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    Hii, I am a new member here!!!!
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    Use it up: -Half a package of box dye. Shade lighter than current shade, but if it succeeds in half-decent grey coverage, it'll do. Worth a shot. -lipstick in "chai latte" -2 lip liners -2 brow pencils -1 concealer - 1 protective foot cream - 1 foot spray - 1 calendula salve -vaseline -two felce azzura powders -peppermint essential oil (hair!) -samples. (Speaking of, am I the only paranoid freak with an emergency hospital bag in her wardrobe? I've had it for a while and the cosmetics pouch is full of samples. Need to check those and use up or bin if they're past expiration date) Random household items to use up: -half a scented candle - ground cardamom -2 squeeze bottles with leftover honey -Vitamin C powder -week's worth of hair and nail supplements Donate to women's shelter or bin if assessed useless: -dry shampoo -3 hairsprays - "moisturizer" (extra cone-y) -unopened scented candle -paraffin cubes -1 white eyeshadow -eyeshadow quad palette Test again to hopefully find a use for, else bin: -4 mascaras -liquid foundation -lipgloss (drying as heck) -chapstick (likewise) -makeup brightening drops -camouflage cream Phew. So much useless crap. Need to reread this list before I attempt to buy things again. At least it's cheap stuff. I'm still choking on the more expensive purchases.
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    Thank you for being such an inspiration and help to others while sharing your journey!! You have inspired me to take on the path as well. I'm so grateful that for the first time in years I didn't not shop last year like I used to. My purchases were thought out and I wasn't just shopping for the sake of shopping. The beginning was rough and I would get angry but as the time went on, I felt so much better. I'm now able to just look at new makeup and beauty items without having the need to purchase them or feeling left out or frustrated if I couldn't purchase them. I'm enjoying looking at beautiful things and will only purchase something if I absolutely need it and I'm mindful of the price and the money I'm spending. Thanks again @EdithS2 for being such an inspiration to the MakeupTalk family and sharing your journey and helping so many others in the process!!
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    I use to have aloe vera for hand wash I love to have most of the time every kind of weather ...
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    First off, hello! I've been somewhat of a lurker, have finally decided to join in the hopes that there are others who can relate to my issue. I've been doing makeup for around 5 years now, worked at Sephora for 3 years and currently at a makeup counter for 2 years now. When it comes to doing makeup on others, I love making them look beautiful but I hate the anxiety that comes with it! When I first started doing makeup, I figured the anxiety would eventually subside after getting more experience but 5 years later it's worse than ever. When I do a makeup appointment at work, I get shaky, sweaty, and sometimes turn completely red (specially if the client is going to a big event or if they have issues with how the makeup turned out). It's embarrassing because I'm sure it makes the client uncomfortable, and while the makeup usually turns out well I can't help but think it would look so much better if I could concentrate more without being so nervous. I know it's just makeup but I care so much about the client looking the best they can. It has come to the point where I think I'm going to have to think of a different career path despite the fact that I've wanted to be a professional makeup artist for so long. None of my coworkers have this issue, so it's hard to find anyone to relate to. Does anyone else have this issue? Any tips/tricks/advice to try to overcome this, or would it be a good idea just to quit and pursue something else? Thanks in advance for any replies!
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    Products to use up in October: Foil packet of Sisley Saffron Sleeping Masque - I have been using this once a week since Labor Day weekend. It's really nice. It smells like orange blossom. Deluxe sample tube Sisley hand cream - I use it before bed so it won't be wasted from washing hands during the day. One ounce tubes of Sisley body scrub and body lotion. I use the body scrub once a week. My last sample eye cream - Sahajan Ayurvedic eye cream. It is really nice, and contains honey. I got it in a Good Being box two years ago. My last sample face cleanser - Mario Badescu glycolic cleanser. This is used once a week or a few times a week depending on skin type, in place of one's regular cleanser. So it's a gel cleanser, but it is used more like a scrub or masque. My last two mini face creams. The first is Comfort Zone Cream. It's so cool and refreshing, and has starch powder in it for oily skin. Comfort Zone is the skin care branch of the Davines company from Italy, and I got this in a Birchbox last spring. Also YonKa Creme 15. This is to be applied only on blemishes, and can also be used as a masque about twice a week on areas with breakouts. Full size Yves Rocher Holiday Limited Edition Cranberry Almond Shower Gel - This is from the 2016 holiday collection. I really love it and have been hoarding it and saving it, but I am going to treat myself and finish it all this month so I won't be tempted by the new holiday things coming out. Also my goal is to finish paying off my credit card with balance of $150 this month!
