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Circular Swap
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Winter 2018 Circular Swap

  1. What's new in this club
  2. I know. I have the box and would absolutely love to do another round. Seems like our group disappeared.
  3. Wonder what happened to our little group?
  4. I'm in! I've been saving up my stash for a while now
  5. oh no! I have so much stuff too!! Ready to get rid of my stuff too!
  6. I guess we are the only two.... šŸ˜ž I have been saving up stuff for this swap....ready to get rid of it!
  7. I'd love to do another round if anyone else is interested. So sorry I somehow missed your original post @cpl100. I have stuff too to put in the box plus I still have the box from the last round.
  8. Okay, I guess not! Have a great day all!
  9. It's been a while so I thought maybe others (like me) have a lot of stuff accumulated.
  10. Anyone interested in getting the circular swap box going for a round this summer?
  11. This round was really good for me, I found so many things to try
  12. Hi! I just realized that I didn't post about getting the box back. So sorry! The last couple of weeks have been crazy busy. I have the box safe and sound. I'll hold onto it for the next round. Thank you so much all who participated!!!
  13. I will be sending the box today and posting pictures as well.
  14. Thank you @cpl100! Yes I'm next. I'll hold the box for the next round.
  15. I have received the box. Will go through it, take pictures and post back. Is Reija next? Thanks!
  16. Never mind I see the posts. Yep @cpl100 should get the box next!
  17. Stuff I took: stuff I added: also I messaged cpl100 as it was mentioned in the thread she was added to the end. If this isnā€™t the right order please let me know.
  18. I got the box today, should be able to send out Monday. Might have time to go through it today but not sure
  19. I was unable to make it to the PO yesterday with the bad weather but got the box out today. Should arrive by Friday
  20. Hello! The first pic is what I added the second what I took. I will try to put the box in the mail tomorrow
  21. Tracking info sent to @Pixels so it is on the move (or should be soon) I found so many things I like, I think I miss getting the Ipsy bags more than I miss the contents so I might have to resub soon.
  22. The first pic is what I took and the second is what I added, I also put in a gold Sephora makeup bag because I took three and also a full size face toner that I didnā€™t have a use for (it wouldnā€™t fit in the used/swatched bag but it is taped shut).
  23. I think there are three (or more of those) in the box so one taking a hit probably isn't such a bad thing. I also tossed the ulta quad that once shade was shattered, it's too messy to unwrap and try to salvage the rest of it.
  24. Got the box! Okay my pictures aren't loading so I'm going to try to get them up tonight, there was a Manna Kadar eyeshadow duo that shattered but because it was shrink wrapped there wasn't any mess to clean up

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