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    In my opinion wearing makeup can give some women boost in their confidence and make them feel good about themselves. What are your views on that?
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    Awww thanks so much for watching! I edited it and totally forgot the tattoos haha. Maybe I'll make another one later! Hope your have fun editing yours!
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    Hey Birdie, I subscribed!! I have a channel too, if you don't mind following aswell :)! https://www.youtube.com/lindaaaboo Btw, you look young!! definitely not early 30's . Etude House is defiantly one of my favourite brands out there, its a shame that it's not that easy to get in UK, where do you get your products from? Online? My sister said this YouTube called 'Kim Dao' using that same college essence and its really good! I might look into that. OMG I LOVE skin food.. anything else you recommend from their brand? I love their face mask scrubs... smells amazing.. and and you used beauty water!!!! AHH I was looking at it on Yesstyle and I was so tempted to get it!! but it says it was for 'oily skin' so it made me contemplate to get it or not. what do you think? How was the cleansing oil? I have dry skin, but I don't like when my skin feels too oily.. if you know what I mean. Have you heard of Cleansing Balm Zero Banila? I've used that and i would say thats a little oily but I can handle that one. Linda
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    Hi, I am Lisa and I am new to makeup talk but it is wonderful- whatever i have read till now. Looking forward to a lot of learning. I was originally from Vietnam but now studied and settled in the US. Very excited to share my learnings and learn a lot more from everyone here too.
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    Hello all, I'm new to the forum and glad to be here. I hope I get some beautiful info here to increase my beauty and glory of my skin.
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    so true ! , makeup does help people feel much better of themselves , makeup can make someone feel beautiful even though every single human is beautiful and unique in their on way. personally makeup makes me feel more confident and makes me look better lol. some people wear makeup because its fun , its also an art. i totally agree with your opinion.
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    Hey guys ?‍♀️ new here. I'm crazy about skin and hair care! A month and half or so ago, I started using some Korean and Japanese skin care products I purchased off of amazon. These were very highly rated by customers so I thought I'd give it a try. In the video below I talk about why I became SO crazy with some of these products... do check it out. Thanks all... hope to get to know everyone here! ✌️ -Birdie
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    Hi there, Found this lovely haven for beauty and makeup lovers. Appreciate joining this community! Thanks for being there.
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    Hey Linda... wow nice channel.. definitely following! You are gorgeous girl!! I buy most of my skin care products from amazon, sometimes from walmart (online) if I find it cheaper there. Yes definitely try the Etude House Collagen Essence. It has some boasted about ingredients like Baobab water etc.. Soooo.. Beauty Water is a moisturizing toner.. I don't know why it would say for oily skin. I have dry-combination and it works just fine. I cannot go a day without it because it really removes the sebum and whiteheads. I would say... give it a try! Wow Zero Banila huh.. I just looked it up and looks nice.. will try it.. The Kose cleanser I'm using in the video is good. It's a cleansing oil... It foams in water, so definitely doesn't leave any oil behind. I have heard a lot about Skin Food mask scrubs... high time I bought one ❤️ Birdie
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    It can be hard to know where to go to get good make-up advice. A good make-up consultant should be able to advise you on how to get the best make-up looks to suit you. That means to work not just with your skin-tone, hair and eye colour, but also with your personal style and personality. We all have different approaches to clothes and make-up. There are some who always go for a more natural, relaxed look or those that always follow the latest fashions and want everyone to notice them. Whether you opt for mineral makeup or traditional makeup is your choice to make in the search for your right product. However, just remember, not all mineral makeup products are created equal. Just because it may read 100% Natural does not mean that it's right for you. There are people that have extra sensitive skin that could be allergic to any one ingredient that minerals makeup products could be formulated in.
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    Hey Everyone!! I wanted to start this thread for everyone who has or starting a YOUTUBE CHANNEL. - I understand that a lot of people would love to jump onto the youtube wagon and become an influencer but its so hard to reach a large audience. We can try so hard to promote it on all our own platforms but it won't reach further than friends and family. As this is a beauty/fashion community I want to start a place where we can all support and like/comment on each others youtube channel, this way, I hope that my audience can reach over to yours and vice versa. This is a place of appreciation. - This is a place for support - This is a place for someone who wants to start an exciting journey through being an influencer. It's simple. 1. Share your youtube channel 2. Click and open on a new tab - on someone else's youtube link and subscribe to their channel 3. Drop a like on their videos or maybe even a comment! 4. Share the love, and another will do in return! ❤️ HERE IS MY youtube: http://www.youtube.com/lindaaaboo ? (Be sure to follow the steps and love will be returned!)
