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  1. So so

    Brand: Cheeky Purchase Date: 01/01/1970 Product Image: Rating: 0 Pros: Cheap! Cons: don't sparkle as much Price Value: 1.5 - Not Good Value Purchase Price: $ Packaging Quality: 3.5 - Crap but ok! Description:

    I am always in search of rhinestones for my nails because I love the sparkle.

    But with the acrylic/plastic rhinestones I have tried in the past that comes in these wheels they always react with my top coat and then the rhinestone become all foggy.


    I have now stopped buying acrylic rhinestones and just stuck with glass rhinestones for my nails.

    They are more pricey but worth every penny :)

  2. Nice to have everything together

    Brand: MASH Purchase Date: 07/20/2012 Product Image: Rating: 0 Pros: nice grip, easy to use, great control Cons: sizing differences Price Value: 3 - Just Average Value Purchase Price: 4.95 Packaging Quality: 5 - Excellent Packaging Description:

    They arrive in a little plastic pouch. I left mine in because I like everything to be together. But the pouch isn't great to get into when you have wet nails, so I have to pick the dotting tool(s) I'm going to use before I start. The tools themselves are easy to hold with wet/tacky nails and easy to control. I used to use toothpicks and bobby pins and was always putting dots where I didn't want them.


    If I have to complain about something then it would probably be my OCD tendencies. I want everything to be in some kind of order, in this case smallest to largest would work great. But the tips seem to be random. I got all kinds of sizes, but a medium size dotter on the end of the largest one the smallest is on the opposite side of a medium one. So there's no way to put them in any kind of order. But I'm just really picky about such things.

  3. Amazing product!

    Brand: zoya Purchase Date: 01/12/2012 Product Image: Rating: 0 Pros: Great for acrylic nails, takes off glitter, hard to remove polish easily Cons: More expensive than others Price Value: 4 - Just OK Value Purchase Price: 4.00 Packaging Quality: 5 - Excellent Packaging Description:

    All I can say about this is WOW! I have acrylic nails, so I really don't like to use acetone to remove my polish because it can make the acrylic weak. I saw this little bottle and thought hey, I use the polish, I'll try the remover. It is amazing!! With 2 pumps on one cotton ball, I can remove all of the polish on one hand. It doesn't leave that sticky mess behind that normally is left with acetone. As for the price, yes it may be high, but it lasts a lot longer because you use a lot less! I love love love it, and will not be using any other! I actually bought the huge bottle of it to refill my little pump bottle! claps.gif

  4. Easy design tool

    Brand: Beauty 21 Cosmetics Purchase Date: 02/02/2012 Product Image: Rating: 0 Pros: Affordable, portable, a bottle will last you awhile. Cons: Clumps if exposed to oxygen for long periods of time. Price Value: 3 - Just Average Value Purchase Price: 7.00 Packaging Quality: 5 - Excellent Packaging Description:

    This is a great design tool for those who don't have a lot of time or aren't sure how to embellish their nail polish. The thin brush can let you design dots, strips and wispy brush strokes with little effort. I often use it to enhance a french manicure striping right where the white an pink tones meet on my nail.


    I bought a pack of two online and still haven't broken into the second bottle. It doesn't take much product to achieve the looks I've done which makes the purchase quite worth it. The only thing I would suggest is to make sure you screw on the cap tight when you are in between uses to limit the oxygen exposure which can cause clumping.

  5. Favorite of all of my neutral shades

    Brand: julep_nail_parlor Purchase Date: 08/03/2012 Product Image: Rating: 0 Pros: Beautiful gloss, easy to apply, lovely color Cons: not a one-coater Price Value: 3 - Just Average Value Purchase Price: $ Packaging Quality: 5 - Excellent Packaging Description:

    Of all the neutral shades I own, this has fast become my favorite.  It is not too dark, it is not too light.  It is the most perfect shade of a lighter-sable making it perfect for summer-into-fall. 

    No problems with it not playing well with the brush - which i have had an issue with some of Julep's colors - especially the funky colors.  This one i was happy with.  smilehappyyes.gif

    It does require at least 2 coats, unlike Essie polishes which usually seem to be a one-coater for me anyway, with Julep nail colors i almost always need 2+ coats.

