and during the time of the proliferation of the film and movie industry, actresses really took their beauty to the big screen. Actresses, such as Marilyn Monroe, Rita Hayworth Grace Kelly, and Ava Gardner were all known actresses that cared much for beauty and we are confident that their daily beauty regiment included shaping and care of their eyebrows. If you look at any of Rita Hayworth’s pictures, her eyebrows are shown as slim, curved and full figured so someone was on those daily and I’m sure that there was a price also.   Ever take a look at the style of the 50s eyebrows also?  She really had the “angled eyebrow” shape that had a house rooftop look.  (see top image).

Eyebrow care and beauty really started taking off in the 70’s and 80’s film

and movie industry where many celebrities started to care about the shapes.

Professional makeup artists nowadays are taking on eyebrow beauty as a secondary art form along with haircare, skincare and makeup.

Next up: General Eyebrow Styles