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    Hey y'all, Am a new member to Makeuptalk. Just joined today and glad to be on board. Hope to learn more about health and beauty from you gals! Cheers, Cheryl
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    Hello everyone, Sammy Serrano here and I believe makeup def helps to boost confidence. I have lots of different look ideas if anyone would like to check out my videos. ??
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    Hey everybody, Myself Sophia and I'm new to the community?
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    I'm keeping my makeup shopping very limited this year but I love looking at the new Holiday Makeup Collections. I was just looking at all the new things on Sephora's website. So many cute sets!!
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    Hi all, I just wanna share some major causes of anti-aging which includes: An unhealthy diet Excess alcohol consumption Nicotine Psychological stress UV radiation in sunlight People with Combination skin can use an anti-ageing Cream and face creams but one of my friend use anti-aging face mask to remove this factors from her skin.
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    Me too! I really need clothes and shoes but won't buy them for myself. If I do have money I just want to buy cosmetics. I really don't use them either, but on my plan at least I get to enjoy the skin care and bath and body products!
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    Hi @Alexabrown Hope you can join us for much beauty discussion!
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    I love Korean cosmetics, but unfortunately, their shampoos don't fit me. That's why I only use Korean creams, masks, and eye patches. Thank you for your report.
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    Hey, I'm currently using that soap right now.. its been.. 2 weeks and a half? I haven't seen any changes yet. I'm going to give it a full month to see if there will be results, or maybe its a super long term change over time. Right now, I can't say I believe it works just yet!
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    @noshin javed Kinda disagree here! Having dry hands from a wee too much Isopropyl Alcohol is much better than getting Covid-19 virus
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    @reija That Becca palette is a highlighter paradise. The Ardel Demi Wispies is still my go-to falsies because they are the lightest and easiest to apply
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    A few weeks ago I got myself some reusable makeup pads. I have never tried reusable makeup pads before and to be honest I was a bit skeptical! But I am pleasantly surprised how well they work!
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    GIRL! I JUST RECORDED ONE LIKE LAST WEEK AHAH <33333 I haven't edited mine yet, but i might recored again because I should of ordered the chest tattoos lolol! and I didn't get bubble tea to finish off the look ahahah. Awww I love the video! Keep it up!!! x
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    Could you kindly share the link to join this testing programme?
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    Hey ladies, am Mercy and am new here so hope am welcome here. Am here to learn from your ladies.
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    Mine was a a set of eye makeup brushes
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    When you have something that need to step foot out into the street, must you need to review myself to have decent and neat yet. Or maybe you need to makeup the back face, cool his hair a little. In addition to a face skin smooth screen, then hair neatly with the style chignon simple will help you look more outstanding. In these days of cold weather, your hair can be dull, rough or matted due to shampooing, so the bun hairstyle simple will help keep looks cute and more refreshed. If you are a person who love makeup, love beauty, then you should not skip this article! Here are 5 types of beautiful and simple hair that make you look great The Hairstyle On The Top This style of top bun is suitable for girls traveling by car or bus, not wearing a helmet, ensuring you are always neat, but also a little more height for you. This top bun style is a bit different, unlike the regular bun, which is the type of hair that knots, looking very different and youthful. This type of bun is also suitable for girls who have not yet washed their hair, can take advantage of the small strands of hair to make it more luxurious, hiding the scalp that begins to be greasy and itchy. Making: First, tie all your hair into a ponytail above the top of the head. You don't have to tie it too tight, you can loosen up to look natural, and you can release a few loose strands of hair around your forehead. Divide the hair into two equal parts, wrap the first strand around the rest of the hair and use a fixed clip to fix it. Take the rest of your hair, do the same thing, but wrap it in the opposite direction, and then use a peg to fix it. So the hairstyle on the top of your head is completed, it looks very dynamic right? Feminine Hairstyle This is the perfect way to put on a bun to wear a helmet, also neat enough for you to wear the turtleneck sweater and scarf without itching. It can be considered as a basic type of bun, decorated with a braided pigtail to add to the momentum, making