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Found 57 results

  1. Hi guys! just notice that q-depot.com is offering 10% OFF storewide and they have a pretty big collection of Korean cosmetics from 25+ famous brands. Use COUPON CODE: PREXMAS10 to avail your discount. On top some items from Laneige are already off by 15% double bonus. Enjoy!
  2. Hi girls! looking to make those green eyes pop!? well I have the video for you. if you are interested in how to achieve the look to enhance those green eyes or just anyone who loves wearing purple, click on the link https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eWPdNV5WVr0
  3. HI girls! summer is coming or has started for many of us. this is my current everyday makeup for the summer time! if you wanna take a look or get some ideas, go ahead and go on my page Jennsbeautychannel or just click on the link! much love xoxo-Jennifer https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hS18lP6kXd4
  4. Hey ladies, Looking for the best high-end cosmetics and skin care? Look no further than Younique. 100% Safe and easy online shopping, Worldwide Shipping and amazing products with natural ingredients that enrich and nourish your skin! Featuring our one and only 3D Fiber Lash Mascara, never need falsies again!! with 15,000 bottles sold per day, and so much more! Head over to my new page and check us out! link removed -Or visit my website at (link removed) or PM me on FB for any questions or leave a comment, Kind regards, Elaine M. (removed, soliticing)
  5. Beginner Eye Makeup Tips & Tricks look like SNSD (girls generation), Are you like this video? https://youtu.be/autIofltbNQ
  6. Hello Everyone, please watch these couple of videos for beautiful nails art and designs. Please like and share this video, and if you want to see more beauty/fashion/nails/makeup styles video, then please subscribe. Thank you
  7. Hi girls, its springs time! im sure many of you have been looking or trying out new springs looks! I am new to this site and new to youtube. I would love to help anyone out who is looking for specific makeup looks and ideas. If you are interested in a spring look go ahead and click on the link. If you like the look and video go ahead and subscribe for more videos in the future:) xoxo .https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aea_V38pwQo
  8. Please take a look at my brand new video on my YouTube channel https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7LdleFLOElU&feature=youtu.be
  9. Good Evening Everyone! I do not have much time tonight to introduce myself but I'll be back on here once the New Year is here! I found Makeup Talk during a Google search today. I'm looking for some content rich forums to talk about monthly beauty boxes and all-natural cosmetics. I look forward to engaging in discussions and learning a lot from the group. Cheers and Happy New Year!
  10. What is the standard??? Here is a graphic for reference.
  11. Hi guys, I have recently started a youtube channel for my tutorials, and beauty related videos. You can check it out at: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCs8tQkhABKWPmeZDZ5fTpIQ (riverofbeautynz) My most recent tutorial video is a NYE look:
  12. Hello! My name is Cassie, and I recently started making Youtube videos about beauty, fashion, and my quirky life! I am a college student, and trying to find a way to display my passion has been a little bit of a struggle... But I am determined to make it happen! <3 Cassie Elizabeth
  13. Hello i am suffering from skin disease such as psoriasis and athlete's foot i am aware in my skin so i decided to find the best solution on my problem. I found out the Jarvis Cosmetics. I am suffering from skin Infection for years and even other products cannot do this but with Jarvis Serum and Cream, the infection were gone after 1 week and never came back. I also participate on their Clinical Trial and i cannot wait to find them on stores. then i’m thankful for the result. Please share your Experience too
  14. Hey guys! Back again with a tutorial on how to get ready quickly post workout! I'm a gymnast but I'm also SUPER busy. I have a job, I'm a student, and I'm an elite gymnast. I rarely have a minute to myself. I need a routine that is going to be quick and easy especially post workout. I'm usually sweaty and gross and I have to turn around get ready quickly and go to work or class. Check out my tutorial. Also sub if you would like to. I'm starting to do tons of makeup tutorials on my channel. I'm no makeup artist, but I find makeup to be so much fun. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e3qAcPixufs&list=UUCKqCjahOFxhKb-jCWOaBKQ
