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7 Tips to Choose the Right Foundation for Your Skin

Let’s face it, we’re always trying to find that holy grail of foundations.  The key to perfect and appealing makeup is to choose the right foundation for your skin type and tone. Without the proper foundation, nothing will look unique and fresh. There is a possibly your whole makeup may be ruined no matter how […]

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Simple Ways to Clean Your Makeup Stains

Have you ever smudged your lipstick on your shirt sleeve or dropped your palette onto your lap getting foundation on your white skirt?  Makeup stains can sometimes be difficult to remove from fabric especially if you are not familiar with some easy simple tips and tricks. Bear in mind, that some makeup types will respond […]

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How to Have a Fresh Looking Face: 6 Steps to Follow

It is a problem that many women deal with, how to have a fresh looking complexion and still look great. Over time your complexion can become “dull” as dirt, oil, and makeup build up, and you start to notice that your face doesn’t look as fresh and young as it used to. These 6 simple […]

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How to Find Your Skin Tone

The Path to Beauty Starts with Your Skin Tone!   Your skin tone plays an important role in how gorgeous you look. There are two types of tones: warm and cool. Knowing what yours is makes a huge difference in helping you make better fashion and beauty choices.   Don’t confuse your skin type with […]


Skincare? Care Your Cosmetics First

No ugly women,only lazy women world. I have a very close girlfriend always with a beautiful make up and amazing dress, but she change her cosmetics very often, the answer is “they are dirty and useless, AGAIN~“  Why this comes from ? Because she never cares about her cosmetics. The three principal enemies of one’s cosmetics […]