your school and work days less boring. This is also a very romantic hairstyle, suitable for you to handle messy hair in dating. Making: Separate a small lock of hair in front of your face so that it will be braided later. The rest grabbed into a ponytail. From this ponytail, twist it into a simple twist and pin it with a toothpick. Use the hair in front of the face to form a strand of ponytail, tied temporarily with small rubber bands. Then, use your fingers to drag the braids to make the pigtail look loose and wider. Wrap it in the bun behind your head, then pin it with a toothpick and you're done. If you have a lot of loose hair, apply a little hairspray. Multi-layered Hair Drawn If you do not know how to create a chignon, you can still apply an extremely simple technique to create a special bun style, ready for parties. How to create multi-layered knots: First, comb your hair very smoothly, then take a part of the hair above the top of the head, divide it into two sections and tie the knot together. Combine some hair underneath each strand, then continue tying the knot together. Keep going until you have all your hair on the knots. Secure the tail with elastic. Afterwards, insert the ends into the hair and pin it with a toothpick to finish. If your hair is longer than the model in the photo, you can continue to tie the long strand of hair down the back of your neck like a ponytail, then twist it into a bun and pin it with a small clip. If desired, fingers can be inserted into the knots to create a thick and fluffy bun. For people with very smooth hair, spray extra hairspray or dry wax to prevent knots from falling out. Curly Hair Chignon This is a very elegant, elegant bun hairstyle, similar to the hairstyles of many famous stars attending the event, but it's actually very easy to do, you don't need sophisticated styling tools, but Just hair ties and toothpicks will suffice. Making: Take a lock of hair above the ears, twist it, and twist it to get more hair into the lock. Do the same thing on the other side of the lock, then tie the entire hair into a low ponytail behind the nape of the neck. Insert your fingers into the middle of the hair above the elastic to create a gap, then thread the entire end of the hair into this space, taking care not to let the ends pass through to reveal under the bun. If your hair is too long, you can place a portion of it on top, then clip it around with a toothpick. So your bun is done. Thanks to the double curls on the ear, your hair will look thicker, more fluffy and more sophisticated. You can drop a few strands of hair hanging down in front for a more feminine. Style Chignon This is a hairstyle suitable for the evening outings, creating a youthful look, a bit rebellious and suitable for dusty costumes. Making: If you do not have time, you can skip steps 1 to 4: These are the steps to tangle the hair on the top of the head to create a feeling of thicker hair, thereby making your face appear smaller. You can directly do it from the 5th step, which is to tie all the hair into a low ponytail, and then divide the hair into 2 parts. For the upper part, let's disassemble, then fold the lower part to cover this messy hair, forming a bulging bun. Use a rubber band to fasten, then divide the extra hair ends of the 2nd part into 2 smaller strands, use these 2 smaller strands to wrap around the elastic band and then pin with a toothpick to complete. If you want more momentum, you can use a curling iron a few curls around the face. hope you can choose for yourself a beautiful bun among the above. ------------------------------ Website: https://beautizon.co/
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    hi i need some professional help please! i am nearly 30 and really struggling with my foundation. when wearing no foundation my skin looks normal soon as i use foundation it looks so cakey and sinks into my lines on my forehead. iv tried different moisturisers primers and foundations from splashing out to some high end and nothing seems to work, i exfoliate and take my make-up off before bed iv tried using spongers and brushes and setting and fixing sprays but it all looks the same at the end ..a cakey mess. im not confident enough to go out without makeup so seeing the same result daily and wasting so much money trying to find the right product is frustrating and does get me down. if any one has any advice please get in touch! thank you
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    This weekend I will stay home and entertain myself using old beauty samples: Shamanuti Pumpkin Enzyme mask - this is one of my older samples. I got it in the October 2017 Petit Vour box. It smells great. I will give myself a facial. Kani Moon Milk - this is also from the October 2017 Petit Vour box. It is heaven. It's a beach vacation in a bottle. It is a jasmine tuberose body oil with shimmer and can also be used on the hair ends and as a highlighter. I really love it. Petit Vour sent me generous and costly samples. Nails - maybe I will use a nail polish. I'm not good at doing nails, but I do have a few nail polishes and I need to use them up.
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    L'Oreal Paris is the most famous skin care brands in New York ? .
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    Nice to have you here
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    Haha! Welcomeeeeeeee!! What would you like to expand your knowledge on?! I have so much I can share.