    Now, I think that Julep's polishes are pretty pricey if you were to buy them on their own.  I get the option of a new box of polishes and sometimes other product to be sent to me each month if I choose (if you want to look into it or haven't heard of it please go here:

    http://julep.com/?r=22590381 or let me know I can explain....anyway I digress....the price!  Purchasing in the monthly kit ($19.99 a month) is far cheaper than buying at full price ($14.00 = this one bottle of polish)

    .27 fl oz in the bottle which is a bit less than say, for example, l'oreal nail color which gives you .39 fl oz. 

  6. Who'd have thought there could be a Holy Grail Nail Polish Remover?

    Brand: butter_london_brand Purchase Date: 08/17/2012 Product Image: Rating: 0 Pros: Pleasant scent, Powerful, Non-Drying Cons: Pricey, Leaked during Shipping Price Value: 3 - Just Average Value Purchase Price: 9.00 Packaging Quality: 3 - Just Average Packaging Description:

    Because I'm the kind of gal who changes my polish on a daily basis, I usually go through insane amounts of store branded polish remover. It seems hard to beat 10 oz. for less than a dollar (unless you're buying wholesale). That said, this polish remover is amazing enough that I may find myself going through more of it than I had ever expected. The non-acetone formula is surprisingly effective: it cut through glitters, flakies, and metallics in no time at all, without the damaged, dried-out feel that I often get from cheaper products. In fact, while it may have been due to the baby powder scent (which does linger quite a while), my nails almost felt soft and powdery after use, rather than ripped up and dried out. HIGHLY recommended, I just wish it were a bit less expensive, so that I would use it EVERY time.

  7. Zoya (beach collection) Lara

    Brand: zoya Purchase Date: 06/01/2012 Product Image: Rating: 0 Pros: goes on with utmost delight! beautiful color! Price Value: 4.5 - Good Value Purchase Price: $ Packaging Quality: 5 - Excellent Packaging Description:

    After drooling over the new Zoya summer colors, I received my Zoya (beach collection) Lara in my May 2012 Glossbox!!   Yay, I love this color and I love Zoya!  Always a delightful result and no chipping! 

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  8. Streaky and gloppy!

    Brand: julep_nail_parlor Purchase Date: 04/27/2012 Product Image: Rating: 0 Pros: Beautiful color when applied successfully Cons: Streaky, too thick, takes many coats to eliminate streaks Price Value: 2 - Needs Help Value Purchase Price: $ Packaging Quality: 4 - Just OK Packaging Description:

    Everyone seems to love this polish, and all the swatches I've seen make me wonder what I'm doing wrong. I have over a dozen Julep colors, and I've never had problems with any of them until Penelope. I first applied it over my usual base coat (Spa Ritual combo base & top), but it was streaky for the first two coats, and also very thick, so by the time I hit opacity and evenness at coat 3 or 4, it was WAY too thick and got all bubbly and gross. Sooo... I took it all off and started again, this time with no base coat. By the time I had finished - with the same results as my first attempt - I had used up a quarter of the bottle! Sadly, after all that work, I wound up with chips after a day; I've also never had that sort of poor performance from a Julep polish before either. Indeed it is a lovely shade of pink (and in my opinion, even better with Melissa over top), but way too much work to make it look nice.

  9. Amazing Polish

    Brand: china_glaze Purchase Date: 01/01/1970 Product Image: Rating: 0 Pros: true to color, great formula Price Value: 5 - Excellent Value Purchase Price: 5.00 Packaging Quality: 5 - Excellent Packaging Description:

    This is my favorite nail polish! I've seriously gone through half of the bottle. I get so many compliments on this when I wear it. I love this because it's true to color (what you see in the bottle is what it will look like on your nails), the formula is super easy to work with and I get opaque coverage in 2 coats. I would recommend this polish to anyone who is looking for a good sparkly red! If you don't like shimmer/sparkle then this might not be for you, lol. But honestly, even if you don't like sparkle, I would try this anyways because it's just an amazing color!


    I can't think of any dupes for this. Some people say "Ring in The Red" by CG is a dupe but it's not. RITR is a lighter red and it's not at opaque as Ruby Pumps.

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  10. Perfection!