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    Best of luck to your no-buy October!
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    Yay! That's amazing! Good job, you! 🤗
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    Hi everyone just signed up to makeuptalk I'm from Ireland .I love everything beauty ,I also studied beauty therapy in college and I do alot of research In my spare time if you have any beauty questions I would be glad to help .I am also on instagram if you want to take a look https://www.instagram.com/xtines_beauty_obsessions/ Xxx
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    Hey! Honestly, I think most people's hair issues come down to the products they are using. Almost all hair products out there are only able to coat the hair strand, instead of penetrate the hair strand and heal the hair from the inside out. About 6 months ago I switched all of my hair products over to an all-natural luxury hair care line, and my hair has never been healthier! These products have also enhanced my natural texture (which used to be non-existent, but now I can actually scrunch my hair!), and so I think they would really help define your natural waves to make your hair look nicer the way it is naturally! Feel free to reach out if you want to hear more
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    I ordered a few things from Yves Rocher mainly for my daughter. I ordered couple of their nail polishes and I had never tried them before. They are nice. I'm usually good about throwing the envelope from them in the trash but couldn't resist this time and placed an order.
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    Used up: Sisley concealer foil packet - it is wonderful. It has an orange undertone to counteract dark circles. The texture is gorgeous. Sisley Global Perfect (pore minimizing face cream) deluxe sample - it is rich and creamy but also has a powdery finish at the same time. Caudalie VineActiv eye cream deluxe sample I finished a full size shower gel - Yves Rocher Apricot Rosemary. It is a 6.7 ounce size, and took me a month to use. I was excited to finish it. I have a Grapefruit Thyme shower gel of the same size, so I think I can use it up in the next month, along with paying off my credit card, which is now at $166. I'm also going to use this very cute little bottle of Pixi Rose Tonic, which smells beautiful.
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    Thank you for the support. It feels great to have the motivation back. It has been a month now - it was like a miracle - I was sitting in my room planning my bill payments one night and all of a sudden I found myself back in the No Buy zone! I finished the small goal of using up all my foil sample packets of hair care, skin care, and body care. That was enjoyable. Since my last post, I used up the following: Dermactin-TS Pore Cleansing Peeling Gel foil packet Dermactin-TS Intensive Pore Sealing Moisturizer foil packet Dermactin-TS Collagen Skin Serum foil packet Sisley hand cream foil packet Sisley Black Rose Oil foil packet Graydon Skin Care Face Glow foil packet. That was a lovely foil packet! I really loved using it for the past week. I received it in my Beauty Heroes sub box. It is a tinted face cream. It has a lavender-grey undertone, like Dr. Jart BB Creams. I love that cool tone. It had an amazing consistency. It covered well, and made my face feel very soft. It almost smells and feels like an elegant light dessert. I read that the creator is inspired by her culinary background. It must be the raspberry oil that made the cream smell so good. Beauty Heroes is really a first class sub box! Harvey Prince Hello Conditioner deluxe sample - This was a holy grail product for my hair! I have long hair and it gets awful tangles! It gets masses of giant tangles that are impossible to get out. I was able to detangle my hair with this. It was a miracle. I made note of the ingredients: almond, coconut, argan and jojoba oil, keratin, silk, and soy protein. Bubbly Belle 4th of July Bath Bomb - It was a white cloud that melted into red, white, and blue streams. Degree deodorant Gave away one full size and 2 deluxe sample hair products to a friend. My next little mini project is to use up my samples remaining from the Sisley Beauty Subscription. I still have two bags coming in the mail from the six month subscription I got before I went back on No Buy, as well as several minis remaining from the past months. It will be really nice to use them up. At the same time I will pay off my $200.00 credit card.
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    I favored Lancome products, but a week ago I returned from a business trip in Ukraine and I was staying in one of the Premier Hotels and Resorts; there I tried their spa procedures -- and their natural spa body gels are simply amazing. since those were their local products and I cannot get my hands on them here in US, I'm now looking for similar organic products on amazon. anyways, my point is natural procudts do make wonders but you should make sure you're not allergic to any of the components
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    February 2019 spoilers Too Faced mascara Touch In Sol primer I love the loyal following Boxycharm has. It's very interesting. People seem to swear by it, say they get so much and never have to buy things. That's what I want. They seem to love the CEO, and waiting for spoilers. I might be trying it out.