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    Hey! Welcome to the community! - I remembered when I first join Be sure to be curious I'll be more than happy to help answer any questions related to beauty!!!! wooo
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    Hey Everyone! - It has been a very very long time since i've been on this site. I hope everyone has been doing well, please stay safe during this pandemic. It's been about two years, I've got so much to talk about and share! I can't wait
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    Make up adds self confidence for me!
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    I have some more low quality photos to post! ? Bottom photo shows my little Avon haul. You can see my Rare Pearls deodorant, and also my pink Himalayan salt infused toothbrush, from a Korean brand called Perioe. Also my belif samples. Very pretty little haul, making buying necessary hygiene items a little treat. (See post above - talks about how New Avon - the United States Avon - was purchased by a major, major Korean beauty company, and now has all kinds of beautiful Korean cosmetics along with the classics and Avon favorites! Very interesting development.) Top photo: Finally finishing some little samples and starting some new ones from the stash! I finished Freeman pink salt and cucumber masque packet (it took weeks to finish), and I'm now using the Eve Lom Rescue Masque mini tube. I love the Eve Lom masque. Finished the Porefessional mini, and ready to begin the Porefessional Pearl Primer sample. Excited to try that. Only one more application left of Blow Pro Weather Girl mini and Yves Rocher Body Scrub mini! Finished the mini Yves Rocher At the Heart of Pine Trees Shower Gel mini, and have started using up the Argan Rose shower gel mini! My job is again encouraging voluntary cut in hours, so I'm working one day less per week. Also this week I lost a lot of time/income due to the flu. Everyone in my office has it. That's okay, because I'm going back to my seasonal job in about ten days! I'm so excited! I'm putting together a new timetable! That will help me pay off my credit card for sure. And I love the job. I even made a dentist appointment at a dental office I've been wanting to try. I'm trying to make the most of the extra time I have from the hours cut. Can't wait for March.
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    Just wanted to say hi to everyone. Just joined today.
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    Hello I am new here am a 62 year old guy that enjoys cross dressing sometimesand can always use a few tips I stay in when dressed up with a few women friends I do enjoyy our girls night am strait man
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    Gel Polish is convenient and beautiful. Many girls have already begun to do manicures at home. Therefore, we decided to talk about the secrets of choosing a varnish with which you no longer need a list with prohibited components. We used to talk about the difference between gel polish and shellac . Shellac is a material that is special in composition and properties. Gel polish is a hybrid of gel and varnish that cures with an ultraviolet lamp. It is much more resistant and can last up to three weeks. Gel polishes differ in composition, application and removal technology. At the heart of any varnish is the four main components: polymer, plasticizer, pigment, solvent. You also need to remember the biogel coating. Its composition most often does not include harmful components: acrylic acid, benzene and acetone. This tool provides a strong coating, protects nails and restores a natural healthy tone. Worn up to three weeks, after which it is specially removed. The UV lamp has an expiration date, which must be indicated in the certificate (number of hours). What to look for More expensive - not always better! The first thing you should pay attention to is composition. But do you remember all the dangerous components? We have a way out! If you see 7free, 5-free, or at least 3free. Feel free to buy! In such a product there is no: formaldehyde, debutyl phthalate, camphor, xylene and MEK (methyl ethyl ketone). Such varnishes do not harm the consumer and the environment. Decide which varnish you need: one- (three-in-one system), two- (two products in one) or three-phase (technology: base - varnish - coated). There is no single-phase varnish: toluene, formaldehyde and other harmful components, unlike other coatings. Less - fragility Look at the consistency. It should be saturated and dense (density). Purchase products in specialized stores that have certificates. Be wary of Chinese gel polishes (study the composition), as there are a lot of fakes on the beauty market now. Give preference to a rubber basis of natural origin (safe and non-toxic material). It is advisable to renew your manicure after 10-14 days to avoid tightening the nail plate and damage. Choose fashionable and neutral colours that suit any look.
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    I love my summer box! i actually used almost everything from our last trip. ❤️ The mystery product is a temple rub. I think I misplaced it because I was moving stuff around the house.
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    Hi Jeff, Thanks for asking this question. As we grow old, our skin tends to get affected. Though there are many anti-ageing and wrinkle free creams available in the market they are not suitable for all skin types. You can definitely give it a try but taking other precautions will be fruitful, for example having ample amount of water, covering your face with some sort of cloth while going out on a sunny day, wash your face with lukewarm water on any day or e.t.c. There is this book written by Vasudha Rai - Glow that talks about everything from products to diet to home remedies on how to take care of skin and get glowing skin.

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