    Brand: Butter London Purchase Date: 01/01/1970 Product Image: Rating: 0 Price Value: 4 - Just OK Value Purchase Price: $ Packaging Quality: 5 - Excellent Packaging Description:

    Oh my gosh, I love this stuff! I will never buy another base coat again! This stuff is perfect. Goes on so smoothly, has a hint of natural color, and a matte finish. Makes any color you put over top stand out more, so you may even need one less coat. If im not in the mood to do a full on brightly colored manicure, as usual, this base coat looks amazing by itself. Alone its like "my lips but better" except its "my nails but better"!!!! Definitely a must have for any polish junky or someone just starting a collection!

  11. Surprisingly Amazing

    Brand: Kiss Purchase Date: 01/01/1970 Product Image: Rating: 0 Pros: long lasting, chip-resistant, strong adhesive Price Value: 5 - Excellent Value Purchase Price: 13.00 Packaging Quality: 5 - Excellent Packaging Description:

    I'm honestly shocked at how great these nails are. I have never had a good experience with press-on nails. My mom actually gave one of these to me to try out. I can't afford to get my nails done right now and I'm tired of constantly repainting my nails so I figured it wouldn't hurt to try these. Even though these are press ons, my mom told me to use nail glue with these. I planned on using nail glue, but I put them on first without it just to see how they would look. I could not get them off. The adhesive on these things is STRONG! I have had these on my nails for a week now and they are still going strong. They haven't chipped either. I will most likely buy more of these when they finally come off. They're a great solution for people that can't afford to get their nails done all the time or are tired of constantly repainting their nails.

  12. Gorgeous shade of silver purple

    Brand: zoya Purchase Date: 01/01/1970 Product Image: Rating: 0 Pros: Long lasting, vibrant Cons: Limited edition. Price Value: 3 - Just Average Value Purchase Price: $ Packaging Quality: 5 - Excellent Packaging Description:

    I received a full size Carly in my May 2012 Glossybox (US) and absolutely LOVED the color. While in the picture it looks more purple there is silver micro glitter in it and if you roll the polish versus shaking you're able to "save" the silver and have a magnificent silver-purple polish.


    While I normally do not buy Zoya and have had other travel size from Birchbox this is the first Zoya that make me want to buy the whole collection.

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  13. Gorgeous Color!

    Brand: zoya Purchase Date: 06/04/2012 Product Image: Rating: 0 Pros: pretty, great application Price Value: 3 - Just Average Value Purchase Price: $ Packaging Quality: 4 - Just OK Packaging Description:

    I got this color in my May glossybox and I LOVE IT! It's such a beautiful color! =) I put that I paid $0 since it was part of my beauty subscription....I don't agree with Zoya's pricing but I love this color and this collection.

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  14. Color Club Clambake Coral

    Brand: Color Club Purchase Date: 01/01/1970 Product Image: Rating: 0 Pros: DBP free, Toluene free, Formaldehyde free, cruelty free. Cons: Clumpy, streaky Price Value: 0 Purchase Price: $ Packaging Quality: 0 Description:

    Initially I hated this polish due to the color. The fact is I kind of still do, coral is not the best color on me. I never had a polish that took me 3 coats to get it opaque. The polish started drying almost immediately creating a lot of streaking and an uneven finish. But after 3 coats I finally got it a nice solid color. It wore well for an entire day with no chipping. The next day I noticed it started to chip, it wears nicely for one day but that is the longest I would wear it for.

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  15. Pretty but dupable

    Brand: deborah_lippmann Purchase Date: 10/01/2011 Product Image: Rating: 0 Pros: Long lasting, well pigmented Cons: Price Price Value: 2 - Needs Help Value Purchase Price: 16.00 Packaging Quality: 5 - Excellent Packaging Description:

    I bought this simply because I knew there was a Revlon dupe and had the Revlon dupe polish. I actually like the Deborah Lippmann polish better because it lasted longer without chipping. The only real downside for me is the price. At $16 it's hard to justify spending that much on a single bottle of nail polish.