  15. Sale Rules: My Makeupalley Username: diannekaye -PayPal only -First come first serve -I'm sorry but I cannot hold items. All payments must be made within 24 hours, if not, item goes to next buyer -No returns whatsoever, all sales are final -Minimum purchase=$15 -Shipping prices vary, according to weight and packaging material -Delivery confirmation is mandatory for US buyers and please add to your total (better be safe than sorry!) -***NOTE****Paypal Fees are on the BUYER (2.9%+ $0.30/ transaction) -Will not sanitize products...I know people have their own way to sanitize and I don't want to waste more product then I have to -Some of the free samples/gifts are a courtesy for me to give, not mandatory. Also please keep in mind the weight of the samples will be added to the total weight of your package. -If it is crossed out that means it is SOLD. -Worldwide Shipping available (please remember all shipping costs are on you) -Please forgive me for the horrible pictures and the lighting! I don't have a camera and am taking pictures with my iPad and I don't have a well lit place to take pictures. -Please also look at swatches online for color reference; my pictures will probably not do any justice. (Rules may change if something isn't working) Happy shopping! ***If you are interested in anything, please email me what you would like, at [email protected] I will email you back with the total (including shipping, packaging supplies ($1 for envelope and tape), and delivery confirmation costs). Please do not leave comments here because I do not check this site that often.*** **If you could please spread the word of my sale I would really appreciate it. Thank you all so much! *If I have multiples of something, this is how it is labeled under the picture: Name of Product, How many I have-Usage x(how many times used), Price MAC COSMETICS: Blush: *None have actually been used, just swatched and looks almost brand new. Still in box (SIB). From left to right: Equilibrium (LE) $20 Full of Joy (LE) $14 (SOLD) Lovecloud (LE) $14 Magenta (LE) $18 From left to right: Pink Tea (LE) $14 Pink Cult (LE) $20 (SOLD) Peony Petal (LE) $13 Modern Mandarin (LE) $14 *I have some multiples of certain items. Items with boxes will be shown in pictures. I will only take pictures of those that are swatched or used. The brand new, in box (BNIB) products will not be opened to take a picture. **How it is labeled under the picture: Name of Product, How many I have-Usage x(how many times used), Price From left to right: Fast Fleet (LE) 1-swatched x1 $20 (SOLD)/2-BNIB $22 EACH Launched Away (LE) 2-swatched x1 $20 EACH /2-BNIB $22 each Hipness (LE) 1-used x2 $30 From left to right: Prom Princess (LE) 1-swatched x1 $22/1-BNIB $25 Cream Soda (LE) 1-swatched x1 $22/1-BNIB $25 Amazon Princess (LE) 1-swatched x3 $33 Mighty Aphrodite (LE) 1-swatched x2 $38 From left to right: Azalea Blossom Blush Ombre 1-BNIB $31 EACH Vintage Grape Blush Ombre 1-BNIB $31 EACH From left to right: Mineralized Blush in New Vibe (LE) 1-used x2 $12 Mineralized Blush in Nuance (LE) 1-used x1 $17 Face Palettes: This is my self-made contour palette. This palette must be bought as a whole. All colors were just swatched 2-3 times. The palette itself is the older version that is now discontinued. Top (left to right): Sculpting Powder in Sculpt, Sculpting Powder in Shadester, Blush in Blunt Bottom (left to right): Blush in Taupe, Sculpting Powder in Shadowy, Sculpting Powder in Definitive Price: Palette ($16)+ 4 Sculpting Powders ($16.50) + 2 Blush ($17), retails for $116 without tax. Asking price=$75 Fab-racadabra Bronze Face Kit (LE): Iridescent Powder in Buffed and Polished- swatched x2 Sheertone Shimmer Blush in Sunbasque- swatched x2 Bronzing Powder in Golden- swatched x2 Price: $14 Mineralized Skinfinishes (MSFs), Pearlmate Face Powders, Beauty Powders, and High-Light Powders: MSFs: *I have some multiples of certain items. Items with boxes will be shown in pictures. I will only take pictures of those that are swatched or used. The brand new, in box (BNIB) products will not be opened to take a picture. **How it is labeled under the picture: Name of Product, How many I have-Usage x(how many times used), Price From left to right: Blonde (LE) 1-swatched x1 $38/1-BNIB $40 By Candlelight (LE) 1-used x3 $33 Center of the Universe (LE) 1-BNIB $30 Earthshine (LE) 1-BNIB $30 From left to right: Light Year (LE) 1-swatched x1 $33/1-BNIB $35 Lightscapade 1-swatched x2 $30 Redhead (LE) 4-BNIB $45 EACH Star Wonder (LE) 1-swatched x1 $30/1-BNIB $33 From left to Right: Golden Lariat (LE) 1-swatched (little chip in bronzer) x3 $50 Pink Power (LE) 1-swatched x2 $53 Pearlmate Face Powder: From left to right: Veronica's Blush (LE) 1-swatched x1 $27/ 3-BNIB $30 EACH Flatter Me (LE) 1-swatched x1 $27/ 3-BNIB $30 EACH Beauty Powders: From left to right: Briar Rose (LE) 1-swatches x3 $30, Softdew (LE) 1-swatched x6 $5 High-light Powders: From from left to right: Crew (LE) 1-swatched x2 $28/1-BNIB $30 Marine Life (LE) 1-swatched x2 $65 Eyeshadows: From left to right: Dame's Desire 1-swatched 2x $7 Give Me Liberty of London 1-swatched 1x $7 Jaunty 1-swatched 2x $15 Nautical Navy 1-swatched 2x $14 Night Manoeuvres 1-swatched 2x $18 Surf USA 1-BNIB $18 From left to right: Guacamole 2 3-BNIB $14 EACH Jealousy Wakes 2-BNIB $15 EACH Jete 3-BNIB $20 EACH Moth Brown 3-BNIB $25 EACH From left to right: Summer Neutral 1-swatched 4x $13 Dear Cupcake 1-swatched 1x $5 From left to right: Plays on Plums 1-swatched 1x on both sides $11 Sexpectations 1-swatched 1x $11 Spectacle of Yourself 