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What Are You Hiding? – Concealer Tips

It is the most important event of your life; prom, a date, or your wedding! Of course you have been so excited that you have not slept, you are dehydrated or the worst ever, you awoke to find a pimple! We are all victims to this in life and because of this, we have to learn what we need to get through it.
We are constantly on the search for that right product to take care of it. When we do find it, there is a light of hope that springs eternal. I am talking of course about that magic little cream we call concealer.  It could be one of the most important products that we could ever own and could change us forever. There are endless brands and types to choose from. There are color-correcting, full coverage and even those specialized for acne and other scarring. Even the most beautiful complexion needs that little extra something.

When choosing a concealer, you need to make sure you identify what your problem areas are. What is it that you are trying to conceal and how much coverage does it need? Of course the most important thing is to make sure that it matches your skin if you are using it for scarring or spot coverage.  If you suffer from dark circles, there are several color-correcting concealers that are great to minimize the dark tones under your eyes.  Examples are Bobbi Brown Corrective Concealer as well as E.L.F. Studio Corrective Concealer Palette. These work to correct redness, purple and dark undertones.  If you are looking for a full coverage concealer, brands such as Amazing Cosmetics, which is a favorite of actress Sarah Jessica Parker, and MAC Studio Finish Concealer. These may be thicker in consistency, but once applied, give a flawless finish. There are also those that are light-reflecting so that it illuminates the applied area.  These are just a few examples of concealers that are available.

Make sure that when you do go in to look for one that you match it as close to your skin tone and type as possible for your needs. Be aware of fluorescent lighting in department stores and do’t be afraid to ask for a sample. This way you can walk right outside and test it on your skin. One important trick is also to make sure to use some finishing powder on top after applying so that it does’t settle into any lines or creases. I hope this was helpful, and feel free to suggest any must-have brands and tips.

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