  16. Tried for the 1st time!

    Brand: sally_hansen Purchase Date: 01/01/1970 Product Image: Rating: 0 Pros: No dry time, precise application Cons: Need more solid color options Price Value: 3 - Just Average Value Purchase Price: $ Packaging Quality: 3 - Just Average Packaging Description:

    So i tried these for the first time and I am very pleased with the results. It was not very hard to apply at all if you are patient and there is absolutely no dry time.  You do have to be a little careful for the first 5 minutes are so while the strips set onto your nail. End result = a perfect looking manicure without the hassle or dry time. (I just wish they had the strips in more solid colors instead of 20 different prints. I want to look like I have a manicure, not like I have stickers on my nails.)

  17. So fast!

    Brand: Seche Purchase Date: 05/01/2012 Product Image: Rating: 0 Pros: fast drying, shiny Cons: bad smell Price Value: 5 - Excellent Value Purchase Price: 5.00 Packaging Quality: 5 - Excellent Packaging Description:

    Ever since I discovered Seche Vite, painting my nails has been so much more enjoyable. My biggest problem was impatience, I smudged my nails EVERY time I painted them.  Seche Vite top coat hardens your nails in 60 seconds, and in about 10 minutes, it's so rock solid that you can bang your nails against a wall, do up your buttons, whatever you want, and there is no chance of smudging them.  Plus, it's so shiny!

  18. ,

    Brand: Seche Purchase Date: 01/01/1970 Product Image: Rating: 0 Price Value: 3.5 - Acceptable Value Purchase Price: $ Packaging Quality: 4 - Just OK Packaging Description:


  19. Affordable and works great for the do-it-yourselfer

    Brand: USpicy Purchase Date: 03/01/2012 Product Image: Rating: 0 Pros: Fast dry and cure Cons: Fast dry and cure Price Value: 5 - Excellent Value Purchase Price: 31.95 Packaging Quality: 0 Description:



    I have just started using the Gelish line in the past few months, and this lamp is ideal for fast and complete curing. The automatic timer feature is really nice, and I can just press the on button and know that the nail dryer will turn itself off after the right amount of time has passed. It stays off until I am ready to cure the next polish layer. The placement of the bulbs inside the unit ensures that all your nails, even your thumb, cure at the same time. The opening is also shielded well so that even if you look down at your hand while it's inside the unit, you won't hurt your eyes.


    USpicy 36W Nail Dryer Gel UV Lamp White US Version

    When I first started out, I tried to get by with just a 9W lamp. It took five times as long, and I would still have trouble with the polish lifting within a few days because it hadn't fully cured. When I saw this model for only $10 more than my 9W, I purchased it right away. From the very first time I used it, I could feel how much harder the polish set, and in a fraction of the time. I didn't have any problems with lifting anymore. Since professionals in my area charge $40 for a gel polish application, this unit paid for itself the first time I used it.


  20. Zoya Feel Collection got me back into nail polishes!

    Brand: Art of Beauty Purchase Date: 01/11/2012 Product Image: Rating: 0 Pros: goes on smooth, doesn't chip easily Cons: colors might fade Price Value: 3.5 - Acceptable Value Purchase Price: 48.00 Packaging Quality: 4 - Just OK Packaging Description:

    Before getting a sample of Zoya Kirsten from the Feel collection in my birchbox, I rarely painted my finger nails; I hate chips but was always (stupidly) buying cheap polishes which never lasted. However, after getting the sample, I had to buy the WHOLE COLLECTION.



    I LOVE the color. My birchbox called the Kirsten shade a "cool neutral," and while at first I was skeptical that a blue hue could ever be considered a "neutral," I now have to agree. This color is a nice blue with a gray undertone, and it really looks good with anything. I feel like this description meets all these colors; they all act as great neutrals while still introducing color. My one critique in this section is that some of the colors are just too similar to each other.




    This polish went on really smooth and easily. It wasn't glumpy or too thick (really impressive when you consider that it doesn't have the normal chemicals of most polishes.) I was a little surprised at first, as the colors were all a bit darker than they looked in the bottle - it didn't bother me, however, since I wasn't a huge fan of the bottle color. It dried fairly fast. I was able to use one coat to fully cover the nail.





    These polishes generally went five to six days with very little chippage, which is impressive for me. (I type notes on a daily basis.) My only concern with wear is that sometimes it seemed like the colors were fading; however, I'm not entirely sure if this is true or if my mind just plays tricks on me, so I can't attest to the fact.