1-swatched 1x $11 Unflappable 1-swatched 1x $11 Centre Stage 1-swatched $11 Dalliance 1-used 2x $11 Prance 1-swatched 2x $11 From left to right: Call Me Bubbles 1-(swatched Call Me Bubbles x1/Fresh Daily 1x/Brash 2x) $40/1-BNIB $48 Shop & Drop 1-swatched all four 1x $40/1 BNIB $45 Colour 4 1-swatched all four 1x (Still in Box, SIB) $50 Lipsticks: I *I am really having a hard time remembering usage so these are estimated usage. Sorry! From left to right: 1N (LE) (95% left) $15 Creme D'Nude (93% left) $10 Cut a Caper (LE) BNIB $18 Fresh Moroccan (LE) (80% left) $7 High Strung (97% left) $9 Hot Gossip (75% left) $5 Peachstock (PRO) (90% left)$10 Pervette (95% left) SIB $9 Pink Freeze (97% left) $8 Pink Friday (LE) BN $25 Siss (97% left) $10 From left to right: Blooming Lovely (LE) (90% left) $20 Petals & Peacocks (LE) (87%) $20 Beachbound (LE) (93% left) $14 Funbathing (LE) (97% left) $12 Lazy Day (LE) (95% left) $20 Thrills (LE) (93% left) $12 Spitfire (LE) (97% left) $18 Marquise D' (LE) (92% left) SIB $25 Innocense Beware (LE) (95% left) $25 Purple Rite (LE) (97% left) $14 From left to right: Viva Glam Cyndi (LE) (99% left) $28 Viva Glam Gaga (LE) BN $25 Viva Glam Gaga 2 (LE) BN $15 Lipgloss: From right to left: Little Vi (LE) (85% left) $4 Viva Glam Gaga (LE) (98% left) $7 Underage (95% left) $4 Fashion Whim (LE) (96% left) $4 On the Scene (LE) (98% left) $4 You've Got It (LE) (95% left) $4 Athena's Kiss (LE) (94% left) $8 SIB Emancipation (LE) (92% left) $8 Flaunting It (LE) (90% left) $4 Lipliners: From left to right: NEVER SHARPENED: Cherry, Hover, Magenta, Soar, Spice/ SHARPENED 1X: Subculture All of them have not been sharpened except Subculture. Price: $5 each Miscellaneous: From left to right: Volcanic Ash Exfolliator 2-BNIB $15 Nail Lacquer in Rocker 1-BNIB $3 HIGH-END PRODUCTS: Primers/Serums: From left to right: Benefit Stay Don't Stray 1-BNIB $18 Tarte Smooth Operator Amazonian Clay Illuminating Serum 1-BNIB $26 Concealers: From left to right: It Cosmetics Bye Bye Under Eye Anti-Aging Concealer in Medium (estimated 60% left) $5 Amazing Cosmetics Concealer in Medium Beige (estimated 50% left) $2 Foundations: From left to right: I llamasqua Skin Base Foundation in 09 (used 1x) $25 Illamasqua Skin Base Foundation in 10 (used 1x) $25 Make Up For Ever Mat Velvet + Matifying Foundation in No. 35 Vanilla (estimated 40% left) $5 Powders, Bronzers, and Highlighters: From left to right: Hourglass Ambient Lighting Palette (LE) (SOLD) Nars Blush/Bronzer Duo in Orgasm/Laguna Full size (Orgasm used 3x, Laguna used 2x) $23 TheBalm Betty-Lou Manizer swatched 2x/pan coming out of palette $3 Benefit High Beam 1-used 3x $13/1-BNIB $18 *Nars blush/bronzer duo and TheBalm Betty-Lou Manizer usage Blush: From left to right: Stila Make Me Blush Cheek Color (LE) swatched 2x $10 Urban Decay Powder Blush in Quickie swatched 2x $4 *Tarte Amazonian Clay Long-Wear Blush-all are SIB with plastic insert and swatched only 1-3x, except the baby one that came in a set (which was swatched 2x) From left to right: Amused $20 Blissful $20 Blushing Bride $20 Exposed $22 Magic (L/E, D/C) $11 Natural Beauty $20 *All are Nars Powder Blushes with exception of the middle blush, which is a Nars Cream Blush From left to right: Deep Throat (SOLD) Gaiety (SOLD) Lokoum (D/C) used 3x $15 Oasis (SOLD) Torrid (SOLD) From left to right: Lancôme Blush Subtil in Miel Glacé used 3x $13 Lancôme Blush Subtil in Mosaique Plum (LE) swatched 3x $8 Lorac Cheek Stamp in Island Spice 2-used 2-3x $1 each Lorac Baked Matte Satin Blush in Hollywood swatched 2x $13 Laura Geller Blush-n-Brighten in Apricot Berry swatched 1x $18 From left to right: TheBalm Hot Mama swatched 3x $6 TheBalm Cabana Boy swatched 3x $7 BareMinerals Compatible Blush Duo in Joyous Jennifer/Sorbet used 4x $4 Benefit Bella Bamba swatched 4x $13 Benefit Dandelion BN $15 Benefit Posie Tint used 4-5x $8 Estée Lauder Silky Powder Blush in Rose Nuance (LE) swatched 1x $20 *Illamasqua Powder Blushes From left to right: Create swatched 2x $25 Ambition swatched 3-4x $25 Tremble swatched 3x $25 Eyeshadow Palettes, Quads, Duos: *All my palettes, picture of usage will be taken by brand. TheBalm: Nude'tude Eyeshadow Palette Each shades swatched 3-4x $15 Shady Lady Vol. 2 Palette Shades used between 2-3x $10 Chanel: Les 4 Ombré Quad in 86 Garden Party Each shade used 4-5x $15 Coastal Scents: 15-Eyeshadow Palette (LE) (can't remember the name of this palette and the name isn't on the palette either, but I do believe the name of it is Forever Natural Palette) Each shades was used between 2-5x but some weren't even touched at all $7 Fall Featival Palette Some were swatched and some are untouched $7 Divergent Cosmetics: Divergent Multi-Piece Collector's Kit x2; BNIB $100 each (Please be mindful of shipping.) Estée Lauder: Deluxe Pure Color Eyeshadow Palette (LE) some shades used 3-4x, some less, and some untouched $5 Signature Eyeshadow Quad in Lavish Plum (LE) BN $18 Illamasqua: Neutral Palette Vintage swatched 1x, the rest are untouched. $30 Inglot: Freedom System Palette 40 Eyeshadow Square with 35 Neutral, Matte Shadows shades have been swatched 