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Winter Hair Care

With the warm weather gone and old man winter on his way, its time to change your hair care routine to better protect your precious locks. Dry and cold weather can be very damaging to your hair. During the winter months you want to be sure to take extra steps in caring for and protecting your hair from the harsh elements. Hair will easily become dry during the winter months due to the severe cold and artificial indoor heating.
By following a few simple steps you can ensure your hair does’t become unmanageable and damaged over the holidays.
To start,

Begin with a good conditioner.

A deep leave-in treatment or any thick moisturizing or replenishing conditioner will help keep moisture locked into your hair. Use a conditioner daily, or as often as you wash your hair. Once moisturized rinse in cool water to seal it in.

You may want to wash your hair less often, to allow your natural oils to moisturize your hair. Excessive washing will dry out your scalp and roots causing dandruff.

You can use a dry shampoo or baby power to touch up with, between washes. Simply rub it into your roots and brush through your hair.
Do’t go over board with the heating and styling products.
Flat irons, curling irons & blow-dryers can all cause damage to your hair because of the heat they create. This is especially bad during the winter months when your hair is already drier than usual. Too much heat will cause your hair to break and create split ends.

Another thing you do’t want to do is use hot water on your hair often. Everyone likes to take hot showers in the winter time but all that heat is doing nothing for your hair.

When going outside always be sure your hair is dry. If not, your hair may actually freeze while wet, causing breakage.

Cover your hair!

Wear a hat, scarf or head cover of some kind to protect your hair from the harsh winds and cold.

There are many fashionable hats and scarfs available that will not only keep you warm and keep your hair protected but will also look great too.

Along with indoor heating and wearing hats comes static, or the so called hat head.

Static electricity will effect your hair during the winter months contributing to brittle, dry ends.

There are a few options for combating this; hairspray or hair gel will help maintain control over your hair. There are also brushes available that prevent static cling.

A good hairbrush to use to prevent static is a natural boar bristled brush, they are also good for your hair as they are gentle.

Placing a static cling dryer sheet in the dryer along with your hats and scarfs will also help.

Another great way to help ensure your hair stays in the best shape possible during the winter is by using hair treatments. There are many widely available deep conditioning treatments on the market. You want to use a product that contains essential fatty acids as these will penetrate the pores in you hair.

A natural and cheap alternative to use, such as an oil will work just as well.

The oil you use is up to you, many people will use vegetable oil, olive oil, coconut oil and other fatty acid oils. Just rub them into your hair, leave on for a short time and rinse out. This is a natural and effective way of caring for you hair. It will leave your locks super soft, shiny and moisturized and may be done as often as needed. This has no bad effects on your hair and may be used by any member of your family.

Trimming your hair and getting rid of any split ends will also help your hair to look healthier.

By following these few simple tips you can keep your hair in top shape through out the winter months and be ready for spring when it rolls around. 🙂