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  2. Dampen your hair then apply the filler for 20 min.(for using with dye) If using it as a conditioner, dilute it first and refrigerate.
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  4. 1. I love falsies & prefer how i look w them on so I ended up getting lash extensions. My eyes look bigger & brighter w no makeup even & it helps me not feel like i HAVE to do my makeup before going out. When i do wear makeup (most of time) i don’t have to apply falsies so it saves time. Overall I just love how it looks! 2. Pretty much answered above. 3. I had a groupon for the place i go to & just loved them so I decided to continue going there + theyre not far & really nice! They do my lashes exactly how i like! Ive been to other places & they were good except never did what i wanted.
  5. Personally i do acrylics w gel polish. Wbu?
  6. Ive wanted to add vitamin c serum to my skin care routine so I bought one & it was too harsh & i broke out. Any suggestions for sensitive skin vitamin c serum? Links are best! + any experience & it being on amazon would be ideal but please suggest any!!
  7. Want to color your hairs? Then, go for the Safe Hair Colour which is absolutely free from ammonia. Prem Henna Company is providing Hair Color without Ammonia with best quality. Usage of Safest Hair Colour must be your first priority and is best choice. Gets Easy Hair Colour using Prem Henna hair colors? Check our website.
  8. Used up: Sisley concealer foil packet - it is wonderful. It has an orange undertone to counteract dark circles. The texture is gorgeous. Sisley Global Perfect (pore minimizing face cream) deluxe sample - it is rich and creamy but also has a powdery finish at the same time. Caudalie VineActiv eye cream deluxe sample I finished a full size shower gel - Yves Rocher Apricot Rosemary. It is a 6.7 ounce size, and took me a month to use. I was excited to finish it. I have a Grapefruit Thyme shower gel of the same size, so I think I can use it up in the next month, along with paying off my credit card, which is now at $166. I'm also going to use this very cute little bottle of Pixi Rose Tonic, which smells beautiful.
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    Well, let's start with the fact that finding an agile service is quite difficult. I have been living in California for several years and now I use the services of the guys from https://www.rapidus.com. Here deliver packages on the same day. I am satisfied, since I do not have to wait long for my packages and worry. I can always track my package and in case of anything, contact the courier, it is very convenient.
  11. Hi everyone, this is Tess Applying eye shadow can be difficult at first. It was almost impossible for us to master how to do it without proper step-by-step tutorial from someone who knows what they are doing. I have watched many videos of tutorials online but nothing can compare to this simple, clear-to-the-cut video here: https://dausel.co/oqlh26 Click the link above and you will immediately land on the tutorial, just click “I am not a robot” to continue and you will be on the best YouTube Tutorial video on applying eye shadow where it shows step-by-step on how to apply the eye shadow perfectly even if you are a beginner. I wish someone had showed me this video when I was first learning how to apply eye shadow because it could have saved me hour and hours of time and frustration. Again, you can watch the tutorial here: https://dausel.co/oqlh26 Hope it helps someone else as it helped me J Tess
  12. Hi Everyone! I just wanted to share with your our latest beauty project on KS. We are very proud to introduce you the plastic-free customizable minimalist palette. Please stop by and your feedbacks are welcome! xoxo https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/bailan/plastic-free-minimalist-makeup-palette
  13. Or you can use Facebook. It has got the biggest number of users, so there's no chance you won't find your audience. There are a lot of tips there as well, for example, when to post on facebook, this post from Promorepublic is pretty useful.
  14. Motivating individuals implies getting individuals to perform certain activities that will contribute to a specific and real goal. If you need to motivate people to do something they don't want to do, you should propose something they want as a prize leader motivation. For instance, take trainers. What they use to talk to their teams in half-time is motive. Despite the reality that they might be too exhausted and rejected, they want the teams to come home to the ground energized and concentrated. The prize would be a win in this situation.
  15. I don't think that this way of study is really difficult. It requires talent and a taste of aesthetics. I don't even know what to advise. Most students feel okay with help from https://rapidessay.com/check-paper-for-plagiarism.html but you have another case.
  16. Everyone has different skin type and for every skin type theres different makeup. So back to square one One should know their skin type I got to know about my skin type from this article check it. https://www.bebeautiful.in/all-things-skin/everyday/determine-your-skin-type
  17. It all depends on what exactly you will do. In order to lose 10 pounds you need to change your diet and begin to work out. If you are in addition to training more active, then you will lose this weight faster, if you only train or only change the diet, the weight loss will take longer. I lost 5 pounds when I started walking more and began to eat less carbohydrates. Now my weight suits me. I can sometimes eat junk food, but in order to be in shape I try to walk 10,000 steps every day. I found in this article https://osxtips.net/apple-watch-count-steps/ how to change the settings of my apple watch so that they count my steps. It really helps me keep an eye on my weight and well-being. In order to lose weight you need to make an effort, but even harder to keep your shape.
  18. How many kilos do you want to lose? If you look at your photos, you look great, if you want to be in shape, then you just need to find a fitness class or start going to the gym. If you don't want to go to the gym, then I recommend that you just be more active. Try to walk more often, arrange evening walks, while the weather is warm. I try to walk 10,000 steps a day. My apple clock helps me in this. I found in this article https://osxtips.net/apple-watch-count-steps/ how to set up my watch so that they count my steps. It really helps to stay in shape.
  19. Hey i am looking for the same let me know if you get something on this.
  20. Guys. I got engaged the last week and this article gave me lovely ideas that I opted and looked heavenly sent and exactly the way i wanted to look on this special day check this. https://www.bebeautiful.in/all-things-hair/everyday/hairstyles-that-look-good-both-sleek-and-messy
  21. Acne scars are terrible for most people, and of course me as well. I had tried lots of medicines but they did not work to me. You can follow 1) Oil your hair just once a week and very next morning shampoo it2) Don't allow dandruff to get accumulated on your scalp3) Wash your face frequently and use some mild face wash (e.g. Himalaya neem)4) Don't share hand kerchief with any one and use different one every single time when you wipe off your face5) Don't touch your acne, it will just spread the acne more to nearby 6) If acne is painful, take steam and use mild sponge to clean 7) Avoid or minimize oily/fatty/spicy food intake😎 Avoid high protein diet too (as it increases internal body heat)9) Use walnut scrub before going to bath10) Get your hormone profile checkHope that helps
  22. Every girl dreams to have long and beautiful nails and if those shiny elegant nail polish are in affordable price then is turns out to be cherry on the cake and to make it reality. Go for Oriflame The One Long wear nail polishes. The shades are just awesome. From the girly pastels to the bright pinks and reds and ofcourse the darker fall shades, the range has a beautiful variety of colors. The texture is creamy and not at all runny. The nail paints show up well in 2 coats and usually dry quickly.
  23. Making your nose pointier with makeup is a little bit unrealistic. The closest that you can get to this ideal, is getting your nose to look a bit more thinner. All you have to do is go on youtube and search how to contour your nose. Highlight on the tip of your nose gives off the “illusion” that your nose could be pointer.
  24. Depending on your skin type, I highly recommend Rodan+Fields Reverse or Redefine regimens. Or the Unblemish regimen for clearing the skin!
  25. I agree with all those! Rodan+Fields skincare is the #1 in America right now.
  26. Have you ever tried Lash Boost by Rodan+Fields? It grows your natural lashes so no falsies needed! And much more cost effective!
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