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MAC 182 brush

  • MAC Cosmetics 01/01/1970 https://www.makeuptalk.com/f/uploads/74155a44_mutmackabuki.jpeg 5 - Excellent Value $
    ::: The Product :::

    MAC 182 Buffer Brush is described by the company as \"A full, dome-shaped brush of extra soft goat hair. Specially created to flawlessly blend powder onto the skin for an immaculate polished finish. Excellent for all MAC powders and pigments.\" I\'ve seen some descriptions specifically say \"Japanese goat hair,\" but I\'m not sure this is true. 

    The brush comes in a plastic cover, which can just be tossed. Unless you want to keep the brush in the casing, but I\'d recommend a kabuki case for that instead. The brush handle is approximately 1.25\" in diameter, and 1.25\" in length. The hairs measure approximately 1.25\" from the base end of the handle to the tips. The handle states \"MAC 182\" along the side, and the back says \"China.\" 

    ::: My Experience :::

    As I said, this is by far the best kabuki brush I\'ve ever used! It\'s soft, soft, soft! My mineral makeup application is flawlessly and evenly distributed. No worries about having too much excess in one spot as opposed to another. 

    My trick for using this is to use a separate dish, like a petri dish, to dispense some mineral makeup into, and then dot the brush to evenly coat the hairs. Then, as you\'re supposed to do, I swirl the brush around in the dish using even swirls (i.e. 5 swirls clockwise, and another 5 counter-clockwise). Then I tap the brush against the side of the dish or sink to tap loose anything loose. I apply my makeup using clockwise and counter-clockwise motions alone one side of my face and forehead. Then I repeat the whole process for the other side using a tad less makeup since I only need to do the other side of my face and eyes. Granted, that might\'ve been more of a description of how I apply my makeup, but I haven\'t had any issues using the brush in this fashion. I also use the brush to apply my MAC Mineralize Skinfinish Natural. 

    I haven\'t had a lot of shedding from my brush, which is a definitely plus! The Bare Escentuals Full Coverage Kabuki left LOADS of hairs all over me and my clothes. Not to mention, the hairs seemed to get stuck in my pores (yeah, it felt like fiberglass all over my face), and that\'s not an issue I\'ve experienced with my MAC 182 Buffer Brush. 

    As for washing the brush, I normally spray it with brush cleanser, and then swirl it around in my hand until it lathers up. Then I rinse the brush until there are no further traces of brush cleanser/suds, or the water runs clear when I squeeze out the excess. I then dry the brush on it\'s side. I\'ve been using MAC Brush Cleanser, and it seems to take a while for the brush to dry when I use it. I have to wash it on Friday evening to know it\'s completely dry and ready to be used on Monday morning for work. I\'ve just purchased Clinique\'s Brush Cleanser, so I\'ll have to see if it dries any faster as I\'ve heard it can with brushes.

    The only \"negative\" I can say about this brush is that after it\'s been washed, it seems that the first few applications require me to use a lot more mineral makeup to get the same coverage. It could just be my imagination, but I\'ve also heard of this happening to others who use a different brand brush. 

    ::: Purchasing & Pricing Information :::

    The MAC 182 Buffer Brush retails for $45 from MAC stores/counters, and on their website (www.maccosmetics.com). I do not advocate purchasing MAC brushes from eBay, as there are a lot of fakes out there. While they may seem legitimate, it\'s actually rare to get an authentic MAC brush on eBay. So, while the price seems insanely expensive, it\'s worth it in the long run to me. (To learn more about fake MAC brushes, do a web search for information from either eBay - avjwc has a good reivew - or Specktra.net) 

    ::: Recommendation :::

    If you\'re looking for an ultra soft buffer/kabuki brush for applying mineral makeup, pressed powders, or any facial product, then I HIGHLY recommend the MAC 182 Buffer Brush! I honestly don\'t know what I\'ll ever do without mine, or what I did before it! My makeup applies flawlessly and evenly, and I don\'t end up with brush hairs all over my face. Definitely worth the $45!
MAC 182 brush
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