3-8x and some have dents in their corners due to trying to remove them from the palette. Retails: $39.00 for Freedom System Palette 40 Eyeshadow Squares + $6 each shadow x 35 = $210 Asking Price: $150 Kat Von D: True Romance Palette (All D/C) in Beethoven 1-swatched a few shades 1-2x but the rest are untouched $13/1-BN $15 Love and Fury 1-swatched a few shades, shade Oddfellow is broken, and cream shadows have dried up $7 Ludwig 1-swatched a few shades 1-2x but the rest are untouched $15 True Love 1- swatched some shades 1x but the rest are untouched, cream shadow has dried up $16 Lancôme: Color Design Quads in Innocence Couture Shade in Fashion Scoop swatched 1x but rest are untouched $20 Kissed By Copper (D/C) All shades swatched 1x $20 Laura Mercier: Artist Palette 2013; BNIB $70 ***I'm sorry for the lack of picture, I forgot to take one! Lorac: Box Office Sensation Train Case BN $20 (It's heavy, please remember shipping.) Make Up For Ever: Eyeshadow Palette (holds 10 shadows and/or blushes) with 2 Eyeshadows (can't remember shades names, sorry!) used 3-5 times. Retails: Palette $10 + Each Shadow $21x2 = $52/ Asking Price: $12 Nars: Duo Eyeshadow in India Song swatched 2-3x $25 (Sorry, all others have been sold.) The NARSissist Eyeshadow Palette; BNIB $50 (No Picture...sorry I forgot to take a picture of this! The box is a little worn but everything else is BN, new used, swatched, touched!) Smashbox: Artist Eye Palette in Muse (2 colors swatched 1x, rest are untouched) $25 Instant Eyes Shadow & Liner Palette (last shade swatched 1x but rest of eyeshadows and liners are untouched) $5 Tarte: True Blood Collector's Palette BNIB $35 Eye Solution Eyeshadow Quad used 2-3x $2 Tokidoki: Cromatico Palette in Adios (Keychain included) Shades used 3-4x $2 Too Faced: The Quickie Chronicles Deluxe: Volume One Fun in the Dark Palette Peepshow, Full Frontal, and Lucky Charms swatched 1x, everything else untouched (light up mirror still works) $18 Smokey Eye Palette some shades used 1-3x but some are untouched $25 Urban Decay: 15 Year Aniversary Eyeshadow Palette (SOLD) Book of Shadows IV BNIB $30 Naked Palette BNIB $45 Naked 2 Palette BNIB $45 Eyeshadow Singles: *Under this picture, I am just listing for the Bare Minerals Eyeshadows and Benefit Eyebright because I forgot to take separate picture of those. Bare Minerals Mineral Eyeshadows in Camp, Kudos, Tan Lines; Used 2-5x (hard to tell exact amount left though) $3 each or 2 for $5 Benefit Eye Bright Pencil; BNIB $15 Bobbi Brown: Eyeshadow in Espresso; Swatched 1x $12 Inglot: Eyeshadow in Matte 351; Swatched 1x $2 Eyeshadow in Matte 324; Swatched 2x but dented in corner $2 *Both for $3 NARS: Single Eyeshadow in Bengali; Swatched 1x $20 Single Eyshadow in Coconut Groove; Swatched 1x $20 Single Eyeshadow in Night Rider; Used 2x $17 Rock & Republic: Eyeshadow in Wicked; BNIB $12 Eyeshadow in Emerge; Swatched 1x $10 Eyeshadow in Spy; Swatched 1x $10 Smashbox: Eyeshadow Single in Walnut; Used 3x $3 Eyeshadow Single in Smashing Boutique; Swatched 2x $4 Eyeshadow Single in Smashing Ingenue; Swatched 2x (has a small dent) $3.5 Eyeshadow Single in Pronto; Used 2x $3 Eyeshadow Single in Midnight Black; Swatched 1x $4 Eyeshadow Single in ASAP; Swatch 2x $4 Eyeshadow Single in Butter; Used 1x (I dropped it so small piece from side is missing) $2.5 Tokidoki: Eyeshadow in Donutella; Used 3x $3 Eyeshadow in Bulletto; Swatched 1x $5 Eyeshadow in Nancy Rocks; Swatched 2x $4 Urban Decay: Deluxe Eyeshadow in Ruthless; Used 2x $6 Loose Eyeshadow in Smog; Used 2x $4 Lip Products: Lip Products Combined Benefit (Left to Right, Top to Bottom): Silky-Finish Lipstick in Passionista; Swatched 2x $5 Silky-Finish Lipstick in Sassy-Frass; Used 2x $4 Silky-Finish Lipstick in Skinny Dipp; Used 4x $2 Silky-Finish Lipstick in Thrillin' Brazillian; Used 3x $3 *All Lipsticks for $10 Ultra-Shine Lipgloss in Almost Famous; 95% left $2 Ultra-Shine Lipgloss in I'm with the Band; 90% left $2 Ultra-Shine Lipgloss in Who are you Wearing?; 90% left $2 Ultra-Shine Lipgloss in Zone Out; 95% left $2 *All Lipglosses for $5 Buxom: Lipgloss in Betty; 90% left; $3 Lipgloss in Katie; 40% left; $1 Lipgloss in Joy; 95% left; $1.5 Lipgloss in Sandy; 80% left; $1 *All for $5 Clarins: Instant Light Natural Lip Perfector in 03 Nude Shimmer; BNIB $20 Cle de Peau: Lipstick in 27; 80% left $15 Christian Dior: Rouge Dior Lipstick in 427 Beige Crepe de Satin; 95% left $20 Rouge Dior Lipstick in 757 Red Icon; 97% left $22 Estee Lauder: Pure Color Gloss in 114 Cranberry; 98% left $14 Pure Color Gloss in 102 Rhubarb; 95% left $13 Signature Lipstick in 24 Perfect Nude; 92% left $16 Lancome: Le Rouge Absolu in Rose Crystal; Swatched and Dented Tip $2 Laura Mercier: Lip Glace (Older Packaging) in Petal Glace; 1-Swatched$2 (missing label)/1-Unused $5 Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics (OCC) (Older Packaging): Lip Tar in Demure; 90% left $3 Lip Tar in Pagent; 92% left; $3 Lip Tar in Plum; 80% left $2 Lip Tar in Strutter; 90% left; $3 Pop Beauty: Pouty Pop Crayon in Fuchsia Flirt; BNIP $5 Pur-Lisse: Pur-Lip Comfort; BNIB $10 Shiseido: Perfect Rouge Lipstick