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    In my opinion wearing makeup can give some women boost in their confidence and make them feel good about themselves. What are your views on that?
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    Awww thanks so much for watching! I edited it and totally forgot the tattoos haha. Maybe I'll make another one later! Hope your have fun editing yours!
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    Hi, I am Lisa and I am new to makeup talk but it is wonderful- whatever i have read till now. Looking forward to a lot of learning. I was originally from Vietnam but now studied and settled in the US. Very excited to share my learnings and learn a lot more from everyone here too.
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    Hello all, I'm new to the forum and glad to be here. I hope I get some beautiful info here to increase my beauty and glory of my skin.
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    so true ! , makeup does help people feel much better of themselves , makeup can make someone feel beautiful even though every single human is beautiful and unique in their on way. personally makeup makes me feel more confident and makes me look better lol. some people wear makeup because its fun , its also an art. i totally agree with your opinion.
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    It can be hard to know where to go to get good make-up advice. A good make-up consultant should be able to advise you on how to get the best make-up looks to suit you. That means to work not just with your skin-tone, hair and eye colour, but also with your personal style and personality. We all have different approaches to clothes and make-up. There are some who always go for a more natural, relaxed look or those that always follow the latest fashions and want everyone to notice them. Whether you opt for mineral makeup or traditional makeup is your choice to make in the search for your right product. However, just remember, not all mineral makeup products are created equal. Just because it may read 100% Natural does not mean that it's right for you. There are people that have extra sensitive skin that could be allergic to any one ingredient that minerals makeup products could be formulated in.
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    Hey Everyone!! I wanted to start this thread for everyone who has or starting a YOUTUBE CHANNEL. - I understand that a lot of people would love to jump onto the youtube wagon and become an influencer but its so hard to reach a large audience. We can try so hard to promote it on all our own platforms but it won't reach further than friends and family. As this is a beauty/fashion community I want to start a place where we can all support and like/comment on each others youtube channel, this way, I hope that my audience can reach over to yours and vice versa. This is a place of appreciation. - This is a place for support - This is a place for someone who wants to start an exciting journey through being an influencer. It's simple. 1. Share your youtube channel 2. Click and open on a new tab - on someone else's youtube link and subscribe to their channel 3. Drop a like on their videos or maybe even a comment! 4. Share the love, and another will do in return! ❤️ HERE IS MY youtube: http://www.youtube.com/lindaaaboo 🥰 (Be sure to follow the steps and love will be returned!)
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    Hello everyone, Sammy Serrano here and I believe makeup def helps to boost confidence. I have lots of different look ideas if anyone would like to check out my videos. 💖💖
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    Hey everybody, Myself Sophia and I'm new to the community😀
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    I'm keeping my makeup shopping very limited this year but I love looking at the new Holiday Makeup Collections. I was just looking at all the new things on Sephora's website. So many cute sets!!
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    Hi all, I just wanna share some major causes of anti-aging which includes: An unhealthy diet Excess alcohol consumption Nicotine Psychological stress UV radiation in sunlight People with Combination skin can use an anti-ageing Cream and face creams but one of my friend use anti-aging face mask to remove this factors from her skin.
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    @noshin javed Kinda disagree here! Having dry hands from a wee too much Isopropyl Alcohol is much better than getting Covid-19 virus
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    @reija That Becca palette is a highlighter paradise. The Ardel Demi Wispies is still my go-to falsies because they are the lightest and easiest to apply
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    A few weeks ago I got myself some reusable makeup pads. I have never tried reusable makeup pads before and to be honest I was a bit skeptical! But I am pleasantly surprised how well they work!
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    Hey ladies, am Mercy and am new here so hope am welcome here. Am here to learn from your ladies.
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    My sister in law tried spray for the hair loss treatment not she did not get any good results it might depends upon the get proper advice and recommnedation from a specilized dermotalogist ...
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    Yeah definitely it's really amazing to have such a lovely styles for those ladies having short hair... it could be awsome for the women in the summer season..
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    It's simply very nice and amazing the tips could very beneficial for those people who who are looking for beauty and makeup tips and useful information to keep thereselves fresh and cool ..