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    Hi, I'm I just joined makeuptalk and this is my first post...I have a problem of my foundation always looking bad/cakey no matter what I try. I prep my skin for makeup by doing my skincare routine and then I apply "Smashbox - Photo Finish" or "Mac - Prep + Prime Fix +". Then I use a damp Beauty Blender to blend my foundation (I've tried all types, high-end to affordable) but it doesn't make a difference. I've even tried lighter coverage such as bb cream but still the same outcome... What am I doing wrong? Is it cus I have a lot of "peach fuzz" aka hair on my face so my products dont absorb into my skin, instead they just sit ontop? Any similar experiences, suggestions? Thank you.
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    Hi there, I'm Sara from the UK. Hopefully, I can finally work out how to look great from what I learn here!
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    It is not a big thing to learn makeup as a boy. There is some amazing male makeup artist in the world. You can try learning makeup by joining some makeup school. It will not only increase your knowledge but also helps in increasing your confidence.
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    I've always wanted blue or maybe purple hair. But damaging my hair has always been a quiet fear of mine. Chalk sounds like a good alternative to bleach. (although, it's more temporary.) So what happens if you chalk without the heat?
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    I would like to buy my wife some new makeup as a gift but know nothing about it. My wife is 38 and doesn't wear a lot of makeup (L.A Colors Traditional 12 color Eyeshadow Pallete, Neutrogena Healthy Skin Liquid Makeup Foundation - Natural Beige, and NYX Deep Tan Bronzer). What would be some good upgrades to what she now wears? Thanks in advance!
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    Clean and do laundry one hour🌍 Work on second job one hour🌏♦️ No shopping online at all today 7:30 am - 12:00 am This is my new plan. Each day make a goal to NOT shop or only shop a limited amount of time. Also set goals to better myself in the meantime. But take one day at a time. If I can do these today, I'll be WAY ahead of where I was yesterday!
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    Nice...Thank you for sharing
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    Day One: 2:40 am - 3:10 am - I always wake up at this time and love to go online to shop! I love this quiet time. It's stormy out. I don't have a cent to shop today. I set up a new account on Yves Rocher. I had deleted the old one, but really want to place an order. I discovered the Holiday Edition Comme Une Evidence fragrance - the box and bottle are so beautiful. It is $23.00. I checked for Birchbox updates and Glossybox spoilers. I have a March Glossybox in the mail. I went on the Focallure web site. I want the new babebox. Now my half hour is up, and I need to be on No Buy until midnight. No looking at anything new. I don't feel sleepy at all now; I feel wide awake. I can watch Serein Wu's new No Buy vlog today if I want - I am allowed to watch No Buy content. 🕒
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    For a long time I was looking for a remedy that would help from rashes and acne and finally found its ideal remedy for problem skin. I ordered it on the site https://koreakos.com/skin-care/cream/acnes-moisture-cream-50ml. The tool should be applied in the morning and evening, after clearing the skin. After the first application, all the redness on the skin goes away, it becomes more healthy and even. I was very pleased with the result!
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    Oh it's new regulations on ingredients in fragrances. It's why many perfumes don't smell like they used to. I'm battling my cravings too. I'm itching for a Lush hand cream ( but then, my hands are so bad it hurts. Nothing works any more) and a highlighter. I don't even use highlighter😣.
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    I use the ELF brow pencil/brush ($2) to do my black brows. I got the dark brown shade so that it looks a bit more natural when I fill it in. I use the brush to brush my eyebrows straight down, and then make light wispy lines across the top toward the side to give my brows a more definitive shape. Then I brush the hair back how I like it.
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    So complicated is beauty.
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    Thank you very much for the support. I commit to the pact. 🙏 I will work on a list. I have perfumes that should be used, because I just hoard them. I have some decants.
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    Hi I ma Sareena New here. Hello Everyone.