    Overall I am IN LOVE with these polishes and a Zoya convert for life. They're simple yet statement making, and the application and wear is great for a polish newbie like myself. Definitely worth buying!

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  21. My nail art helper

    Brand: USpicy Purchase Date: 02/29/2012 Product Image: Rating: 0 Pros: pretty package Cons: a littel hard to take the bulbs off Price Value: 4.5 - Good Value Purchase Price: 39.99 Packaging Quality: 4.5 - Very Good Packing Description:

    Recently I crush on Gelish, the colors are so sweet just like jelly and candy! I’ve done my nails only once in the salon, too expensive to change the style weekly. So I’ve bought some Gelish myself, but still need a nail dryer. So I spent some time on eBay and Amazon, and last night I finally received my nail-pretty-helper: USpicy USND-3601 36W Professional Nail Dryer . I want to share my research with u, hope it can do a little help to u too


    I’ll list the UV nail dryers by brands


    First of all, CND Programmable UV Lamp. Everyone knows CND cuz of the Nail polish. The brand effect brings a lot of fans to CND UV lamp, but also makes it very expensive ($135.95 on Amazon), and there’s only one typ.


    Secondly, Thermal Spa UV Light. It’s not that expensive ($64.23 on eBay). One of my friends has got this one, she said it’s nice but a little too big. She can put two hands in it but there’s no need. Cuz after one hand is done, she dry it immediately and won’t wait for another hand. U know the Gelish will be destroyed by every little rub.


    The last one, also my choice, USpicy Professional Nail Dryer. Both the price and the size are pretty good. ($39.99 on amazon) The package is also nice. I love the pinky logo

  22. Delicious!

    Brand: china_glaze Purchase Date: 01/01/1970 Product Image: Rating: 0 Pros: gorgeous color, applies evenly, not streaky Cons: stains your nails if you don't have a base coat Price Value: 0 Purchase Price: $ Packaging Quality: 0 Description:

    I loved this color because well look at the pros and cons. they pretty much sum it up.

  23. Just Amazing

    Brand: Cheeky Purchase Date: 01/01/1970 Product Image: Rating: 0 Pros: There just perfect Price Value: 5 - Excellent Value Purchase Price: $ Packaging Quality: 0 Description:

    These rhinestones are so cute and perfect.The way they sparkle.I love that they DONT fall off as easily . heart.gif

  24. Not what I expected

    Brand: Trind Purchase Date: 01/01/1970 Product Image: Rating: 0 Pros: Dries Fast Cons: Peels, Price, Smell Price Value: 0 Purchase Price: $ Packaging Quality: 4 - Just OK Packaging Description:

    I had high hopes for this product when I got it. At first trying it out I noticed some improvement. My nails were growing a lot faster and were a tad bit stronger.  The instructions were easy to follow, though I felt that using the polish remover daily was bad for my cuticles. They started becoming dry. I also noticed further into trying out the product that is didn't stay on my nails. It started to peel right off doing my regular mommy/household duties. As of right now I would recommend this.

  25. Almost as good as it promises

    Brand: Trind Purchase Date: 01/01/1970 Product Image: Rating: 0 Pros: Shiny nails. Dries fast. Cons: Scent. Price. Brush width. Price Value: 4 - Just OK Value Purchase Price: 45.95 Packaging Quality: 5 - Excellent Packaging Description:

    Disclaimer: I received this item for free to do a review.

    Price: $45.96 Canadian

    Size: 0.30 fl. oz / 9 mL each


    When I received this I was also sent a bottle of nail polish remover which I loved. My middle daughter did to and ended up swiping it from me but since it's not part of the actual product we were sent to review it's a moot point.


    My nails started off with ridges, were flexible (weak) and tended to break easily. How flexible were my nails? Let's just put it this way - paper thin type of flexible. Within a few days of using the product I did notice a slight different in my nails. The ridges weren't completely gone but they were less noticeable. It looked as if the product filled in the ridges to make my nails look smooth as if I had buffed each ridge out.


    By the end of the first week I did find that some of my nails felt stronger and looked healthier, some I saw no real changes, nothing dramatic and those nails still felt weaker compared to the rest. My thumb and pinky nails were the strongest while my index and ring finger nails felt weak still and this was one both hands. My middle fingers I saw some improvements on but not as strong as my thumb and pinky nails but not as weak as the other two.