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    Got a lot going on! I am working on some profound religious studies I've been wanting to do really badly. I got paid and I have my credit card down to $500 - it is halfway paid off now. Today was my first day of working remotely. I won't be going out, so I'm not going to try to use up all my mini primers, or any other makeup now. Instead, I am going to use up all my mini toners, starting with the smallest one I have, from Biologique Recherche.
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    Hi and Welcome to MakeupTalk! Great first post! We are glad you have found our site, and would love to see more from you, however we have rules against an over abundance of promotional link promotion (blogs and video channels) on our forums! 🙂 Suggestions to get others to see your blog or website: Top: Learn how to put your blog link in your signature Make good, informative posts that gains the audience trust in you, and you'll gain a true readership base Engage the community People won't follow you if you are only be seen as an unwelcome person who is always asking members to visit your blog. Again, Engage the community in conversation. The best advice we can give you is to engage the community by posting informative threads, tutorials or product reviews that make people want to watch your videos. We have a large membership base, people will pay attention and see your signature, and visit your blog or video channels. If you do makeup video tutorials, EMBED your YouTube videos into forum posts in our Makeup videos Forum Thanks! We have taken the time to edit your post. Welcome again to MakeupTalk
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    hi i need some professional help please! i am nearly 30 and really struggling with my foundation. when wearing no foundation my skin looks normal soon as i use foundation it looks so cakey and sinks into my lines on my forehead. iv tried different moisturisers primers and foundations from splashing out to some high end and nothing seems to work, i exfoliate and take my make-up off before bed iv tried using spongers and brushes and setting and fixing sprays but it all looks the same at the end ..a cakey mess. im not confident enough to go out without makeup so seeing the same result daily and wasting so much money trying to find the right product is frustrating and does get me down. if any one has any advice please get in touch! thank you
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    This weekend I will stay home and entertain myself using old beauty samples: Shamanuti Pumpkin Enzyme mask - this is one of my older samples. I got it in the October 2017 Petit Vour box. It smells great. I will give myself a facial. Kani Moon Milk - this is also from the October 2017 Petit Vour box. It is heaven. It's a beach vacation in a bottle. It is a jasmine tuberose body oil with shimmer and can also be used on the hair ends and as a highlighter. I really love it. Petit Vour sent me generous and costly samples. Nails - maybe I will use a nail polish. I'm not good at doing nails, but I do have a few nail polishes and I need to use them up.
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    I want to mention a great YouTube channel that was really inspiring to me recently. It is Study with me - law. In case you have not seen the study with me genre of YouTube videos, these are people who live stream long study sessions so others can follow them in real time and stay focused on work. This is the channel of a young Italian attorney who is working for a judge and also studying for the judge exam. During the crisis in her country, she is working and studying at home all day every day. She will usually work on her job in the mornings and study in the afternoons, with a break every 90 minutes or so, and longer meal breaks. Her schedule is not too easy and yet not too difficult, and her videos really helped me to keep motivated when I had my second job working at home. Sadly that job was cut short by the current crisis. I wish I could live like this young woman - with her studious life and huge, beautiful law books.
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    I would recommend a set of bath bombs! Theres a nice shop called 'LUSH' that sells them as gift sets, or you can go to bath and body works that always does the trick. Theres also roses? Every gal loves roses.. or try a nice side bag? Let me know
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    heh thanks! Slow start but getting there..
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    Hey y'all, Am a new member to Makeuptalk. Just joined today and glad to be on board. Hope to learn more about health and beauty from you gals! Cheers, Cheryl
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    LOL! Check my one out.. but its the other way round. My bf did my make up. you should try this one!!
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    Hey!! How are you?! I've just come across your post haha the title was so intriguing. No buy - So does that mean your trying to not spend money? omg that so difficult!! im also trying to save as well, hopefully for a house one day in the near future. I hope your staying safe, with this whole pandemic happening.. xx but yes, like you said. your wallet got it easy now. defiantly no spending lolol!
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    Haha! Welcomeeeeeeee!! What would you like to expand your knowledge on?! I have so much I can share.