in BE333; 70% left $10 Stila: Lip Glaze in Hugs; Unused $4 Lip Glaze in Kisses; Unused $4 Lip and Cheek Stain; Unused $3 Urban Decay: Revolution Lipstick in Catfight; BNIB $20 Revolution Lipstick in F-Bomb; BNIB $20 Revolution Lipstick in Jilted; BNIB $20 Victoria's Secret: Perfect Lipstick in Heartbeat; BNIB $9 Perfect Lipstick in Instinct; BNIB $9 AROUND THE WORLD PRODUCTS: UK: FACE PRODUCTS Primer: -17 Photo Flawless Primer; BN $5 -MUA Primer; BN $4 BB Cream: -17 BB Blemish Balm; BN $5 -Vivo Cosmetics Beauty Balm in Medium; BN $ Foundation: -Bourjois Healthy Mix Foundation in 55 Beige Fonce (Original Formula); $12 Concealer: -Bourjois Healthy Mix Conxealer in 53 Eclat Fonce; BN $8 Bronzer: -Bourjois Delice de Poudre Bronzing Powder; BN/Sealed $10 -Bourjois Delice de Soleil in 03 (This is a bronzing foundation); BNIB $15 BLUSHES Blushes Combined 17: Blushers (Older Packaging) in First Blush, First Kiss, and Unknown Color (Sorry, label was scratched!); all BNIP $4 each Barry M: Blush in BL4 Raspberry and BL6 Terracotta; both BNIP, $5 each Bourjois: Blush in 95 Rose de Jaspe; swatched 3x $5 Vivo Cosmetics: Baked Blush in Cinnamon Glow (Shade 3); BNIP $4 Collection 2000: Blush in 02 Bashful; BNIP $3 Shimmer Shades in 2 Blushalicious; BN $5 MeMeMe Cosmetics: Beat the Blues Highlighter in Moonbeam; BN $6 Pussy Cat Cheek & Lip Tint; BN $6 Poppy Tint Cheek & Lip Tint; BN $6 MUA: Blusher in Shade 3 and Shade 4; BNIP $2 each Sleek Makeup: -Face Contour Kit in Dark; swatched on both sides $8 -Blush in Coral, Flamingo, Life's a Peach, Pixie Pink, Pomegranate, Rose Gold, Suede (LE), Sunrise; all BNIP $7 EACH -Blush by 3 Palette in 367 Lace, 363 Pumpkin, and 872 Sweet Cheeks (LE) $15 EACH EYE PRODUCTS Eye Products Combined 17: ***BLUSH (sorry, this is in the wrong category)*** Cream Blush in Bronze (LE); BN $0.50 Solo Eyeshadow in Statuesque; Swatched 2x $3 Accessorize: Icon Eyeshadow in 17 Rich Earth; BNIP $3 Collection 2000: Color Intense Trio in 4 Sandcastle; BN $3 Daniel Sandler: ***BLUSH (again, sorry, another mislabel)*** Mineral Matte Blush in Natural Beauty; BN $10 No. 7: StayPerfect Trio Eyeshadow Palette in Cappucino; middle shade swatched but other 2 shades are untouched $5 Barry M: Dazzledusts (D/C) in ; all contain 95-99% left (Hard to tell usage) $5 EACH or 2 for $8 Shades in 3, 11, 16, 20, 66, 72, 97, and 98 Bourjois: Eyeshadow in 08 Beige Rose; Swatched 1x $6 Pearl Eyeshadow in 90 Blanc Diaphane x2; both swatched 1x $7 EACH Eyeshadow in 05; Swatched 2x $5 Eyeshadow in 93 Tabac Blond; Swatched 2x $7 Makeup Atelier Paris: Eyeshadow Palette in T12 Black and White; all swatched 1-2x $18 Fashionista: Eyeshadows (arranged in numerical order but please look up swatches, just in case colors are misplaced); all BN but only a few are missing the seal $1.50 EACH Shades in: 1 Frozen 1 Cosmic 2 Golden Dragon x2 3 Steel 4 School Days 4 Gold Rush 5 Bella 5 Blackout 6 Bewitched 6 Night Sky 7 Radiant 11 Deep Ocean 19 Nude Glimmer 20 Nude 21 Subtle Glimmer 22 Earth Star 23 Chocolate Dream 24 Brunette Bombshell 28 Honey 32 Orchid 33 Amorous 34 Flamboyant 35 Embellished x2 36 Noble Purple 37 Cafe Au Lait 41 Foxy 42 Berry Brown Fashionista: Empty Palettes in Black x9; BNIB $5 each SLEEK Makeup: i-Divine Palettes in 871 i-Candy (SOLD) 767 Glory (LE); BNIB $15 600 Primer Palette; BN W/O Box $9 732 Snapshots; BNIB $11 891 Supreme Palete; BNIB $11 659 PPQ Me, Myself, & Eye Palette (LE); BNIB $15 658 Oh So Special Palette; BNIB $11 892 Respect Palette (SOLD) 730 Ultra Mattes V1 Brights; BNIB $11 MUA: Palettes; all BNIP $7 EACH -Glitterball x1 -Heaven and Earth x2 -Starry Night x2 Single Shadows (also arranged numerically, but again please double check with swatches online to make sure it's the right color) (A LOT ARE D/C); mostly all are BNIP but some are missing the plastic seal $2 EACH or 2 for $3 1 Pearl 3 Pearl 5 Pearl 9 Pearl 10 Pearl x2 11 Pearl x2 12 Pearl x2 14 Pearl x2 15 Pearl 16 Matt 17 Matt 18 Matt 19 Matt 20 Matt Eyeshadow Trios (D/C); all BNIP $5 Chocolate Box Innocence Pink Sorbet Smoke Screen LIP PRODUCTS: 17 Ultimate Volume Lipgloss in In the Nude; BN $3 17 Lasting Fix Lipstick in Dreamy; BN $8 17 Supreme Shine Lipstick in Barely Blush; BN $8 17 Mirror Shine Lipstick in Behive x2; BN $8 2true Plumptuous Lipgloss in No. 6; BN $1 Accesorize Lipgloss in V.I.P.; BN $1 BeautyUK Lip Lust in No. 1 St. Tropez; BN $1 Barry M Gloss Wand in 11; BN $5 Barry M Lip Paint in 101, 147, 150; BNIP $5 EACH The Beauty Parlour Mentha Lip Balm with 2% Peppermint; BNIB $3 Collection2000 Cream Puff Moisturizing Lip Cream in 4 Angel Delight; BN $3 Natural Collection Juicy Lips in Pink Velvet; BN $2 Dainty Doll Lipstick in 004 Material Girl; BNIB $12 GOSH Velvet Touch Lipstick in 134 Darling; BNIP $7 Maybelline Color Sensational Lipstick in 112 Ambre Rose (UK Exclusive Shade); Swatched 1x $5 Vivo Lipstick in Barely There; BN $2 MUA Lip Balm in Sweet Kiss; BNIP $2 Sleek Makeup Pout Polish SPF 15 in 964 Peach Perfection $5 REST OF EUROPE: FACE PRODUCTS: HEMA: Under Eye Concealer Pen in 01; BN $4 Art Deco: Blusher in 26; BN $15 Catrice: -Sun Glow Matt Bronzing Powder in 020 Deep