    By the middle of the second week my strong nails broke. The thumb nail on my left hand snagged on something right at the edge and peeled right on off at the edge of the bed forcing me to cut it straight and filing it down. Was it due to the product? I don't know. A day later the nail on my right pinky broke when I was opening the car door. I ended up clipping my nails and file that nail as well. By the end of the second weak I still saw no dramatic change in my other nails while my thumb and pinky nails continued to become stronger and looked healthier.


    It just occurred to me as I'm typing this that I don't use my thumb or pinky fingers as much as I do my ring, middle or index fingers. I type - a great deal - and so the fingers I use primarily are the center three rather than the outer two. I wonder if this is why I've had problems keeping those nails growing and remaining strong without breaking while typing.


    Did I see improvement in all my nails? Yes.

    Was it a dramatic change? No.

    Was I happy with the results? Yes.

    Would I buy this? Maybe.


    The downside to this product is the price. At $45.95 (Canadian) it's a very expensive treatment. I know there is a product at Sally's Beauty supply called American Classics which is simply a keratin base and it's not a complete treatment set.

    As for the product itself. The packaging is exactly as pictures and the instructions are easy to read and follow. I love the glass bottle shape, as a nail polish collector it called to me. I love pretty bottle shapes. The Kertain Nail Restorer (step 1, the peachy color liquid) smells nice unlike some other nail treatments I've tried (and come to think of it with other treatments I've had the same problem with my nails - the three middle ones remain weaker than my outer nails). The odor to it is reminiscent of some nail polishes I've had but sweeter smelling. I did read the packaging and it does contain an added fragrance. Other treatments that I've tried in the past were overbearing in the odor while the Kertain Nail Restorer didn't.


    Now I admit I didn't follow the directions. I ended up, after removing any residue on my nails with nail polish remover, I partially buffed my nails just as if I were going to apply a base coat for nail polish. I didn't buff it enough to completely remove the ridges on my nails since I wanted to give this product a fair shake. I also applied this product more like a nail polish and didn't rub it into my nails as instructed.


    Applying the product was straight forward, brush it on like a polish and allow to dry. Now I do have to say it felt odd the first time I used it. I don't know how to describe it other than my nails felt odd and I think it was because the nail itself actually absorbed the product. As soon as the product dried the feeling went away. The only thing I can think how it felt like was if you ever had painted you nails and the polish peeled off leaving your nails feeling a bit... tingly? That's not the right word I'm looking for but it's an odd feeling. I LOVED how shiny my nails looked after applying the Keratin.


    Drying time the restorer dried pretty fast but I used it in thin coats and applied three coats per nail before using the step 2 product - the Keratin Nail Protector. How I applied it was I would put a drop in the center of my nail and brush it down the center then one swipe on each side of the center. I would work nail to nail and once finished with my 10th nail wait a couple more minutes then go back to the first and start over. I did it for a total of three times. I know the instructions said to rub it in gently but I used it as I would a nail polish instead which means I didn't rub it in.


    As for the step 2 product - the Keratin Nail Protector. That smelled the most like nail polish (really bad, stinky nail polish) and it was a bit strong and off putting. I applied this after allowing the Restorer to dry and only applied one coat simply because I couldn't stand the smell. Once it dried I did notice my nails looked as if I had shine buffed each one with a six way buffer and the smell did dissipate once dried. If you have a sensitive nose you may not be able to use the Protector.


    As for drying time. The product dried pretty fast. I take that back, most like absorbed into the nail more quickly then dried. It dried faster than most of my nail polishes.


    The brush I didn't care for. I wish it had a wider brush than the thin one that it comes with. I'm used to wider brushes and felt that applying it would have been faster with a wider brush - fewer strokes - but again I didn't apply this as directed (rub the Restorer in) but even the Protector brush is too narrow. A nice wide brush to cover in the nail in one or two strokes is far better in my opinion.


    Would I recommend this? If you have weak, flexible or brittle nails I would say give this a try. It is pricey at almost $46 but salon treatments are just as expensive. Now that my own treatment is over with I might have to track this down and possibly import it from Canada and give it to my eldest daughter to use since she's like me have naturally weak nails.

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