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    Hey! Welcome to the community! - I remembered when I first join Be sure to be curious I'll be more than happy to help answer any questions related to beauty!!!! wooo
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    Hey Everyone! - It has been a very very long time since i've been on this site. I hope everyone has been doing well, please stay safe during this pandemic. It's been about two years, I've got so much to talk about and share! I can't wait
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    Make up adds self confidence for me!
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    I'm in Year 2, Month 9 of my No Buy! Goals for this month: 1. Pay $200 on credit card - will be great - will bring balance down to $600, which will be almost halfway paid off, and almost a baby debt instead of a medium sized one. 2. Products to finish: Blow Pro Weather Girl Serum mini - The tiny bottle lasts forever! After that I will use Briogeo Rosarco Milk Mini-that will be nice. Yves Rocher Body Scrub Mini from Advent Calendar - almost done. Freeman Cucumber Pink Salt Masque - After it's done I will use Eve Lom Rescue Masque Mini. Looking forward to it, expensive sample. Benefit Porefessional Mini Yves Rocher At The Heart of Pine Trees Shower Gel Mini from Advent Calendar
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    Amazing video from Second Year No Buyer Elle S today on YouTube: "$1000 Worth of Eyeshadow ... What Could I have Bought Instead?" Elle shows only seven palettes that cost a total of $1000 (CAD). Elle is not in the dream of denial shopping. She is serious about money, facing reality, real life (though she is still enjoying the creativity of makeup). "I can't afford it," she says. I can relate to her point about being someone who buys a lot of cosmetics, but never goes for a mani or pedi, or anything like that. She asks: How many things have I missed because of my purchases? Now that's something to think about! I often think of how my life would have been different if I'd been able to start on this No Buy path at a young age. There was no Internet then, so I did not have this kind of inspiration. I only had magazines and TV ads telling me to buy, buy, buy! But, why do all the No Buy people say they want to replace shopping with experiences? Shopping is an experience too! It a great experience and that's why we like it. I'm only giving it up to get rid of debt, because I know money makes me happy. I grew up in 1970s suburban America. I grew up in a shopping mall and in K Mart. I was always at those places with my friends, searching for identity. So of course shopping is high on my list of experiences. THE SHOPPING EXPERIENCE-1970s-1980s The Barbie Dolls and Barbie clothes at K Mart Getting a mood ring at K Mart and feeling so cool The excited butterflies in the tummy, when pulling into the shopping mall parking lot The bright lights and the smell of the Cinnabon store The Waldenbooks, where you bought Laura Ingalls Wilder books, where you discovered Sylvia Plath The record store, where you thumbed through record albums, and you discovered Blondie and Jacqueline du Pre The Clinique counter, where the lady did your makeup and made you feel glamorous and grown up, and assured you Brooke Shields was nothing without her makeup The food! Arthur Treachers Fish and Chips, Morrisons Cafeteria with the fried chicken and buttery rolls and iced tea All the latest issues of Teen and Seventeen magazine The Super X drugstore with Sophia perfume, Vidal Sassoon shampoo, and Maybelline Kissing Potion The movie theater where you saw The Turning Point seven times and fell in love with ballet (1977 the most magical year) Orange Julius Trying European cheese samples at the Swiss Colony The ORLANE counter - the epitome of elegance to me The Stendahl counter - This was a really beautiful and expensive French cosmetics brand. The lady at the counter was French. I practiced my French with her and she sent me a little note in French later on. She was kind. I had cystic acne. It was bad. "Oh, I see you have a little but of acne. Not to worry, it just needs a bit of astringent and fond de teint." She was tactful and gave me nice samples. My first Estee Lauder GWP - I thought I was Princess Di - it had Cinnibar perfume My first LANCOME GWP - I thought I was Princess Caroline. I was given Sun Touched Terra lipstick Princess Marcella Borghese Germaine Monteil - Royal Secret Alexandra de Markoff - I never did get to try that legendary foundation - department store cosmetics were rare and glorious treats Adrien Arpel in her pre HSN days The Erno Laszlo counter. It was so mysterious. You could not buy from them unless you went through a kind of initiation. You had to get an analysis and buy a special kit. It was fascinating. Now they just have samples going in beauty sub boxes any old way - Dr. L would not be very happy. He wanted his beauty routines done right and they were quite unorthodox. See the book, The Natural Way to Super Beauty by Mary Ann Crenshaw to know more about this. And I could go on and on. Of course I had no credit cards then, no job, just a little allowance. So I was not really ever spending much, just having fun. It's when you're older and have credit and money that it becomes a problem. Now there's no money, no time to shop, K Mart and the malls are ghost towns. And don't get me started on how much more fun TV was back then. Even going to the library was so much fun. Now all is so dull, dull, dull! I just get up, go to my job, come home, eat dinner, go to bed, and hope that my No Buy will make me rich and happy one day.