Bronze; BN $4 -Revoltaire Powder Blush (LE) in C01 Colour Bomb; Swatched 1x $4 -Defining Blush in 050 Apropos Apricot; BN $5 030 Love and Peach; BN $5 020 Peach Sorbet; BN $5 030 Pink Grapefruit Shake; BN $5 020 Rose Royce; BN $5 060 Rosewood Forest; BN $5 040 Think Pink; BN $5 010 Toffee Fairy; BN $5 LIP PRODUCTS: From Left to Right, Top to Bottom: Alverde Lipstick in 52 Primrose; BN $3 Catrice Ultimate Shine Lipstick in 190 Gentle Nude is Back; BN $5 Catrice Ultimate Colour Lipstick in 130 Frozen Rose; BN $5 Catrice Ultimate Colour Lipstick in 190 The Nuder the Better; BN $5 Catrice Velvet Matt Lip Colour in C02 Nude Alarm; BN $5 Catrice Lip Colour Cream in 02 Blossom; BN $4 Catrice Lip Colour Cream in 01 Spring Kiss; BN $4 Catrice Lip Cream in 001 Rest in the Forrest; BN $4 P2 I Feel Pretty Smooth & Creamy Lip Balm in 020 Warm Cacoa; BNIP $2 P2 Pure Color Lipstick in 010 Rodeo Drive; BN $5 P2 Summer Attack Tropical Cream Lipstick in 030 Jungle Juice; BN $5 Yves Rocher Lipstick in 72 Marron Glace; BNIP $4 Catrice Lip Appeal Moisture & Shine Smoothing Lip Gloss in 050 Naturally Pink $5 P2 Lip Cream in 069 Doris Day; BN $4 P2 Lip Cream in 010 Bridgette Bardot; BN $4 EYE PRODUCTS: Eye Products Combined Catrice (From Top to Bottom): Absolute Eye Colour Quattro in 040 Never Let Me Go!; BN $10 Absolute Eye Colour Quattro in 050 Twinkle in the Eye; BN $10 Absolute Eye Colour Quattro in 060 Rumble in the Jungle; BN $7 Catrice Absolute Eye Colour Mono in (Right to Left, Top to Bottom); Only a few have been swatch 1-2x the rest are BN $5 Each: ***Also in numerical order but please look up swatches for reference, just incase they are mislabeled, thanks! 090 Bring Me Frosted Cake 140 The Captain of the Black Pearl 370 Don't Lie, Lac! 400 My First Copperware Party 410 C'mon Chameleon! 420 Talk Like an Egyptian 430 Luke SkyStalker 440 Ice Wide Open 470 Golden Evergreen 480 Kiwi Wonder 490 Vanessa's Paradise 500 Hip Hop on the Tree Top 520 Bonnie & Cloud 530 Pearl MacCartney 540 Rose Marie's Baby 560 I Like to Mauve It 590 Dorian's Grey 600 Blackwood Forrest P2: Revoltaire Smokey Eyes Palette in C02 Explosive Combustion (LE): BN $10 Kiko: Water Eyeshadow in 22 Grey Wood Colour Sphere Eyeshadow in 32; Swatched 1x $4 Colour Sphere Eyeshadow in 33; Swatched 1x $4 Highly Pigmented Eyeshadow in 118; Swatched 1x $4 HEMA: Metallic Eye Mousse in 01 Grey: BNIP $3 Metallic Eye Mousse in 13 Brown' BNIP $3 Manhattan Multi Effect Eyeshadow in109N After Dark; BN $1 Alverde: Quattro Eyeshadow Palette in 38 Smokey Eyes: BN $5 Mono Matt Eyeshadow in 20 Warm Vanilla; BN $2 Mono Eyeshadow in 50 Satin Taupe; BN $2 Baked Eyeshadow in 08 Golden Chestnut; Swatched 2x $2 P2: Snow Kissed! Ice & Glam Eyeshadow Palette in 020 Snow Clouds; BN $6 Brillant Shine Eyeshadow in050 Cheeky Cooper; Swatched 2x $3 Art Deco: Beauty Box Magnum; BNIB $18 ASIA ADDICTION: Eyeshadows in (All Swatched 1-2x) $25 EACH: 027P Concrete Jungle 018P Bagdad Cafe 030ME Flash Back 047P Out of Africa 040P Singita Rachel K: Mineral Color Control CC Cream Blemish Balm in Original; BNIB $30 Majolica Majorca: Lash Beautifying Mascara Frame Plus in BK999; BNIB $20 Candy Doll: Lipstick in Ramune Pink; BNIB $15 DRUGSTORE PRODUCTS: Eyes and Lip Products: EYES: Wet 'n' Wild: Color Icon Palette in 246 Greed (D/C); BN $5 Color Icon Eyeshadow Single in 253B Nutty; BN $1 Milani: Liquif'Eye Eyeliner in 01 Black; BNIP $4 Liquif'Eye Eyeliner in 05 Brown; BNIP $4 NYX: Jumbo Eye Pencil in 604 Milk; BN $2 Jumbo Eye Pencil in 618 Iced Mocha x2; BN $2 Jumbo Eye Pencil in 620 Bronze; BN $2 LIPS: Victoria's Secret: Lip Rush Flavored Gloss in Strawberry Fizz; BN $2 C. O. Bigelow: Mentha Lip Tint in Pink Tint; BNIP $3 Bonne Bell: Liplites in Strawberry Parfait; BNIP $3 Hard Candy: Glossaholic Chill Out Lipgloss in Vanilla; $1 Revlon: Lip Butter in; BN $4 EACH 050 Berry Smoothie 055 Cupcake 065 Creamsicle 075 Lollipop AVON: Shine Attract Lipstick in P03 Rose Pink; BNIP $3 Shine Attract Lipstick in P501 Nude Love; BNIP $3 NYX: Round Lipstick in 640 Fig: BNIP $2 Round Lipgloss in 13 Peach; BN $2 Round Lipgloss in 26 Pinky Natural; BN $2 Maybelline: Baby Lips in Peach Kiss $2 CHEEK PRODUCTS: Be a Bombshell Cosmetics: Blush in Beach Please; BNIB $10 New York Color (NYC): Blushable Creme Stick in Pink Flash; BNIP $5 Hard Candy: Blush Crush Baked Blush in 127 Honeymoon; BNIP $5 Wet 'n' Wild: Color Icon Blusher in 832E Heather Silk; BN $2 NYX: Powder Blush; All BNIP $4 EACH PB01 Mocha PB02 Dusty Rose PB06 Peach PB12 Terra Cotta PB13 Mauve PB14 Spice Milani: Baked Blush; All BNIP $5 Each 01 Dolce Pink 02 Rose D'Oro 08 Coralina 05 Luminoso Jordana: Powdered Blush; All BN; $2 13 Stardust 15 Terra Cotta 17 Rouge 33 Sandalwood 34 Toast ACCESSORIES: Vera Bradley Wallet in Navy (Looks black in pictures but it is definitely navy...I just have a poor quality camera!) I got this for a Christmas gift from my aunt and I'm really not a Vera Bradley person. Personally, it's just not for me. Anyways, I have no clue what this is called or if it is even a wallet??? (Looks like one!) It is brand new and has never been used but since it was a gift my aunt took off