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    I'm glad you mention the emotional states behind compulsive decluttering. I don't throw away things too often, I tend to hoard them, in fact, so in a way I need to learn when to let something go without guilt. On the other hand, some of my "cleaning sprees", rare as they are, are fueled by wanting to "quit the acquisition of things" cold turkey. in that state, I seem to believe asceticism would free me, of guilt, of the claws of consumerism, of inner clutter, etc. I appreciate being reminded I won't be in a better place if I "purge" my belongings. So far, my rule is if there's a hygiene concern, or the product works against my skin type and coloring beyond what I can mend by mixing, it can go. I also keep telling myself I probably won't die tomorrow, so I don't need to immediately either use up or throw something out if it's not going to go bad for months, or even years to come. Just focus on using up the things I can and that'll go bad otherwise. I have felt silly quite a few times since starting this. Silly for feeling pressed to be rid of something, "controlled" by my possessions, silly in retrospect (for having bought them), and guilty for buying things, even though my stash isn't even that big, and most of it cheap. I've always been aware of the emotional undercurrent of spending, accumulating, discarding, but I didn't expect I would be brought to face it by simply downsizing my stash. Love that you got to see the ABBA tribute band! How true, the chance will present itself again when the time is right!
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    This is really nice . Best wishes for your business.😊
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    I was a nail technician and I saw most of my clients had worn hot neon colors. They look stunning! Personally I love white color for both toes and nails! I had it on my nails and since people saw it they said sorry for changing their mind to white polish. lol.
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    Good luck! Sounds really great
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    I may be able to help with this. As a new member I'm not sure if I can PM you.
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    Recently found a portable makeup mirror, LED lighted, with 1X and 3X mirrors, easy to slip into my bag and I can care my makeup almost anywhere! highly recommend~ if anyone need it, just click here to check: https://www.amazon.com/Mirthee-Lighted-Portable-Magnification-Dimmable/dp/B07FNSDH5V/ref=sr_1_5_a_it?ie=UTF8&qid=1540375387&sr=8-5&keywords=mirthee
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    Hi Danniella! Welcome! 🙂
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    The two new Target beauty boxes are available!
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    have you heard about rhassoul clay? It will solve your problem of oily and thin hair. You only have to mix the clay with water to have a creamy paste and then wash your hair with this cream , and THAT IS ALL!!! you can fin it here on amazon.com here :Rhassoul clay powder It is a natural and completly safe shampoo😉!! Believe me try it and you will be amazed!!
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    To overcome under eye dark circles. I would suggest you use pure Argan 100 Moroccan oil or potato juice, tomato juice, rose water for your face.
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    I thought we could start this next week if it's ok. Sorry for the delay. I didn't know exactly when MUT was going to be upgraded because of the number of people working on it so I wasn't able to give heads up. Things fell into place and we were able to get the board to the point that it going to be ok with the upgrade so we ended up starting the process a few days ago. As soon as I got the green light to go ahead from our developers I told them to do it and there was no time for heads up because I had to make the decision real quick. I hope the new version of the board is something that you can all enjoy. We will keep tweaking and making changes in the upcoming weeks/months. If you have any suggestions on improvements/changes, please let me know. I was going to create a club for this next circular swap round since we now have that option available to see how it works. Thank you all for being here and thanks for wanting to do the next circular swap round! The box is going to leave very full again.
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    I can vouch for coconut oil! It helped me with dandruff and awfuly dry scalp and it's really improved my hair and scalp condition - I've got no dandruff or dryness anymore and my hair is more voluminous!
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    Every woman should care about how she looks because Beauty increases self-confidence. Beauty spa treatments can do wonders in enhancing the beauty both from inside and outside.Spa not only make us charming but we also become more confident. Last month, I had done Facial from Arch 2 Arch Spa and Threading Salon, The Best Facial Spa Memphis, TN. I was very much satisfied with their service. The acne and dark spot on my skin has gone.I got crystal clear skin.it tightens up my skin, the facial mask that they used did a wonderful job on my face, My Skin became Super Soft And Glowing. At Arch 2 Arch Spa Threading Salon you will get a variety of spa treatment like Eyelash Extensions, Microshading, Permanent Makeup and many more, done at a reasonable price. The products they used are skin-friendly, nonhazardous and chemical-free.
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    HNH do a super affordable beauty blender. Its much smaller though but I prefer that for getting under the eyes! (link removed)
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    never thought of using neosporin under the eyes. I apply it over my pimples (I have a tendency to pop them) though. Thanks for letting us know and keep us updated!
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