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    Yeah I totally agree that the trends of fashion of clothes is growing with the passage of time so it's needed for everyone of clothes as make your appearance very obvious and awesome ..
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    Just wanted to say hi to everyone. Just joined today.
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    Hello I am new here am a 62 year old guy that enjoys cross dressing sometimesand can always use a few tips I stay in when dressed up with a few women friends I do enjoyy our girls night am strait man
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    Let's share Halloween makeup looks! 👻 I've attached a few of mine and I'd love to see yours, please share them!
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    Love this thread! Would definitely get some ideas for an upcoming wedding event. Thanks!
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    Gel Polish is convenient and beautiful. Many girls have already begun to do manicures at home. Therefore, we decided to talk about the secrets of choosing a varnish with which you no longer need a list with prohibited components. We used to talk about the difference between gel polish and shellac . Shellac is a material that is special in composition and properties. Gel polish is a hybrid of gel and varnish that cures with an ultraviolet lamp. It is much more resistant and can last up to three weeks. Gel polishes differ in composition, application and removal technology. At the heart of any varnish is the four main components: polymer, plasticizer, pigment, solvent. You also need to remember the biogel coating. Its composition most often does not include harmful components: acrylic acid, benzene and acetone. This tool provides a strong coating, protects nails and restores a natural healthy tone. Worn up to three weeks, after which it is specially removed. The UV lamp has an expiration date, which must be indicated in the certificate (number of hours). What to look for More expensive - not always better! The first thing you should pay attention to is composition. But do you remember all the dangerous components? We have a way out! If you see 7free, 5-free, or at least 3free. Feel free to buy! In such a product there is no: formaldehyde, debutyl phthalate, camphor, xylene and MEK (methyl ethyl ketone). Such varnishes do not harm the consumer and the environment. Decide which varnish you need: one- (three-in-one system), two- (two products in one) or three-phase (technology: base - varnish - coated). There is no single-phase varnish: toluene, formaldehyde and other harmful components, unlike other coatings. Less - fragility Look at the consistency. It should be saturated and dense (density). Purchase products in specialized stores that have certificates. Be wary of Chinese gel polishes (study the composition), as there are a lot of fakes on the beauty market now. Give preference to a rubber basis of natural origin (safe and non-toxic material). It is advisable to renew your manicure after 10-14 days to avoid tightening the nail plate and damage. Choose fashionable and neutral colours that suit any look.
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    I love my summer box! i actually used almost everything from our last trip. ❤️ The mystery product is a temple rub. I think I misplaced it because I was moving stuff around the house.
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    There's a really nice new shopping center opening by me, and today I went to the new Five Below store. I loved the store. It was my first time visiting a Five Below. They had nice bath and body products, makeup brushes and tools, facial masques - a beauty shopaholic's dream. I was good and did not get any beauty products! I just got a pack of white chocolate M&Ms [the candy section is awesome also] and a Hint watermelon water. The watermelon water my body probably needs a lot more than any spa products! I was so good; I am proud of myself.
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    Hi Jeff, Thanks for asking this question. As we grow old, our skin tends to get affected. Though there are many anti-ageing and wrinkle free creams available in the market they are not suitable for all skin types. You can definitely give it a try but taking other precautions will be fruitful, for example having ample amount of water, covering your face with some sort of cloth while going out on a sunny day, wash your face with lukewarm water on any day or e.t.c. There is this book written by Vasudha Rai - Glow that talks about everything from products to diet to home remedies on how to take care of skin and get glowing skin.
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    why don't you try sns nails. I just read article http://skintwinkle.com/sns-nail-color-dipping-powder-reviews/

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