the tags. I have no clue what the original price is. So I'm selling it for $25 FREE STUFF!!! (First Come, First Serve): ***NOTE: IF YOU WOULD LIKE SOME FREE STUFF THEY MUST BE INCLUDED IN YOUR LIST OF THINGS YOU WOULD LIKE. IF I CALCULATE THE TOTAL AND THE FREE STUFF IS NOT INCLUDED THEN YOU WON'T BE ABLE TO GET THEM. I'M SORRY BUT YOU MUST REMEMBER THAT THE WEIGHT OF THE SAMPLES MUST BE INCLUDED IF YOU WOULD LIKE THEM. 1. Pick one with $20 purchase: Anastasia Hydrafull Gloss in Bellini 0.03 oz Clarins Extra-Firming Body Care 0.28 oz. Clarins Instant Smooth Perfecting Touch 0.13 oz Dolce & Gabbana Intense Perfurm 0.05 fl. oz Malin+Goetz Grapefruit Face Cleanser 1 oz. Murad T-Zone Pore Refining Gel 0.125 fl. oz Purpose Duel Treatment Moisture Lotion with SPF 15 0.3 fl. oz REN Hydra-Calm Cleansing Milk 0.17 fl. oz RMK Face Protector 3 g Smashbox Camera Ready CC Cream in Light/Medium 0.25 fl. oz Smashbox Halo Hydrating Perfecting Powder in Medium 0.003 oz Tarte Clean Slate 360 Creaseless Eye Primer 0.09 oz Tokidoki Rollerball in Adios 0.07 oz Vanicream Lite Moisturizing Skin Lotion 0.25 oz Welda Body Cream (From Germany) 20 mL 2. Pick one with $30 purchase: Boots Essentials Tinted Lipsalve (full size) Boots Natural Collection Mango and Papaya Lip Gloss 15 mL (full size) E.L.F. Blush in Blushing Rose (full size; 90% left) E.L.F. Blush in Mellow Wine (full size; 90% left) E.L.F. Blush in Peachy Keen (full size; 90% left) E.L.F. Brightening Eye Color Quad in Day to Night (full size; used 2x) E.L.F. Concealer Pencil and Brush (Full size; used 3x) Everyday Minerals Lucent Powder in Champagne 0.03 oz (used 2x) Everyday Minerals Glo Foundation in Golden Fair (small jar) Klorane Soothing Eye Make-up Remover 0.8 fl. oz NYC Blushable Cream Stick in Urban Spice 0.28 (full size) (used 3x) NYC Liquid Lip Shine Lipgloss in Clear 0.23 fl. oz (full size) P2 Come and Get Me Powder Nuggets 010 It's Shimmer Time Wilko Fruity Berry Instant Hand Sanitiser 50 mL (full size) 3. Pick one with $40 purchase: Bare Minerals All-Over Face Color in Pure Radiance 0.02 oz (98% left) Bare Minerals Eyeshadow in Charleston (small; 90% left) Bare Minerals Eyeshadow in Chic Nude (small; 95% left) Bare Minerals Eyeshadow in Hugs (small; 95% left) Bare Minerals Eyeshadow in Spiced Fig (small; 95% left) Bare Minerals Eyeshadow in Tropics (small; 95% left) Beauty from the Earth Eyeshadow in Outside (full size; 98% left) Beauty from the Earth Eyeshadow in Portobello (full size; 95% left) Beauty from the Earth Eyeshadow in Seduction (full size; 95% left) Beauty from the Earth Eyeshadow in Strike (full size; 95% left) E.L.F. Bronzer in Golden (full size; 95% left) E.L.F. Bronzer in Warm (full size; 90% left) Glamour Doll Eyes Eyeshadow in Be Mine (98% left) Glamour Doll Eyes Eyeshadow in Boyfriend Sweater (95% left) Glamour Doll Eyes Eyeshadow in Chocoholic (95% left) Glamour Doll Eyes Eyeshadow in Leather and Lace (90% left) Hard Candy Fox in a Box blush in Smooth Talker (full size; 98% left) Hard Candy Fox in a Box blush in Sweet & Spicy (full size; 98% left) L'oreal Colour Juice Stick Lipstick in Mango Tango (full size; used 3x) MARK Gifts of Glam Brush Set (mini travel brushes; BN) NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil in Lime (full size; swatched 1x) NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil in Pacific (full size; swatched 1x) NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil in Purple (full size; swatched 1x) 4. Pick one with $50 purchase: All Belle Natural Lashes (says it's expired but they were never used or opened so I'm not entirely sure how it is expired; used at own risk) (Asian Product) Earl Grey Tea and Macaron Sheet Mask (Asian Product) Jurlique Rose Hand Cream 0.5 oz. Lancome Color Design Quad in Lancome Blush Subtil in Mauve Coquette 0.07 oz (swatched 2x) Lancome Lip Pencil in Cherie (full size; 70% left) Peter Thomas Roth Laser-Free Regenerator 0.5 oz Phyto Purifying Scalp Elxir 0.13 fl. oz Urban Decay Lipstick in Midnight Cowboy (small; swatched 2x) 5. Pick one with $60 purchase: Clarins Beauty Flash Balm 1.06 oz Clinique Blush Creme Stick in Rosy Blush (Small, swatched 1x) Josie Maran Argan Color Stick Mini in Petal Pink (90% left) Tarte Natural Cheek Stain in Unknown Nude Shade (small; used 2x) Urban Decay Primer Potion Anti-Aging 0.13 oz 6. Pick one with $70 purchase: Butter London Nail Lacquer in LA Moss 0.2 fl. oz Ciate Nail Polish Mini in Cha Cha Cha 0.17 fl. oz Dermstore Lip Quench in 0.21 oz Eva Garden Nail Polish in Lotto (full size) Nails Inc. Nail Polish in South Molton Street 4 ml Nars Multiple in Orgasm 0.14 oz (swatched 2x) Nars Multiple in South Beach 0.14 oz Sephora Ribbon Hair Ties x2 ties/person Shiseido The Makeup Perfecting Lipstick in P15 (mini; swatched 2x) Xen-Tan Deep Bronze Luze Weekly Self-Tan in Dark 1 oz Zoya Nail Polish in Jules 0.25 fl. oz 7. Pick one from each category with $80 purchase. 8. Pick two from each category with $90 purchase. 9. Pick three from each category with $100 purchase. Again, thank you all for looking! Please spread the word of my sale. I would really appreciate it. Happy shopping!
  16. Hello lovlies! I love watching what other makeup artist keep in their kit and how they organize it. Hope you all enjoy this as well.
  17. So here's the deal, I prefer trade but I don't mind selling either. Most of these items have been gently used a couple times. I sanitize everything everything. That being said please sanitize when you get the product because I want to be able to have you be safe and germ free! I will send you pics upon request but do realize that I am taking it on an apple laptop so I'm more just showing the packaging and cleanliness/use of the product and not really the colors or shimmer, I will find you more true-to-color matches online if you wish. You can gift me money via paypal or send money through the mail (I've done this plenty of times before and have had no trouble. Although I recommend getting tracking on it, even when there has been no tracking it hasn't been a big deal. I also take any online gift cards that maybe you have no use for or whatever, one time I got one for Etsy and I love Etsy so that was really awesome. Money gets to me first, as soon as the money gets to me you will get your item shipped out! SECRET SANTA TYPE NOTICE!: I have more items for trade then what I am posting here! The reason why I am not putting them down is in case anyone wants to do a secret santa type trade! We can decide everything VIA email, including money limits and minimums and such, (as well as how much samples are worth if you wish for them to be added). Keep in mind I'm in my late teens with acne prone, fair skin, and makeup is my absolute love over anything else! <3 I love drama and brands of any kind. I may include products that are on this list particularly upon request, and I may go out and purchase a couple things after getting to know you! It all depends. It won't actually be a 'secret' santa kind of thing, it'll be more like just a regular swap unless a couple people join it. Prices you are always welcome to make me an offer (My email address is [email protected]) Anyway here the list goes: Nars Cocacabana Illuminator - Looks half used but it still has .87 ounces out of the 1.2 that were originally there. (Made sure of it) I used it a few times on fair skinned clients but did not really enjoy it. I prefer the Orgasm illuminator which I've purchased. NYX blush in pinched - Used 3x4 times. VERY bright, here in Maine there aren't too many dark skinned girls but this looks beautiful on dark skin. Maybelline Expert Wear in Electric Blue - Used 3x4 times primarily for the beautiful periwinkle shade. Just lost the love for the poor thing and it needs a better home. Hard Candy Eyeliners in Electric Slide (neon green with fine shimmer) and backlight (duo chrome blue violet). Swatched a few times and never used on the eyes. Simply no use for them. Rimmel Extra Pop! Mascara in Pop Green and Pop Purple. I imagined these as beautiful on the very tips of black lashes, or just on the bottom lashes of a sultry smoky eye with a hint of purple or green, but after a few swatches on the hand (with a different mascara spooly) I found the product (the purple) a little too cool toned for me (and the green) a little too light so it wouldn't show up on my fair skin. I really wish there were darker models in my area. UD Gold, Green, and Violet shimmers. (True to color names. No duo-chrome, very basic) I really prefer duo chromes, so I don't need these. A TON of samples for older skin, like a ridiculous amount. If you have wrinkles as your main concern hit me up because I don't need them. Some Japanese skincare paper masks. I got a bunch, you guys are welcome to ask for ones that are for your skin type. Nyx Smokey Fume Pallete - the black is a little messed with because my brother of 7 decided to roughly shove a makeup brush in it but the rest are fine. Covergirl blast flipstick in minx Milani Corallina Baked Blush - Too shimmery for me. Glitter girls come and get it. White Citrus Travel Bath and Body works spray MAC eyeshadow in club. Brown-green duo-chrome. It's a personal product I've used maybe 6 times total, I have the pigment so there is no point for me to hold on to the shadow. If you are really interested, I have an OCC lip tar in NFSW. I really love it, but there is no way I'll use it all before the date is up. I will give a very decent sized amount in a sample jar, enough for at least 30 uses. You only need a tiny amount and it goes a REALLY long way... Anyway I can also do a haul of samples to you as well for whatever price you wanna pay and I'm pretty lax all you have to do is hit me up. I love makeup, especially anything I don't already have! If you've got weird lipsticks or eyeshadows, Indie cosmetics (please *drools*) or even a gift card to Etsy I'll do my best to give you whatever. The more you buy the better deal I'll give you. I want to get rid of everything or trade everything possible! Lots of kisses!, Kat
  18. Hello my beautiful people, Do any of you have that eye brow thing where it curves up? Or do you have unruly eyebrows or one eyebrow that's longer than the other? Mine is! Please check out my video to see what I do to tame them a little. I like the natural brow. What kind of brows do you like?
  19. Hi guys! I'm new to youtube! I love all things makeup. I think it's so much fun, so here is my take on lollapalooza or any festival makeup! It's way more dramatic than my other makeup tutorials just because it's for an event. Hope you like it. I had a blast at Lolla this past weekend! If any of you were there let me know in the comments. Enjoy! http://youtu.be/SyIqIPN7poo
  20. Hi all, I have been using Marli Gel Wash and Marli Vitamin EDA cream for years, so i was wanting to try their foundation in their cosmetics line-Danyel Cosmetics? I know they have been in the salon industry for a long time, but I wanted to see if anyone has used Danyel Cosmetics before? I have been using Clinique for many years, but it is not giving me the coverage I need without feeling heavy on my skin. I have read a lot of good things about Danyel's Foundation, but wanted to see if anyone some insight. Thanks
  21. Hello beautiful people! I truly hope you all enjoyed my video. I know I'm all super duper happy on video but having dermatitis is no joke. It's depressing and it took me years to find the right products that worked for my skin. Many things do not work for me like fragrance and other similar irritants. I truly hope that with anyone who is also suffering from dry skin, dry patches, or any type of dermatitis can benefit from this. I suffer from Photo Sensitivity Dermatitis. Let me know what you all think. Thanks as always for watching. XO, Row Row

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